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Company Name Location of ListingSector
Aberdeen Asset Management PlciSingaporeFinance
Alibaba Pictures Group Limited  SingaporeAdvertising / Entertainment / Investment / Media / Mobile Games
1st Software Corporation LtdiSingaporeServices
361 Degrees International LimitediHong KongRetail / Sports Products
3D Global LimitediAustraliaComputer
3SBio Inc.iHong KongHealth Care / Pharmaceutical
8Telecom International Holdings Co LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
A & M Reality BhdiMalaysiaProperties
A-Living Services Co., Ltd.iHong KongProperties / Construction / Services
A-Sonic Aerospace LimitediSingaporeServices
A. Soriano CorporationiPhilippinesInvestment & Finance Holding
A.B.C. Learning Centres LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
A.G.D. Mining LimitediAustraliaMetals
A.I. LimitediAustraliaLight Engineering
A.Plus Group Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials / Commercial / Professional Service / Printing / Packaging
A1 Minerals LimitediAustraliaMining
A8 Digital Music Holdings LimitediHong KongMedia & Publishing, Entertainment
AA Group Holdings LimitediSingaporeFinance
AAV LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Abacus Property GroupiAustraliaProperties
ABB Grain LimitediAustraliaFood / Retail
ABC Communications (Holdings) LimitediHong KongCommunications
abc Multiactive LimitediHong KongTechnology
Abelle LimitediAustraliaMetals
Aberdeen Leaders LimitediAustraliaInvestment Company
ABF Singapore Bond Index FundiSingaporeFinance
Abigroup LimitediAustraliaBuilding, Contractor
Able Engineering Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
ABN AMRO Holding NViSingaporeFinance
Aboitiz Equity VenturesiPhilippinesInvestment / Finance Holding
ABR Holdings LimitediSingaporeHotels
Abric BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
ABS-CBN Broadcasting CorporationiPhilippinesCommunications
Acclaim Exploration NLiAustraliaMetals
Accord Customer Care Solutions LimitediSingaporeServices
Accton Technology Corp.iTaiwanElectronics
Ace Achieve Infocom LimitediSingaporeTransportation
Ace Dynamics LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Acer Incorporated.iTaiwanElectronics
ACF Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Achieva LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Acma Engineering & Construction Group LimitediAustraliaComputer
Acma LtdiSingaporePlastics
Acoustech BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
ACP Industries BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial / Infrastructure
Actacorp Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Action Asia LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Acuity Investment Management LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Acumen Capital Property Securities FundiAustraliaProperty / Investment
Adacel Technologies LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Adalta Limited AustraliaBio-technology / Pharmaceutical
Adampak LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Adamus Resources LimtiediAustraliaDiamonds
Adcorp Australia LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Add New Energy Investment Holdings Group LimitediHong KongMaterials / Metals / Minerals
Addchance Holdings Limited Hong KongGarment / Manufacturing / Textile / Petroleum Trading / Financial Services
Addvalue Technologies LtdiSingaporeServices
Adelaide Bank LimitediAustraliaBanking / Finance
Adelaide Brighton LimitediAustraliaBuilding Materials
Adelaide Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Ades Alfindo Putra SetiaiIndonesiaManufacturing
Adex Holdings LimitediAustraliaMetals
Adherium Limited  AustraliaHealth Care
ADI CorporationiTaiwanElectronics
Admerex LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Admiralty Resources NLiAustraliaMetals
Adroit Innovations LimitediSingaporeServices
Adsteam Marine LimitediAustraliaMarine Services
Adtrans Group LimitediAustraliaRetail LimitediAustraliaRetail
ADV Group LimitediAustraliaMedia
Advance Agro PCLiThailandPaper / Pulp
Advance Healthcare Group LtdiAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
Advance Modules Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Advance SCT LimitediSingaporeServices
Advance Synergy BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing / Finance
Advanced Energy Systems LimitediAustraliaUtilities
Advanced Engine Components LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Advanced Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Advanced Information Service LimitediThailandCommunications
Advanced Packaging Technology (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering,Inc.iTaiwanElectronics / Semiconductor
Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Semiconductor
Advanced Systems Automation LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Advanced Technology & Materials Co., LtdiShenzhenMiscellaneous
Advantage Telecommunications LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Advent LimitediAustraliaEquity Investor
AEI Corporation LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
AEM-Evertech Holdings LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
AEON Credit Service (Asia) Company LimitediHong KongFinance
AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Retail
Aeris Technologies LtdiAustraliaTechnology
Aerosonde Holdings LimitediAustraliaMining
Aeso Holding LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction - Construction - Building
Aeso Holding Limited Hong KongProperties & Construction - Construction - Building
Aeso Holding LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction - Construction - Building
Aeso Holding LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction - Construction - Building
Affin Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Affluent Partners Holdings LimitediHong KongTextile / Jewellery & Ornaments / Timepiece
Afminex LimitediAustraliaMining
AFT Corporation LimitediAustraliaServices
Agenix LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology / Health Care
AGF Canadian Growth Equity Fund LimitediSingaporeFinance
Agile Property Holdings Ltd.iHong KongProperties
Agincourt Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Agp Industrial CorporationqiPhilippinesInvestment & Finance Holding
Agricultural Bank of China LimitediHong KongBank / Finance
Agritrade Resources LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Agro Holdings LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
AGT Biosciences LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Biotechnology
AGTech Holdings LimitediHong KongSoftware / Information Technology / Telecommunications
AGVA Corporation LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
AHC LimitediAustraliaProperties
Ahmad Zaki Resources BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Ahsay Backup Software Development Company LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
AIA Group LimitediHong KongFinance / Insurance
AIC Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Aikbee Resources BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Aim Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Ainsworth Game Technology LimitediAustraliaEntertainment / Recreation / Technology
Air China LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Air China LimitediShanghaiUtilities
Air New Zealand LimitediAustraliaTransport
Aircruising Australia LimitediAustraliaLeisure Activities
Airocean Group LtdiSingaporeTransportation
AIS Corporation LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Aisino Co. Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
AJ Lucas Group LimitediAustraliaInfrastructure
Ajinomoto (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Ajisen (China) Holdings Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Consumer Retail / Food / Restaurant / Retail / Services
Ajiya BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
AKD LimitediAustraliaDiamonds
AKM Industrial Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
AKN Technology BerhadiMalaysiaTechnology
Aktif Lifestyle Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
AL Group LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Alamain Investments LimitediAustraliaEquity Investor
Alantac Technology LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Alaska Milk CorporationiPhilippinesFood / Beverages
Albedo LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Alcaston Mining NLiAustraliaGold Explorer
Alchemia LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
Alco Holdings Limited Hong KongIndustrial
ALE Property GroupiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Alesco Corporation LimitediAustraliaWholesale & Retail
Alexanders Securities LimitediAustraliaEquity Investor
Alibaba Health Information Technology Limited Hong KongCable / Communications / Computer / e-commerce / Information Technology / Internet / Logistics / Media / Retail / Telecommunications
Alibaba Pictures Group Limited Hong KongAdvertising / Entertainment / Investment / Media / Mobile Games LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Alintagas LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Alkane Exploration LimitediAustraliaMining
Allan International Holdings LtdiHong KongIndustrial
Allco Commercial Real Estate Investment TrustiSingaporeProperties
Allegiance Mining NLiAustraliaMining
Allgreen Properties LtdiSingaporeProperties
Alliance Energy LimitediAustraliaMetals
Alliance Finance Corporation LimitediAustraliaFinance
Alliance Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Alliance Technology and Development LtdiSingaporeInvestment
Allied Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals
Allied Group Limited Hong KongFinance / Investment / Properties / Elderly Care Services
Allied Mining & Processing LimitediAustraliaMetals
Allied Properties (H.K.) Limited Hong KongFinance / Hotels / Investment / Properties
Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group LimitediServices
Allied Technologies LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Allstate Explorations NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
Alltronics Holdings Limited Hong KongElectronics / Energy Saving / Industrial / Manufacturing
Alpha Technologies Corporation LimitediAustraliaTechnology
AlphatechiThailandElectronics & Allied Products
Alsons Cement CorporationiPhilippinesConstruction
Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc.iPhilippinesConglomerates
Altera Capital LimitediAustraliaRetail
Altium LimitediAustraliaComputer
Altus Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
Alucon Manufacturing LimitediThailandPackaging
Alumina LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Aluminium Company Of Malaysia BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Aluminum Corporation of China LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Aluminum Corporation of China LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Amadeus Energy LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Amalg Resources NLiAustraliaMetals
Amalgamated Containers BerhadiMalaysiaTravel Services
Amalgamated Holdings LimitediAustraliaEntertainment
Amalgamated Industrial Steel BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Amanah Capital Partners BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Amanah Harta Tanah PnbiMalaysiaTrusts
Amanah Smallcap Fund BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Amara Holdings LimitediSingaporeHotels
Amarin Plaza Company LimitediThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
Amax Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronic, Electrical Appliances Industry / Gaming
Amber Energy LimitediHong KongEnergy / Utilities
Ambition Group Limited (The)iAustraliaMiscellaneous
Ambri LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
Amcil LimitediAustraliaInvestment
AMCO United Holding LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Industrial
Amcom Telecommunications LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Amcor LimitediAustraliaPackaging & Containers
American Standard SanitarywareiThailandBuilding & Furn. Material
AMGEN-TiHong KongBio-Technology
Amity Oil LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Amlink Group LimitediAustraliaComputer
AMMB Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Ammtec LimitediAustraliaMining
Amnet LimitediAustraliaMining
AMP LimitediAustraliaFinance / Insurance / Investment
AMP Office TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Amrad Corporation LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical
AMS Public Transport Holdings LimitediHong KongTransportation / Utilities
Amskan LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Amsteel Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Amtek Engineering LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Amtek Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Amtel Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
AMVIG Holdings Limited Hong KongPackaging / Printing / Paper
Amway (M) Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaMiscellaneous
Anacle Systems Limited iHong Kong
Information Technology / Software / Services
Anaconda Nickel LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Anadis LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical
Analabs Resources BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Analytica LimitediAustraliaHealth Care
Ancom BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Andayani MegahiIndonesiaIndustrial & Commercial
Aneka Kimia RayaiIndonesiaIndustrial & Commercial
Aneka Tambang (Persero) TBK (PT)iAustraliaMining
Angang Steel Co., LtdiShenzhenMetals
Angang Steel Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Angkasa Marketing BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing / Trading
Anglo Australian Resources NLiAustraliaMetals
Anglo Pacific Group PLCiAustraliaMining
Anglogold LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Angus & Coote Holdings LimitediAustraliaRetail
Anhui BBCA Biochemical Co., LtdiShenzhenFood
Anhui Conch Cement Company LimitediHong KongCement
Anhui Conch Cement Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Anhui Expressway Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Anhui Expressway Company LimitediShanghaiUtilities
Anhui Hengyuan Coal Industry and Electricity Power Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., LtdiShanghaiMotor / Industrial
Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Co. LimitediHong KongIndustrials
Ann Joo Resources BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
AnnAik LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Ansell LimitediAustraliaIndustrial
Anson Perdana BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
ANTA Sports Products LimitediHong KongRetail / Sports Products
Antaeus Energy LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Antah Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Antisense Therapeutics LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
Anton Oilfield Services Group Hong KongOil & Gas
Anvil Mining NLiAustraliaMining
Anwar SieradiIndonesiaAgriculture
Anwell Technologies LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Anxian Yuan China Holdings LimitediHong KongCement / Investment
Anxin-China Holdings LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical
Anzoil NLiAustraliaEnergy / Oil & Gas
Aokam Perdana BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Aowei Holding LimitediHong KongMetals
AP Eagers LimitediAustraliaAuto Dealer
AP Oil International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
APAC Resources LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Resources
Apex Equity Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Apex Healthcare BerhadiMalaysiaHealth Care
Apex Minerals NLiAustraliaMetals
Apex-Pal International LtdiSingaporeHotels
APL Industries BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
APM Automotive Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
APN News & Media LimitediAustraliaMedia
Apollo Enterprises LtdiSingaporeHotels
Apollo Food Holdings BhdiMalaysiaFood / Manufacturing
Apollo Gold Mining LimitediAustraliaServices
Apollo Group LimitediAustraliaMetals
Applied Development Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Applied Materials, Inc.iHong KongManufacturing
APT Satellite Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Communications / Telecommunications
Aqua-Terra Supply Co LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Aquacarotene LimitediAustraliaHealth Care
Aquarius Platinum LimitediAustraliaMining
Aquila Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Arab-Malaysian Corporation BhdiMalaysiaFinance / Investment
Arab-Malaysian Development BerhadiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Arab-Malaysian Finance BerhadiMalaysiaFinance / Investment
Arab-Malaysian First Property TrustiMalaysiaFinance / Investment
Arafura Resources NLiAustraliaMetals / Mining
ARB Corporation LimitediAustraliaRetail
ARC Energy NLiAustraliaEnergy / Oil & Gas
Ares Asia Limited Hong KongMining / Resources
Argha Karya Prima IndustryiIndonesiaManufacturing
Argo Investments LimitediAustraliaTrusts
Argo PantesiIndonesiaTextiles & Allied Products
Argonaut Resources NLiAustraliaMetals / Mining
Argosy Minerals INCiAustraliaMining / Metals
Ariadne Australia LimitediAustraliaReal Estate
Aristocrat Leisure LimitediAustraliaGaming Electronics
Armarda Group LimitediSingaporeServices
Armourglass LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Armstrong Industrial Corporation LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Armstrong Jones Office FundiAustraliaProperty
Arrow Energy NLiAustraliaEnergy/ Oil & Gas
Arrow Pharmaceuticals LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
Art Group Holdings LimitediHong KongTextile / Industrials / Manufacturing
Artel Solutions Group Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
ArtGo Holdings LimitediHong Kong Metals / Mining
Arts Optical International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Artwright Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Arus Murni Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
ASA Group Holdings LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Asas Dunia BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Ascent International Holdings Limited Hong KongManufacturing / Retail
Ascott Residence Trust Management LimitediSingaporeProperties
Asean Fund LimitediSingaporeFinance
Asean Supreme Fund LtdiSingaporeFinance
ASG Group LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Ashanti Goldfields Company LimitediAustraliaMetals
Ashburton Minerals LimitediAustraliaMining
Asia Cassava Resources Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Investment
Asia Cement (China) Holdings CorporationiHong KongCement / Construction
Asia Cement CorporationiTaiwanCement
Asia Coal Limited Hong KongEnergy / Mining
Asia Commercial Holdings LtdiHong KongIndustrial
Asia Credit LimitediThailandFinance & Securities
Asia Dekor Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Asia Energy Logistics Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
Asia Enterprises Holding LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Asia Environment Holdings LtdiSingaporeServices
Asia Fibre Company LimitediThailandTextile Clothing / Footware
Asia File Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Asia Financial Holdings Ltd.iHong KongFinance, Investment
Asia Food & Properties LtdiSingaporeFood, Agriculture, Properties
Asia High Yield Bond FundiSingaporeFinance
Asia Investment Finance Group LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Electronics
Asia Multi-Foods & Oils (Australia) LimitediAustraliaFood
Asia Orient Holdings Limited Hong KongInvestment
Asia Pacific BreweriesiSingaporeBeverages
Asia Pacific Land BhdiMalaysiaProperties
Asia Pacific Silk Road Investment Company Limited Hong KongFinance
Asia Pacific Specialty Chemicals LimitediAustraliaChemicals
Asia Pacific Specialty Chemicals LimitediAustraliaChemical
Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings LimitediHong KongGambling / Hotels / Restaurant / Services
Asia Power Corporation LtdiSingaporeEnergy
Asia Resources Holdings LimitediHong KongMiscellaneous
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Asia Securities TradingiThailandFinance & Securities
Asia Silk Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Asia Standard Hotel Group Limited Hong KongHotels
Asia Standard International LtdiHong KongProperties
Asia Tele-Net & Technology Corporation LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Asia Tiger Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Asia Water Technology LtdiSingaporeServices
Asiamedic LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Asian Capital Resources (Holdings) LimitediHong KongInternet
Asian Citrus Holdings LimitediHong KongAgriculture
Asian Development BankiAustraliaBank
Asian Micro Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Asian Pac Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services / Insurance
Asiapharm Group Ltd.iSingaporePharmaceutical
Asiaray Media Group Ltd.iHong KongMedia / Entertainment / Advertising
Asiasec Properties Limited Hong KongProperty Investment
Asiatic Development BhdiMalaysiaPlantations
Asiatic Group (Holdings) LimitediSingaporeCommercial Holdings LtdiSingaporeServices
ASJ Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
ASL Marine Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
ASM Pacific Technology LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Aspen Group LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Aspermont LimitediAustraliaPublishing
Aspial Corporate LimitediSingaporeJewellery
Asset Backed Holdings LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Associated International Hotels LimitediHong KongHotels
Associated Kaolin Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Asti Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Astra GraphiaiIndonesiaComputer / Services
Astra InternationaliIndonesiaTrading
Astral Asia BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Astral Supreme BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Astro Mining NLiAustraliaDiamonds
Astron LimitediAustraliaProperties / Mining
Asustek Computer Inc.iTaiwanElectronics
Atech Holdings LimitediAustraliaHotels
Atlan Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Atlantic LimitediAustraliaFood
Atlas Consolidated Mining Development CorporationiPhilippinesMining
Atlas Group Holdings LimitediAustraliaSteel
Atlas Pacific LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
Auckland International Airport LimitediAustraliaAirport / Infrastructure
Audax Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Audrey International (M) BerhadiMalaysiaGarment / Manufacturing
AuIron Energy LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
AuKing Mining Limited AustraliaMaterials / Metals / Mining / Resources
AUPU Group Holding Co. LimitediHong KongIndustrials
Aurex Consolidated LimitediAustraliaMetals
Auric Pacific Group LtdiSingaporeFood
Auridiam LimitediAustraliaDiamonds
AurionGold LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Aurora CorporationiTaiwanElectronics
Aurora Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Aurum Pacific (China) Group LimitediHong KongSoftware / Internet / Information Technology / Entertainment
Ausdoc Group LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Ausdrill LimitediAustraliaMining
AusGroup LimitediSingaporeServices
Ausmelt LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd Hong KongFood / Manufacturing
Auspine LimitediAustraliaPaper & Forestry
Ausquest LimitediAustraliaMetals / Mining
Ausron LimitediAustraliaFood / Retail
Aussino Group LtdiSingaporeRetail
Austal LimitediAustraliaShipbuilding
Austar Lifesciences Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
Austar United Communications LimitediAustraliaMedia
Austero Group LimitediAustraliaMedia
Austin Group LimitediAustraliaRetail
Austindo Resources Corporation N.L.iAustraliaMining
Austminex NLiAustraliaMetals
Auston International Group LtdiSingaporeServices
Austpac Resources NLiAustraliaMiscellaneous
Austral Amalgamated Tin BhdiMalaysiaProperties
Austral Coal LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Austral Enterprises BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Australand Holdings LimitediAustraliaProperties
Australand Property GroupiAustraliaProperties
Australand Property GroupiSingaporeProperties
Australasian Gold Mines NLiAustraliaMining
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited AustraliaBank / Finance
Australia LimitediAustraliaIndustrial
Australian Agricultural Company LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
Australian Assets Corporation LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Australian Cancer Technology LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
Australian Development Capital FundiAustraliaTechnology
Australian Energy LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Australian Ethical Investment LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Australian Food & Fibre LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
Australian Foundation Investment Company LimitediAustraliaInvestment Companies
Australian Gas Light Company (The)iAustraliaEnergy
Australian Growth LimitediAustraliaAgriculture / Investment
Australian Healthcare Technology LtdiAustraliaHealth
Australian Heritage Group LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Australian Hotel FundiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Australian Infrastructure FundiAustraliaInvestment Company
Australian Innovation LimitediAustraliaComputer
Australian Institute of Property Management LimitediAustraliaFinance
Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group LimitediAustraliaHotels / Restaurant
Australian Magnesium Corporation LimitediAustraliaMetals-Diversified
Australian Mining Investments LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Australian Oil & Gas Corporation LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Australian Pharmaceutical Industries LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical
Australian Pipeline TrustiAustraliaInfrastructure
Australian Plantation Timber LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Australian Pure Fruits LimitediAustraliaFood
Australian Rural Group LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
Australian Sandstone Industries LimitediAustraliaBuilding & Furn. Material
Australian Stock Exchange LimitediAustraliaFinancial Services
Australian United Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals
Australian United Investment Company LimitediAustraliaInvestment Company
Australian Value Funds Management LimitediAustraliaFood
Australian Visual Communications LimitediAustraliaServices
Australian Wine Holdings LimitediAustraliaBeverages
Australian Worldwide Exploration LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Australon LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Austrim Nylex LimitediAustraliaHolding Companies-Divers
Auto Enterprises LimitediAustraliaVehicles & Parts
Autoair Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Autogen LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Autoindustries Ventures BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial / Manufacturing
Automated Systems Holdings LimitediHong KongComputer
Automated Touchstone Machines LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Autoways Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Autron Corporation LimitediAustraliaServices
Autron Corporation LimitediSingaporeCommercial
AUX International Holdings LimitediHong KongServices / Hotels
Auzex Resources Limited AustraliaMaterials / Mining / Resources
AV Concept Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Avangarde Resources BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Avaplas LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Avatar Industries LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Avenue Assets BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
AVIC B1507-R Hong KongInvestment Holding
AVIC B1704-R Hong KongInvestment Holding
AVIC IFI B1809 Hong KongInvestment Holding
AVIC IFI B2309 Hong KongInvestment Holding
AVIC International (HK) Group Limited Hong KongInvestment Holding
AVIC International Finance & Investment Limited 
AVIC International Finance & Investment Limited Hong KongInvestment Holding
AVIC International Holding (HK) Limited Hong KongEnergy / Industrials / Manufacturing / Steel
AVIC International Holdings Corporation Hong KongInvestment Holding
AVIC International Holdings LimitediHong KongAviation Technology
AVIC Joy Holdings (HK) Limited Hong KongEnergy / Energy Saving / Finance / Leasing / Oil & Gas / Utilities
AviChina Industry & Technology Company LimitediHong KongMotor / Industrial / Aviation Technology
Aviva Corporation LimitediAustraliaInvestment
AVJennings Homes LimitediAustraliaProperties
AVJennings Homes LimitediSingaporeProperties
Avon Resources LtdiAustraliaMining
AVT Holdings LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
AWB LimitediAustraliaFood
AXA Asia Pacific Holdings LimitediAustraliaInsurance
Axiom Properties LimitediAustraliaProperties
Axis Systems Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Axon Instruments InciAustraliaHealth
Ayala CorporationiPhilippinesFinance / Investment
Ayala Land InciPhilippinesProperties / Real Estate / Development
Ayamas Food Corporation BhdiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Ayer Hitam Planting Syndicate Berhad, TheiMalaysiaProperties
Ayer Hitam Tin Dredging Malaysia BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Ayer Molek Rubber Company Berhad, TheiMalaysiaPlantations
Ayudhya Insurance LimitediThailandInsurance
Ayudhya Jardine CmgiThailandInsurance
Azeus Systems Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Aztec Capital LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Aztec Resources LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Aztech Systems LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
B Digital LimitediAustraliaServices
B.I.G. Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Babcock & Brown Structured Finance Fund LimitediSingaporeFinance
Bacnaton Consolidated Industries, InciPhilippinesInvestment & Finance Holding
Bacnotan Cement CorporationiPhilippinesCement
Baguio Green Group Ltd.iHong KongServices
BAIOO Family Interactive LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
Baker Technology LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Bakrie & BrothersiIndonesiaIndustrial & Commercial
Ballarat Goldfields NLiAustraliaMetals
Balmoral Corporation LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Bamboos Health Care Holdings LimitediHong KongServices / Health Care / Medical
Bambuu LimitediAustraliaComputer
Ban Joo & Company LtdiSingaporeTextiles
Ban Leong Technologies LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Ban Pu Coal Company LimitediThailandEnergy
Bandar Raya Developments BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Bangchak PetroleumiThailandEnergy
Bangkok Bank Public Company LimitediThailandBank / Finance
Bangkok Dusit MedicaliThailandHealth Care Services
Bangkok First Investment & TrustiThailandFinance & Securities
Bangkok Insurance Company LimitediThailandInsurance
Bangkok Investment Company LimitediThailandFinance & Securities
Bangkok Land Public Company LimitediThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
Bangkok Metropolitan BankiThailandBanks
Bangkok Produce Merchant CompanyiThailandAgriculture
Bangkok Rubber Company LimitediThailandTextiles Clothing & Footware
Bangkok Steel Industrial Company LimitediThailandBuilding & Furn. Material
Bank BaliiIndonesiaBanks
Bank BdniiIndonesiaBanks
Bank DanamoniIndonesiaBanks
Bank DutaiIndonesiaBanks
Bank International IndonesiaiIndonesiaBanks
Bank NiagaiIndonesiaBanks
Bank of Asia LimitediThailandBanks
Bank of Ayudhya Public Company LimitediThailandBanks
Bank of China LimitediHong KongBank / Finance
Bank of China LimitediShanghaiBank / Finance
Bank of Chongqing Co., Ltd.iHong KongBank
Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.iHong KongBank / Finance
Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.iShanghaiBank / Finance
Bank of East Asia Limited, TheiHong KongFinance / Bank
Bank of Philippine IslandsiPhilippinesBank / Finance
Bank of Qingdao Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance / Bank
Bank of Queensland LimitediAustraliaBanking & Finance
Bank of TianjiniHong KongBank / Finannce
Bank TiaraiIndonesiaBanks
Bank Umum NasionaliIndonesiaBanks
Bankard, InciPhilippinesInvestment / Finance Holding
Banpu Public Company LimitediThailandEnergy / Utilities
Banque-Tec LimitediAustraliaMetals
Banyan Tree Holdings LimitediSingaporeHotels
Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Baofeng Modern International Holdings Company LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Manufacturing / Textile
Baoji Titanium Industry Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Baotou Aluminium Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Baoye Group Company Limited Hong KongBuilding & Furn. Material / Construction / Properties
Bar Pacific Group Holdings LimitediHong Kong
Services / Hotels / Restaurants
Barito Pacific TimberiIndonesiaWood & Allied Products
Barra Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Basic Petroleum & Minerals, InciPhilippinesOil & Gas
Basin Minerals LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Bass Strait Oil TrustiAustraliaOil & Gas
Batavia Mining LimitediAustraliaMetals
Batu Kawan BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Bauhaus International (Holdings) LimitediHong KongIndustrial
BaWang International (Group) Holding Limited Hong KongBeauty & Personal Care / Consumer Retail
Baxter Group LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Baycorp Advantage LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Baytacare Pharmaceutical Co., LtdiHong KongHealth Care
BBI Life Sciences CorporationiHong KongHealthcare / Biotechnology
BBMG CorporationiHong KongBuilding & Furn. Material / Construction / Properties
BBR Holdings (S) LimitediSingaporeConstruction
BCB BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
BCI Group Holdings LimitediHong KongServices / Hotels / Restaurant
Beach Petroleum LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Beacon Financial Services LimitediAustraliaTrusts
Beaconsfield Gold NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
Beautiful China Holdings Company LimitediHong KongComputer
Beauty China Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Becker Group LimitediAustraliaEntertainment
Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Beijing Capital Co., LtdiShanghaiUtilities
Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited Hong KongAirport / Transportation / Consolidated Enterprises
Beijing Capital Juda LimitediHong KongChemical
Beijing Capital Land Ltd.iHong KongProperties
Beijing Chunlizhengda Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.iHong KongHealth Care / Medical / Services
Beijing Development (Hong Kong) Limited Hong KongEnvironmental Protection
Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd.iHong KongInformation Technology
Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited  Hong KongIndustrials
Beijing Enterprises Environment Group Limited Hong Kong Environmental Protection
Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Infrastructure / Utilities
Beijing Enterprises Medical and Health Industry Group LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited Hong KongUtilities
Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings LimitediHong KongOil / Energy
Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
Beijing Jingkelong Company Limited  Hong KongRetail / Supermarkets & Convenience / Services
Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Company LimitediHong KongEnergy
Beijing Media Corporation LimitediHong KongMedia
Beijing North Star Company LimitediHong KongProperties / Investment
Beijing North Star Company LimitediShanghaiProperties
Beijing Properties (Holdings) LimitediHong KongManufacturing
Beijing Shougang Co., LtdiShenzhenMetals
Beijing Sports and Entertainment Industry Group LimitediHong KongLogistics / Transportation
Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corporation LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Company LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Health care
Beijing TongRenTang Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Beijing Urban Construction Design & Dev. Group Co., LtdiHong KongProperties / Construction
Beijing Urban Construction Investment & Development Co., LtdiShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co., LtdiShenzhenFood
Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan High-Tech Co., LtdiShenzhenMetals
BeijingWest Industries International LimitediHong KongManufacturing
Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Beiren Printing Machinery Holdings LimitediShanghaiIndustrial / Manufacturing
Bel Global Resources Holdings Limited Hong KongGarment / Mining
Bell & Order BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
Belle CorporationiPhilippinesProperties / Real Estate / Development
Belle International Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Retail / Footware
Belle Resources Corporation BiPhilippinesProperties / Real Estate / Development
Belmont Holdings LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Bemax Resources NLiAustraliaMining
Bendigo Bank LimitediAustraliaBanking & Finance
Bendigo Mining NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
Benefun International Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Beng Kuang Marine LimitediSingaporeServices
Benguet CorporationiPhilippinesMining
Benitec Biopharma Limited AustraliaBio-technology / Life Science / Medical / Pharmaceutical
Benpes Holdings Corp.iPhilippinesInvestment & Finance Holding
Bentley Equities LimitediAustraliaDiversified Financials
Benwood Property Trust (The)iAustraliaTrusts
BEP International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Berger International LimitediSingaporeIndustrial / Commercial
Berjaya Capital BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Berjaya Group BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Berjaya Land BhdiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Berjaya Sports Toto BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial / Trading
Berjuntai Tin Dredging BerhadiMalaysiaMining
Berkeley Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Berklee LimitediAustraliaVehicles & Parts
Berli Jucker Company LimitediThailandCommerce
Berlian Laju TankeriIndonesiaTransportation & Storage
BES Engineering Co.iTaiwanConstruction
Bescorp Industries BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Best Food Holding Company Limited Hong KongManufacturing
Best Miracle International Ltd.iHong KongConsumer Retail / Textile
Best Pacific International Holdings LimitediHong KongTextiles/ Clothing / Personal Care
Best World International Limitedi
Best World International LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Beston Wine Industry Trust (The)iAustraliaInvestment
Bestway Global Holding Inc.iHong KongGambling / Hotels / Restaurant / Services
Bestway International Holdings Limited Hong KongMaterials / Plastics
Besunyen Holdings Company LimitediHong KongHealth Care
Beyond International LimitediAustraliaMedia
Beyond Online LimitediAustraliaMedia
BeyonicsTechnology LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
BFM FHLMC Mortgage Securities FundiSingaporeFinance
BH Global Marine LimitediSingaporeCommercial
BHL Venture BerhadiMalaysiaBank
BHP Billiton LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Bidvest PLCiAustraliaFood
Big Kev's LimitediAustraliaChemical LimitediAustraliaRetail
BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software
BIL International LimitediAustraliaInvestment
BIL International LimitediSingaporeInvestment
Billabong International LimitediAustraliaManufacturing / Retail
Billion Industrial Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Textile
Bimb Holdings BhdiMalaysiaFinance & Investment
Bina Darulaman BhdiMalaysiaProperties
Bina Goodyear BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Bina Puri Holdings BhdiMalaysiaConstruction
Bingo Group Holdings Limited Hong KongMedia / Entertainment
Binhai Investment Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Bintai Kinden Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaTechnology
Bintulu Port Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Bio-Treat Technology LimitediSingaporeServices
BioDiem Limited AustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology / Medical / Life Science
Biometrics LimitediAustraliaTechnology Hardware & Equipment
Bionomics LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Bioprospect LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Biosensors International Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Biosino Bio-Technology and Science IncorporationiHong KongBio-Technology / Pharmaceutical
Biota Holdings LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical
Biotech Capital LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Biotron LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Birmingham Sports Holdings Limited Hong KongInvestment / Sports
Biron Capital LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Bisan LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Bisu Technology Group International LimitediHong Kong Properties / Construction
BKM Management LimitediAustraliaConsumer Retail / Manufacturing
Black Range Minerals NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
Blackmores LimitediAustraliaRetail
Blaze International LimitediAustraliaComputer
Bligh Ventures LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Blockchain Group Company LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages
Bloomage BioTechnology Corporation LimitediHong Kong Health Care
Blu Inc Group LimitediSingaporeConsolidated Enterprises
Bluescope Steel LimitediAustraliaSteel / Materials
BluGlass Limited AustraliaElectronics / Semiconductor / Technology
BMA Gold LimitediAustraliaMining LimitediAustraliaAdvertising
Boardroom LimitediSingaporeProfessional Services
BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) LimitediHong KongBank / Finance
BOCOM International Holdings Company LimitediHong KongSecurities / Brokerage
BOE Varitronix LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Electronics / Electrics
Boer Power Holdings Ltd.iHong KongEnergy / Utilities
Boill Healthcare Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Bolina Holding Co., Ltd.iHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
Bolnisi Gold NLiAustraliaMetals
Bolton BhdiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Bonia Corporationg BhdiMalaysiaConsumer Retail / Manufacturing
Bonjour Holdings LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Retail
Bonvests Holdings LtdiSingaporeProperties
Boom Logistics LimitediAustraliaBuilding & Furn. Material / Logistics
Boral LimitediAustraliaBuilding Materials
Bortex Global LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
Boshiwa International Holding LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Garment / Retail
Bosideng International Holdings Limited Hong KongGarment / Manufacturing / Retail
Bossini International Holdings Limited Hong KongRetail / Franchising
Bougainville Copper LimitediAustraliaMetals-Diversified
Boulder Steel LimitediAustraliaMetals
Bounty Investments LimitediAustraliaInvestment Company
Bounty Oil & Gas NLiAustraliaEnergy
Boustead Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Boustead Singapore LtdiSingaporeServices
Box-Pak (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Boyaa Interactive International Ltd.iHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
BQT Solutions LimitediAustraliaTechnology Hardware & Equipment
Brain Resource Company Limited (The)iAustraliaHealth Care Equipment / Services
Brambles Industries LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Branding China Group LimitediHong KongServices / Media / Entertainment
Brandrill LimitediAustraliaMining
Branta MuliaiIndonesiaManufacturing
Brazin LimitediAustraliaRetail
BRC Asia LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Breadtalk Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Breakaway Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals / Mining
Breakfree LimitediAustraliaHotels / Restaurant
Breakwater Island TrustiAustraliaLeisure & Recreation
Breathe Group LimitediAustraliaServices
Brem Holding BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Bresagen LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Brian McGuigan Wines LimitediAustraliaBeverages
Brickworks Investment Company LimitediAustraliaFinance / Investment
Brickworks LimitediAustraliaBuilding Materials
Bridgecon Holdings BhdiMalaysiaConstruction
Bridgestone Australia LimitediAustraliaAuto Parts & Equipment
Bright Dairy & Food Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Bright Oceans Inter-Telecom CorporationiShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
Bright Orient (Holding) LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Bright Packaging Industry BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Bright Smart Securities & Commodities Group LimitediHong KongFinance / Securities
Bright World Precision Machinery LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Brightoil Petroleum (Holdings) LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Brilliance China Automotive Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Brilliant Circle Holdings International LimitediHong KongPrinting / Publishing
Brilliant Manufacturing LtdiSingaporeComputer
Brisbane Broncos LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Brisdale Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Britac BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
British & Malayan Trustees LtdiSingaporeFinance
British American Tobacco (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
BRL Hardy LimitediAustraliaBeverages
Broadcast Services Australia LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Broadtel Communications LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Broadway Industrial Group LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Brockman Mining Limited AustraliaConsolidated Enterprises / Utilities / Mining
Brockman Mining Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Utilities / Mining
BT Australian Equity Management LimitediAustraliaInvestment Company
BT Global Asset Management LimitediAustraliaInvestment Management
BTM Resources BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
Buderim Ginger LimitediAustraliaFood
Build King Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Buka Minerals LimitediAustraliaMetals
Bukaka Teknik UtamaiIndonesiaIndustrial & Commercial
Bukit Katil Resources BhdiMalaysiaPlantations
Bukit Sembawang Estates LtdiSingaporeProperties
Bullion Minerals LimitediAustraliaMining
Bumi Armada BhdiMalaysiaServices
Bumrungrad Hospital CompanyiThailandHealth Care Services
Bunnings Warehouse Property TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Burdekin Pacific LimitediAustraliaMetals
Burns, Philp & Company LimitediAustraliaFood
Burswood LimitediAustraliaLeisure & Recreation
Burwill Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Properties / Steel
Burwill Holdings LimitediSingaporeConsolidated Enterprises
BYD Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
BYD Electronic (International) Company LimitediHong KongElectronic / Industrial
Byte Power Group LimitediAustraliaManufacturing / Information Technology
C & O Pharmaceutical Technology (Holdings) LimitediSingaporeCommercial
C C Land Holdings Limited Hong KongProperty Development and Investment
C K Tang LtdiSingaporeRetail
C&D International Investment Group LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction
C&N Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Transportation / Logistics
C&P Homes, Inc.iPhilippinesInvestment / Finance Holding
C. I. Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
C.banner International Holdings LimitediHong KongFootware / Industrial / Manufacturing
C.P. Lotus Corporation Hong KongRetail
C.P. PokphandiIndonesiaAgriculture
C.P. Pokphand Company LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
C2O Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
CAA Resources Ltd.iHong KongMetals / Mining
Cabbeen Fashion Ltd. Hong KongTextile / Clothing
Cabcharge Australia LimitediAustraliaFinancial Services
Cable & Telecoms LimitediAustraliaDiamonds
Cabonne LimitediAustraliaBeverages
Cafe de Coral Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Food
Cahya Mata Sarawak BhdiMalaysiaFinance
Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company LimitediTaiwanElectronics / Communications / Computers
Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company LimitediThailandElectronics / Communications / Computers
Caltex Australia LimitediAustraliaEnergy
CAM International Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Cambridge Industrial TrustiSingaporeProperties
Camerlin Group BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial Products
Campbell Brothers LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Camsing International Holding LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Canada Land LimitediAustraliaProperties
Canberra Investment Corporation LimitediAustraliaProperties
Canbet LimitediAustraliaEntertainment
Candle Australia LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Canning Energy LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Canvest Environmental Protection Group Company LimitediHong KongUtilities / Energy
Cape Range Wireless LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Cape Tel LimitediAustraliaServices
Capinfo Company LimitediHong KongSoftware
Capital Environment Holdings LimitediHong KongUtilities
Capital Estate LimitediHong KongProperties
Capital Finance Holdings Limited Hong KongFinancing Services / Development and Sales of Software
Capital VC Limited Hong KongInvestment / Finance
CapitaLand LimitediSingaporeProperties
CapitaMalls Asia LimitediHong KongProperties
CapitaRetail China TrustiSingaporeProperties
Capral Aluminium LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Captech Group LimitediAustraliaVehicles & Parts
Capxon International Electronic Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
CAR Inc.iHong KongServices / Hotels / Restaurant / Travel Services
Carbon Minerals NLiAustraliaMetals
Cardia Technologies LimitediAustraliaAgriculture / Pharmaceutical / Bio-Technology / Mining
Carindale Property TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Carlovers Carwash LimitediAustraliaVehicles & Parts
Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial / Consumer Retail
Carlton Investments LimitediAustraliaInvestment Company
Carnarvon Petroleum NLiAustraliaOil & Gas
Carnegie Corporation LimitediAustraliaMining
Carnival Group International Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Carpathian Resources LimitediAustraliaEnergy / Oil & Gas
Carpenter Pacific Resources NLiAustraliaMetals
Carpenter Tan Holdings LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail, Household Goods, Wood
Carpets International (Thailand)iThailandBuilding & Furn. Material
Carrianna Group Holdings Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Carry Wealth Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Carter Holt Harvey LimitediAustraliaPaper
Casa Holdings LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Casablanca Group LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
CASH Financial Services Group LimitediHong KongFinance
Casinos Austria International LimitediAustraliaEntertainment
Castle Peak Garment Factory CompanyiThailandBuilding & Furn. Material
Catalyst Recruitment Systems LimitediAustraliaServices
Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd.iTaiwanFinancial; Banking & Insurance
Cathay Organisation Holdings LtdiSingaporeServices
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited Hong KongTransportation
Catuity Inc.iAustraliaComputer / Consumer Retail / e-commerce / Information Technology / Internet / Software
Catuity Inc.iUnited StatesComputer / Consumer Retail / e-commerce / Information Technology / Internet / Software
Cazaly Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
CB Industrial Product Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
CBD Energy LimitediAustraliaComputer
CBK Holdings LimitediHong KongHotels / Restaurant / Services
CCI Holdings LimitediAustraliaMining
CCID Consulting Company LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Services
CCK Consolidated Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaMiscellaneous
CCK Financial Solutions LimitediAustraliaSoftware
CCT Land Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Electronics / Electrics
CCT Telecom Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronics / Industrial / Telecom
CDK Techonics LimitediAustraliaBuilding & Furn. Material
CDS Technologies LimitediAustraliaTechnology
CDW Holding LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Cebu Holdings InciPhilippinesInvestment & Finance Holding
CEC Corecast Corporation LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
CEC International Holdings Limited Hong KongIndustrial
CED Australasia LimitediAustraliaServices
Cedar Woods Properties LimitediAustraliaReal Estate
CEFC Hong Kong Financial Investment Company LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
CEI Contract Manufacturing LtdiSingaporeElectronics
Celebrate International Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy / Oil & Gas / Services
Celestial Asia Securities Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
Celestial NutriFoods LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Cellestis LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Cellnet Group LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Cement Industries of Malaysia BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Centamin Egypt LimitediAustraliaMetals
Centaur Mining & Exploration LimitediAustraliaMining / Metals
Centennial Coad Company LimitediAustraliaMining
Centennial Coal Company LimitediAustraliaMining / Metals
Central Asia Gold LimitediAustraliaMining
Central China Real Esate LimitediHong KongProperties
Central China Securities Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance
Central Equity LimitediAustraliaReal Estate
Central Exchange LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Central Industrial Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Central Kalgoorlie Gold Mines LimitediAustraliaMining / Metals
Central Pattana PCLiThailandProperties
Central Properties LtdiSingaporeFinance
Central West Gold NLiAustraliaMining / Metals
Centrepoint Properties LtdiSingaporeProperties
Centro Properties GroupiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Centron Telecom International Holding LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Telecommunications
Century City International Holdings LtdiHong KongProperties
Century Legend (Holdings) Limited Hong KongBeauty & Personal Care / Finance / Properties
Century Logistics Holdings BhdiMalaysiaServices
Century Sage Scientific Holdings Ltd.iHong KongInformation Technology / Software
Century Sunshine Group Holdings LimitediHong KongAgriculture
Cepatwawasan Group BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Cerebos Pacific LtdiSingaporeFood
Cervantes Seafood LimitediAustraliaFood / Beverages
CFM Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
CFS Gandel Retail TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
CG Technologies Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
CGN Mining Company LimitediHong KongInvestment / Mining
CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.iHong KongUtilities / Energy
CGN Power Co., Ltd.iHong KongUtilities / Electrics
CH Offshore LtdiSingaporeEnergy / Oil & Gas / Transportation
Challenger Financial Services Group LimitediAustraliaFinance
Challenger International LimitediAustraliaFinancial Services
Challenger Technologies LimitediSingaporeCommercial / Retail
Chalmers LimitediAustraliaServices
Champion Real Estate Investment TrustiHong Kong Properties / Trusts
Champion Technology Holdings LimitediHong KongComputer / Consolidated Enterprises / Software / Technology
Chang Hwa Commerciai Bank,LtdiTaiwanFinancial; Banking & Insurance
Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., LtdiHong KongLogistics
Changgang Dunxin Enterprise Co. Ltd.iHong KongMiscellaneous
Changhang Phoenix Co., LtdiShenzhenPlastics
Changhong Jiahua Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Changhuat Corporation BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
Changmao Biochemical Engineering Company LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical
Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and
Technology Development Co., Ltd
iShenzhenManufacturing Equipment
Changshouhua Food Company LimitediHong KongAgriculture, Food
Chanjet Information Technology Co. Ltd.iHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) Limited Hong KongAgriculture
Chaos Group LimitediAustraliaRetail
Chaowei Power Holdings LimitediHong KongBatteries / Manufacturing
Chapmans LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Chariot LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.iHong KongHealth Care / Pharmaceutical
Charoen Pokhand Feedmill Co. LtdiThailandAgriculture
Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company LimitediThailandAgriculture
Charoen Pokphand Indonesia PtiIndonesiaAgriculture
Charter Pacific Corporation LimitediAustraliaInvestment Holding Company
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing LtdiSingaporeManufacturing / Semiconductor
Charters Towers Gold Mines LimitediAustraliaMetals
Chase Perdana BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Chee Wah Corporation BhdiMalaysiaPaper / Consumer Retail
Chemeq LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Chemical Company Of Malaysia BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Chemical Industries (Far East) LtdiSingaporeChemicals
Chemoil Energy LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Chen Hsong Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Chen Xing Development Holdings Ltd.iHong KongProperties / Construction
Cheng Shin Rubber Ind., Co., Ltd.iTaiwanRubber
Chengde Xinxin Vanadium and Titanium Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Chengdu PUTIAN Telecommunications Cable Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
CHerish Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Chester Mining LimitediAustraliaMining / Metals
Cheuk Nang (Holdings) LimitediHong KongProperties
Cheung Kong (Holdings) LimitediSingaporeProperties
Cheung Woh Technologies LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Chevalier International Holdings LimitediHong KongServices / Investment
Chevalier Singapore Holdings LimitediSingaporeIndustrial
Chew Eu Hock Holdings LtdiSingaporeConstruction
CHG Industries BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Chia Hsin Cement CorporationiTaiwanCement
Chia Tai Enterprises International Ltd.iHong KongHealth Care / Bio-Technology
Chieftain Securities LimitediAustraliaFinance
Chieron Holdings LimitediAustraliaConsolidated Enterprises
Chigo Holding Limited Hong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing / Electrical Appliances
Chiho Environmental Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Metals
Child Care Centres Australia LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Chin Foh BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Chin Teck Plantations BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Chin Well Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
China 33 Media Group LimitediHong KongMedia / Publising
China Aerospace International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Electronics
China Agri-Industries Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
China Agri-Products Exchange LimitediHong KongAgriculture / Beverages / Food / Properties
China Agrotech Holdings Limited Hong KongAgriculture
China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Ltd.iHong KongTransportation/ Services
China All Access (Holdings) LimitediHong KongTelecommunications
China Aluminum Cans Holdings Ltd.iHong KongServices
China Aluminum International Engineering Corporation Limited iHong KongMaterials / Diversified Metals / Mining
China Animal Healthcare LimitediHong KongHealth Care
China Animation Characters Co. Ltd.iHong KongServices / Media / Entertainment
China Aoyuan Property Group LimitediHong KongProperties
China Art Financial Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
China Assets (Holdings) LimitediHong KongFinance
China Assurance Finance Group Ltd.iHong KongFinance
China Automation Group LimitediHong KongSafety Control
China Automotive Interior Decoration Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Textiles
China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation LtdiSingaporeCommercial / Energy / Oil & Gas / Trading / Transportation
China Baoan Group Co., LtdiShenzhenConsolidated Enterprises
China Baofeng (International) LimitediHong KongElectronics / Household Goods
China Baoli Technologies Holdings LimitediHong KongHotels / Restaurant / Services / Travel Services
China Bearing (Singapore) LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Beidahuang Industry Group Holdings Limited Hong KongBeverages / Food
China Best Group Holding Limited Hong KongEnergy / Investment / Logistics / Resources / Securities
China Binary Sale Technology Ltd.iHong KongInformation Technology / Services / Software
China Biotech Services Holdings LimitediHong KongHealth Care
China BlueChemical LimitediHong KongAgriculture / Chemical / Industrial
China Camc Engineering Co., Ltd.iShenzhenServices
China Candy Holdings LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages / Packaging
China Chengtong Development Group Limited Hong KongProperties / Investment
China Child Care Corporation LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Household Goods
China Chuanglian Education Financial Group LimitediHong KongEducation
China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance / Investment
China CITIC Bank Corporation LimitediHong KongBank / Finance
China CITIC Bank Corporation LimitediShanghaiBank / Finance
China CNR Corporation Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
China Coal Energy Company LimitediHong KongIndustrials
China Communications Construction Company LimitediHong KongConstruction / Infrastructure / Industrial
China Communications Services Corporation Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Telecommunications
China Conch Venture Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Construction Bank CorporationiHong KongFinance
China Construction Holdings LimitediAustraliaEngineering & Construction
China Convergent Corporation LimitediAustraliaProperties, Development Manager
China Creative Global Holdings LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises / Travel Services
China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Company LimitediHong KongEnergy / Utilities
China Daye Non-FerrousMetals Mining LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Industrial / Commercial
China Demeter Financial Investments LimitediHong KongMiscellaneous
China Development Bank Financial Leasing Company LimitediHong KongFinance
China Development Bank International Investment Limited Hong KongFinance / Investment
China Development Industrial BankiTaiwanFinancial; Banking & Insurance
China Digital Culture (Group) LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
China Digital Video Holdings LimitediHong KongServices / Media / Entertainment
China Dongxiang (Group) Co., Ltd. Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Sports Products
China Dredging Environment Protection Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction
China Dynamics (Holdings) LimitediHong KongMetals / Mining
China E-Information Technology Group Limited Hong Konge-learning / Education
China e-Wallet Payment Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology - Software & Services
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited Hong KongTransportation / Consolidated Enterprises
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited ShanghaiTransportation / Consolidated Enterprises
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited USATransportation / Consolidated Enterprises
China Eco-Farming LimitediHong KongSoftware
China Electronics Huada Technology Company LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
China Electronics Optics Valley Union Holding Company LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
China Energine International (Holdings) LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Telecommunications
China Energy Development Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy
China Energy Engineering Corporation LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Energy LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China EnerSave LimitediSingaporeConstruction
China Enterprise Company LimitediShanghaiProperties
China Environmental Energy Investment LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Electronics / Electrics
China Environmental Investment Holdings Limited Hong KongEnergy / Energy Saving / Finance / Leasing / Oil & Gas / Utilities
China Environmental Resources Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Environmental Technology and Bioenergy Holdings LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
China Environmental Technology Holdings LimitediHong KongTransportation
China Essence Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Ever Grand Financial Leasing Group Co., Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial / Transportation / Shipping
China Everbright Bank Co. Ltd.iHong KongBank
China Everbright Greentech Limited Hong KongEnergy / Environmental Protection
China Everbright International Limited Hong KongEnvironmental Protection
China Everbright Limited Hong KongFinance / Investment
China Evergrande Group Hong KongProperties
China Farm Equipment LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Fashion Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Fiber Optic Network System Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
China Fiberglass Company Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
China Finance Investment Holdings LimitediHong KongAgriculture
China Financial International Investments Limited Hong KongInvestment
China Financial Leasing Group LimitediHong KongInvestment
China Financial Services Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
China Fire Safety Enterprise Group LimitediHong KongServices / Miscellaneous
China First Capital Group LimitediHong KongAutomotive
China First Chemical Holdings Limited iHong KongChemical / Industrial
China Fishery Group LimitediSingaporeServices
China Flavors and Fragrances Company LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
China Flexible Packaging Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Food Industries LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Foods LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
China Forestry Holdings Company, LimitediHong KongIndustrials / Wood
China Fortune Financial Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Fortune Holdings LimitediHong KongTelecommunications / Trading / Information Technology
China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance
China Gas Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy / Utilities
China Gem Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
China Glass Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
China Gold International Resources Corporation LimitediHong KongMetals / Mining
China Golden Classic Group LimitediHong KongTextiles
China Golden Development Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Goldjoy Group Ltd.iHong KongComputer / Information Technology
China Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Holdings LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Manufacturing / Pharmaceutical
China Great Land Holdings LimitediSingaporeConstruction
China Greatwall Computer Shenzhen Co., LtdiShenzhenInformation Technology Services
China Green (Holdings) LimitediHong KongAgriculture
China Greenfresh Group Co., Ltd.iHong KongAgriculture
China Greenland Broad Greenstate Group Company LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
China Ground Source Energy LimitediHong KongInternet
China Haidian Holdings Limited  Hong KongProperties / Timepiece
China Haisheng Juice Holdings Co., LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Hanking Holdings LimitediHong KongMetals / Mining
China Hanya Group Holdings LimitediHong KongTextile / Garment
China Harmony New Energy Auto Holding LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Automotive
China Health Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / e-commerce / Services / Software
China Healthcare Enterprise Group LimitediHong KongElectronics / Household Goods
China Healthwise Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronics / Household Goods
China High Precision Automation Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
China HKBridge Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Hongqiao Group LimitediHong KongMetals
China Hongxing Sports LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Household Holdings LimitediHong KongGarment / Industrial / Textile
China Huarong Asset Management Company LimitediHong KongFinancials / Investment
China Huirong Financial Holdings Ltd.iHong KongFinance
China Huishan Dairy Holdings Co. Ltd.iHong KongFood / Beverages
China Huiyuan Juice Group LimitediHong KongBeverages / Industrial
China Industrial Securities Int'l Financial Group LimitediHong KongFinance / Securities / Brokerage
China Industrial Securities Int'l Financial Group LimitediHong KongFinance / Securities / Brokerage
China Information Technology Development LimitediHong KongSoftware
China Infrastructure Holdings LimitediSingaporeTransportation
China Infrastructure Investment LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Innovation Investment LimitediHong KongInvestment / Finance
China Innovationpay Group LimitediHong KongOptical Products
China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd.iShenzhenContainer Manufacturing
China Internet Investment Finance Holdings Limited Hong KongInvestment
China Investment and Finance Group Limited Hong KongFinance / Investment
China Investment Development LimitediHong KongInvestment
China Investment Fund International Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance / Investment
China Investments Holdings LimitediHong KongHotel / Properties / Wood
China ITS (Holdings) Company LimitediHong KongTransportation
China Jicheng Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronics / Household Goods
China Jinmao Holdings Group LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
China Kangda Food Company LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages
China Kangda Food Company LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Kingstone Mining Holdings LimitediHong KongMaterials / Mining
China Leason CBM & Shale Gas Group Company LimitediHong KongOil & Gas / Utilities
China Leon Inspection Holdings LimitediHong Kong
China Liansu Group Holdings Ltd.iHong KongConstruction
China Life Insurance Company LimitediHong KongInsurance / Finance
China Life Insurance Company LimitediShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
China Lifestyle Food and Beverages Group Limited iHong KongBeverages / Food
China Lifestyle Food And Beverages Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Lilang LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Garment / Textiles
China Longevity Group Co. Ltd.iHong KongChemicals
China Longyuan Power Group Corporation LimitediHong KongEnergy / Utilities
China LotSynergy Holdings LimitediHong KongInternet
China Ludao Technology Co. Ltd.iHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
China Lumena New Materials Corp. Hong KongManufacturing / Mining
China Medical & HealthCare Group Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises
China Medical System Holdings LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Medical Equipment / Pharmaceutical
China MeiDong Auto Holdings Ltd.iHong KongAutomotive
China Mengniu Dairy Company LimitediHong KongBeverages / Industrial
China Merchants Bank Co., LimitediHong KongBank / Finance
China Merchants Bank Co., LimitediShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
China Merchants China Direct Investments Limited Hong KongInvestment
China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
China Merchants Holdings (International) Company Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Infrastructure / Manufacturing / Shipping / Transportation / Warehousing
China Merchants Holdings (Pacific) LtdiSingaporeProperties
China Merchants Land Limited Hong KongProperties & Construction - Properties
China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Infrastructure / Manufacturing / Shipping / Transportation / Warehousing
China Merchants Property Development Co LtdiSingaporeCommercial
China Merchants Property Development Co., LtdiShenzhenProperties
China Merchants Securities Company LimitediHong KongFinance / Securities
China Metal International Holdings Inc.iHong KongCasting / Machining / Metals / Manufacturing / Vehicles & parts
China Metal Products Co. Ltd.iTaiwanCasting / Machining / Construction / Metals / Manufacturing / Trading / Realty Development
China Metal Recycling (Holdings) LimitediHong KongMetal
China Metal Resources Utilization Ltd.iMetals
China Milk Products Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Mining Resources Group Limited Hong KongAgriculture / Energy / Mining
China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.iHong KongBank / Finance
China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.iShanghaiBank / Finance
China Minsheng Drawin Technology Group LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
China Minsheng Financial Holding Corporation LimitediHong KongMedia / Entertainment / Advertising / Services
China Mobile Limited Hong KongTelecommunications / Communications
China Modern Dairy Holdings LimitediHong KongBeverages / Food
China Molybdenum Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Motion Telecom International LimitediSingaporeCommunications
China Motor Bus Company, Limited Hong KongProperties / Investment
China National Building Material Company LimitediHong KongBldg. & Furn. Material / Cement / Construction / Industrial
China National Materials Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Netcom Technology Holdings Limited Hong Konge-commerce / Gambling / Information Technology
China New City Commercial Development Limited Hong KongHotels / Leasing / Properties
China New Economy Fund LimitediHong KongInvestment
China New Higher Education Group LimitediHong KongServices
China New Town Development Company LimitediHong KongProperties
China Nonferrous Metal Industry's Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., LtdiShenzhenConstruction
China Nonferrous Metals Company LimitediHong KongAgriculture / Industrial
China Nonferrous Mining Corporation LimitediHong KongMaterials / Diversified Metals / Mining
China NT Pharma Group Company LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Pharmaceutical
China Nuclear Energy Technology Corporation LimitediHong KongUtilities / Energy
China Ocean Fishing Holdings Limited Hong Kong Information Technology
China Ocean Industry Group Hong KongSecurities / Shipbuilding
China Oceanwide Holdings LimitediHong KongInvestment / Properties
China Oceanwide International Financial LimitediHong KongFinance / Securities
China Oil And Gas Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Oil Gangran Energy Group Holdings Limited iHong KongCable / Manufacturing / Information Technology
China Oilfield Services LimitediHong KongEnergy / Oil & Gas / Services
China Oriental Group Company LimitediHong KongSteel / Industrial
China Outdoor Media Group LimitediHong KongProperties
China Outfitters Holdings LimitediHong Kong Garment / Manufacturing / Textile
China Overseas Grand Oceans Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Electronics / Electrics
China Overseas Land & Investment LimitediHong KongProperties
China Overseas Property Holdings LimitediHong KongServices
China Pacific Insurance (Group) Company LimitediHong KongInsurance
China Pacific Insurance (Group) Company LimitediShanghaiInsurance
China Paper Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Parenting Network Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / e-commerce / Internet / Services
China Partytime Culture Holdings LimitediHong KongTextiles
China Petroleum & Chemical CorporationiHong KongIndustrial
China Petroleum & Chemical CorporationiShanghaiIndustrial
China Petrotech Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Ltd.iHong KongHealth Care
China Polymetallic Mining LimitediHong KongMetal / Mining
China Power International Development Limited Hong KongEnergy / Utilities
China Power New Energy Development Company LimitediHong KongProperties / Investment
China Precious Metal Resources Holdings Co LtdiHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
China Precision Technology LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Primary Energy Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Print Power Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Printing & Dyeing Holding LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Properties Group LimitediHong KongProperties
China Properties Investment Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Public Procurement LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Qinfa Group LimitediHong KongEnergy
China Railsmedia Corporation LimitediHong KongConstruction
China Railway Construction Corporation LimitediHong KongInfrastructure / Construction / Properties / Utilities
China Railway Erju Co., Ltd. (crec)iShanghaiIndustrial
China Railway Group LimitediHong KongInfrastructure / Construction / Properties / Utilities
China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Services / Software
China Rare Earth Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Regenerative Medicine International LimitediHong KongMedical / Services / Health Care
China Reinsurance (Group) CorporationiHong KongInsurance
China Renewable Energy Investment LimitediHong KongAlternative Energy
China Resources and Transportation Group LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Food / Beverages
China Resources Cement Holdings Limited Hong KongCement
China Resources Gas Group LimitediHong KongOil & Gas / Utilities
China Resources Land LimitediHong KongProperties
China Resources Pharmaceutical Group LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Pharmaceutical
China Resources Phoenix Healthcare Holdings Company LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Medical / Services
China Resources Power Holdings Company LimitediHong KongUtilities
China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Shipbuilding / Marine Engineering / Oil & Gas
China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Shipbuilding / Marine Engineering / Oil & Gas
China Rongzhong Financial Holdings Company LimitediFinancials
China Ruifeng Galaxy Renewable Energy Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronics / Semiconductor
China Rundong Auto Group LimitediHong KongAutomotive
China Saite Group Co. Ltd.iHong KongProperties / Construction
China Sandi Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Sanjiang Fine Chemicals Company LimitediHong KongChemical / Industrial
China SCE Property Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
China Shandong Hi-Speed Financial Group Limited Hong KongSecurities / Financial / Investments
China Shanshui Cement Group LimitediHong KongCement / Construction
China Shengmu Organic Milk Ltd.iHong KongFood / Beverages
China Shenhua Energy Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Energy
China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical / Industrial
China Shipping Container Lines Co. Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
China Shipping Development Company LimitediShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
China Shun Ke Long Holdings limitediHong KongRetail / Services
China Silver Group Ltd.iHong KongMetals
China Singyes New Materials Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction
China Sinostar Group Company LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
China Sky Chemical Fibre Co. LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Smartpay Group Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
China Soft Power Technology Holdings Limited Hong KongElectronics / Securities / Semiconductor
China Solar Energy Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
China South City Holdings LimitediHong KongLogistics / Properties
China Southern Airlines Company LimitediHong KongTransportation
China Southern Airlines Company LimitediShanghaiUtilities
China Sports Industry Group Co., LtdiShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
China Star Entertainment Limited Hong KongEntertainment / Hotels / Media
China Starch Holdings Limited Hong KongFood / Manufacturing / Resources
China State Construction International Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction / Industrial
China Steel CorporationiTaiwanSteel & Iron
China Strategic Holdings Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Finance
China Success Finance Group Holdings Ltd.iHong KongFinance
China Sun Bio-chem Technology Group Company LimitediSingaoreManufacturing
China Sunshine Paper Holdings Company LimitediHong KongPaper / Industrial
China Sunsine Chemical Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China Suntien Green Energy Corporation LimitediHong KongUtilities
China Synthetic Rubber CorporationiTaiwanRubber
China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company LimitediHong KongInsurance / Finance
China Tangshang Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
China Technology Solar Power Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
China Telecom Corporation Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Communications / Telecommunications
China Television Media, Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
China Textile MachineryiShanghaiIndustrial
China Tian Lun Gas Holdings LimitediHong KongUtilities
China Tian Yuan Healthcare Group LimitediHong KongServices / Hotels / Gambling
China Tianrui Group Cement Company LimitediHong KongCement
China Ting Group Holdings Limited Hong KongGarment / Industrial / Manufacturing / Retail
China Titans Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd.iHong KongElectrics
China Tontine Wines Group LimitediHong KongBeverages
China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co. LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical
China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Hotels / Travel Services
China Trends Holdings LimitediHong KongCommunications
China Trustful Group Limited Hong KongBatteries / Electrics / Household Goods / Jewellery & Ornaments / Packaging / Vehicles & Parts
China U-Ton Holdings Limited Hong KongTelecommunications
China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited Hong KongTelecommunications / Consolidated Enterprises
China Unienergy Group LimitediHong KongEnergy
China Union Holdings LtdiShenzhenTextile Clothing
China United Telecommunications Corporation LimitediShanghaiUtilities
China United Travel Company LimitediShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
China Uptown Group Company LimitediHong KongInvestment / Technology / Trading
China Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Mining Company LimitediHong KongMetal / Mining
China Vanguard You Champion Holdings LimitediHong KongServices / Hotels / Restaurant
China Vanke Co., Ltd.iHong KongProperties
China Vanke Co., Ltd. (A Share) ShenzhenProperties
China Vanke Co., Ltd. (B Share) ShenzhenProperties
China Wah Yan Healthcare LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Health Care / Medical Equipment / Services
China Wan Tong Yuan (Holdings) LimitediHong KongServices
China Water Affairs Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
China Water Industry Group LimitediHong KongComputer / Industrial
China Water Property Group LimitediHong KongFood / Industrial
China Weaving Materials Holdings LimitediHong KongTextiles
China West International Holdings LimitediAustraliaBuilding & Furn. Material
China Wheel Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
China WindPower Group Limited Hong KongEnergy
China Wireless Technologies Limited Hong KongCommunications / Telecommunications / Technology
China Wood Optimization (Holding) Ltd.iHong KongMaterials / Timber
China World Trade Center Company Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
China XLX Fertiliser LimitediHong KongAgriculture / Industrial
China XLX Fertiliser LimitediHong KongAgriculture / Industrial
China XLX Fertiliser LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Ltd. iHong KongAutomotive
China Yu Tian Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
China Yuanbang Property Holdings LimitediSingaporeProperties
China Yunnan Copper Australia Limited AustraliaMaterials / Metals / Mining / Resources
China Yurun Food Group LimitediHong KongFood / Industrial
China Zenith Chemical Group Limited Hong KongIndustrial
China ZhengTong Auto Services Holdings LimitediHong KongAutomotive / Vehicles & Parts
China Zheshang Bank Company LimitediHong KongFinance / Bank
China Zhongwang Holdings LimitediHong KongMetals
China-Hongkong Photo Products Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
China-Kinwa High Technology Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
ChinaCast Communication Holdings LimitediSingaporeEducation Services / Communications
Chinalco Mining Corporation InternationaliHong KongMetals
Chinalco Yunnan Copper Resources Ltd AustraliaMaterials / Metals / Mining / Resources
Chinasoft International LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software
Chinatrust Financial Holding Company Ltd. TaiwanBank / Finance / Securities / Insurance
Chinese Energy Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance / Investment
Chinese Estates Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Chinese People Holdings Compamy LimitediHong KongEnergy
Chinese Strategic Holdings LimitediHong KongTelecommunications / Computer / Logistics / Transportation
Ching Lee Holdings LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical / Health Care
Chinlink International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Chinney Alliance Group LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Chinney Investments, LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Chip Eng Seng Corporation LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Chiquita Brands South Pacific LimitediAustraliaFood
Chocolate Products (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Choiseul Investments LimitediAustraliaInvestment Company
Chong Hing Bank LimitediHong KongBank / Finance
Chong Kin Group Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Chong Qing Brewery Co. LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Chong Sing Holdings FinTech Group LimitediHong KongFinance
Chongherr Investments LtdiAustraliaBuilding & Furn. Material
Chongqing Changan Automobile Company LimitediShenzhenManufacturing Equipment
Chongqing Department Store Co., Ltd.iShanghaiCommercial
Chongqing Iron & Steel Company LimitediHong KongMetals, Steel, Manufacturing
Chongqing Machinery & Electric Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Machining / Manufacturing / Vehicles & Parts
Chongqing Nan'an Urban Construction & Development (Group) Co., Ltd. Hong KongContruction
Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Company LimitediHong KongBank / Finance
Choo Bee Metal Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Chosen Holdings LtdiSingaporePlastics
Chow Sang Sang Holdings International LtdiHong KongRetail / Jewellery
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited Hong KongConsumer Retail / Jewellery & Ornaments
Christiani & NielseniThailandProperties
Christine International Holdings LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages
Chrome Global LimitediAustraliaComputer
CHT (Holdings) LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
CHTC Fong’s International Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Chu Kong Petroleum and Natural Gas Steel Pipe Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy / Industrials / Oil & Gas / Utilities
Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises (Group) Company LimitediHong KongShipping
Chuan Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction - Construction - Building
Chuan Huat Resources BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Chuan Hup Holdings LtdiSingaporeTransportation
Chuan Soon Huat Industrial Group LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Chuang's China Investments LimitediHong KongProperties / Industrial
Chuang's Consortium International LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Chung Hsing Bills Finance CorporationiTaiwanFinancial; Banking & Insurance
Chung Hwa Pulp Corp.iTaiwanPaper & Pulp
CI Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
CIFI Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. Hong KongProperties
CIG Yangtze Ports PLCiHong KongServices
CIL Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
CIM Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
CIMC Enric Holdings Limited Hong KongEnergy / Industrial / Manufacturing / Oil & Gas / Storage / Transportation / Vehicles & parts / Miscellaneous
Cinda International Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
Ciputra DevelopmentiIndonesiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Circadian Technologies LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical Research & Development
Circlecom LimitediAustraliaServices
Circuits Plus Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
CircuTech International Holdings LimitediHong KongTechnology
Cisco Systems, Inc.iHong KongComputer / Information Technology
Citadel Pooled Development LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Citadel Securix LimitediAustraliaComputer
Citect Corporation LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
CITIC 21CN Company Limited Hong Kong Cable / Communications / Computer / e-commerce / Information Technology / Internet / Logistics / Media / Retail / Telecommunications
Citic Australia Trading LimitediAustraliaTrading
CITIC Dameng Holdings LimitediHong KongMaterials / Metals
Citic Guoan Information Industry Co., LtdiShenzhenInformation Technology Services
CITIC Pacific LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
CITIC Resources Holdings Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Energy / Metals / Mining / Oil & Gas / Trading
Citic Securities Co., Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
CITIC Securities Company LimitediHong KongFinance
Citic Telecom International Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Communications / Telecommunications
Citigold Corporation LimitediAustraliaMetals / Mining
Citiraya Industries LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Citra MargaiIndonesiaUtilities
City Developments LtdiSingaporeProperties
City e-Solutions LimitediSingaporeHotels
City Pacific LimitediAustraliaFinance
Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited Hong KongProperties / Timepiece
Cityneon Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
CitySpring Infrastructure TrustiSingaporeEnergy
Citytrust Banking CorporationiPhilippinesBanks
Cityview Corporation LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
CK Asset Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
CK Hutchison Holdings Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises
CK Infrastructure Holdings LimitediHong KongUtilities
CK Life Sciences Int'l., (Holdings) Inc.iHong KongBio-Technology / Health Care
CL Group (Holdings) LimitediHong KongFinance / Investment
Clarity International LimitediAustraliaServices
Classified Group (Holdings) LimitediHong KongServices / Hotels / Restaurants
Clear Media Limited Hong KongAdvertising / Consolidated Enterprises / Outdoor Media
Clearview Capital LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Clements Marshall Consolidated LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
Clifford Modern Living Holdings Limited Hong KongFood / retail / Services
Climax International Company LimitediHong KongIndustrials / Manufacturing / Paper
Climax Mining LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Clime Capital LimitediAustraliaInvestment / Finance
Clinical Cell Culture LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Cloud Investment Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
Clough LimitediAustraliaEngineering & Construction
Clover Corporation LimitediAustraliaHealthcare
CLP Holdings LimitediHong KongUtilities
Club Crocodile Holdings LimitediAustraliaHotels
Cluff Resources Pacific NLiAustraliaMining / Diamonds
CMC Power Systems LimitediAustraliaTechnology
CME Group BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
CMG CH China Investments LimitediAustraliaInvestment
CMI LimitediAustraliaManufacturing
Cmic Finance & SecuritiesiThailandFinance & Securities
CMMB Vision Holdings Limited Hong KongCommunications / Internet
CMON LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
CN Asia Corporation BhdiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
CNA Group LtdiSingaporeServices
CNC Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction
CNLT (Far East) BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
CNOOC LimitediHong KongIndustrial
CNQC International Holdings Limited.iHong KongProperties / Construction
CNT Group LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Co-Prosperity Holdings LimitediHong KongTextile
Coach, Inc.iHong KongConsumer Retail / Garment / Retail / Textile
Coal & Allied Industries LimitediAustraliaCoal
Coastal Greenland Limited Hong KongProperties
Coates Hire LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Cobra Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A.iAustraliaBeverages
Coca-Cola Amatil LimitediAustraliaBeverages
Cochlear LimitediAustraliaHealthcare
Cockatoo Ridge Wines LimitediAustraliaBeverages
Codan LimitediAustraliaTechnology Hardware & Equipment
Code Agriculture (Holdings) LimitediHong KongIndustrial
COFCO Meat Holdings LimitediHong Kong
COFCO Property (Group) Co., LtdiShenzhenProperties
Coffey International LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services & Supplies
Cogeneration Company (COCO), TheiThailandEnergy
COL Capital Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Coles Myer LimitediAustraliaRetail
Colex Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Collection House LimitediAustraliaFinance
Colltech Australia LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
Colonial First State Commercial Property TrustiAustraliaTrusts
Colonial First State Industrial Property TrustiAustraliaTrusts
Colonial First State Private Capital LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Colonial First State Property Trust GroupiAustraliaTrusts
Colonial First State Retail Property TrustiAustraliaTrusts
Colorado Group LimitediAustraliaRetail
Colorland Animation LtdiSingaporeServices
Colour Life Services Group Co., Limited Hong KongProperties
Comat Industrial LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Comba Telecom Systems Holdings LimitediHong KongTelecommunications / Communications
Combest Holdings Limited Hong KongFinance / Investment / Services
Come Sure Group (Holdings) LimitediHong KongPackaging / Paper
Comet Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Comet Satellite & Cable LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Comfort Group LtdiSingaporeTransportation
ComfortDelGro Corporation LimitediSingaporeTransportation
Commander Communications LimitediAustraliaServices
Commerce Asset-Holding BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Common Splendor International Health Industry Group LimitediHong KongProperties / Coal Mining / Methanol Production
Commonwealth Bank of Australia AustraliaBanking & Finance
Commonwealth Diversified Share FundiAustraliaClosed-End Fund
Commonwealth Property Office FundiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Commsecure LimitediAustraliaComputer
Commsoft Group LimitediAustraliaServices
Communication Design International LimitediSingaporeServices
Comops LimitediAustraliaComputer
Compact Metal Industries LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Compal Electronics, Inc.iTaiwanElectronics
Compass Resources NLiAustraliaMining / Metals
Compumedics LimitediAustraliaHealth Care
Computer & Technologies Holdings LimitediHong KongComputer
Computer Forms (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Computer Systems Advisers (M) BerhadiMalaysiaInformation Technology
Computershare LimitediAustraliaRegistry & Technology
Computime Group LimitediHong KongElectronic / Industrials
Computronics Holdings LimitediAustraliaElectronics / Manufacturing
Comsa Farms BerhadiMalaysiaMiscellaneous
Comtec Solar Systems Group LimitediHong KongElectrics / Manufacturing
Concept Hire LimitediAustraliaBuilding Construction
Concept Systems International LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Concord Benefit EnterprisesiIndonesiaManufacturing
Concord New Energy Group Limited Hong KongEnergy
Concrete Engineering Products BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Conquest Mining LimitediAustraliaDiamonds
Consolidated Broken Hill LimitediAustraliaMining
Consolidated Farms BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Consolidated Foods Australia LimitediAustraliaFood
Consolidated Gaming Corporation LimitediAustraliaEntertainment
Consolidated Minerals LimitediAustraliaMining
Consolidated Rutile LimitediAustraliaMining
Constellation Brands, InciAustraliaFood / Beverages / Tobaccos
Construction And Supplies House BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Consun Pharmaceutical Group Ltd.iHong KongHealthcare
Contact Energy LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Contel Corporation LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Continental Engineering Corp.iTaiwanConstruction
Continental Goldfields LimitediAustraliaMetals
Continental Holdings LimitediHong KongRetail / Jewellery
Continental Venture Capital LimitediAustraliaVenture Capital
Convenience Retail Asia Limited Hong KongRetail
Convoy Global Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance / Insurance
Cool Link (Holdings) LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages / Packaging
Cool Or Cosy LimitediAustraliaManufacturing
Coolpad Group Limited Hong KongCommunications / Telecommunications / Technology
Coonawarra Australia Property TrustiAustraliaProperties / Real Estate
Cooper Energy NLiAustraliaEnergy
Cordukes LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Cornerstone Financial Holdings LimitediHong KongAdvertising
Corporate Express Australia LimitediAustraliaOffice Products
Cortina Holdings LimtediSingaporeCommercial
Cosco Investment (Singapore) LimitediSingaporeTransportation
Cosco Investment (Singapore) LimitediSingaporeTransportation / Storage
COSCO Pacific Limited Hong KongServices / Shipping / Transportation
Cosco Shipping Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial / Transportation / Shipping
COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co., Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial / Transportation / Shipping
COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co., LtdiHong KongIndustrial / Shipping / Transportation
COSCO SHIPPING International (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd.iHong KongCommercial / Services
COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited Hong KongServices / Shipping / Transportation
Coslight Technology International Group Limited Hong KongBatteries / Electronics / Entertainment / Industrial / Mining / Online Games
Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Co. Ltd.iHong KongTextiles
Cosmopolitan International Holdings LimitediHong KongInvestment / Properties / Securities
Cosmos Bottling CorporationiPhilippinesFood / Beverages
Cosmos LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Cosmos Machinery Enterprises LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises, Industrial
Cosmosteel Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Costin New Materials Group LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Textile
Cosway Corporation BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Cougar Metals NLiAustraliaMetals
Count Financial LimitediAustraliaFinance
Country Garden Holdings Company LimitediHong KongProperty
Country Heights Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Country Road LimitediAustraliaRetail
Courage Investment Group Limited Hong KongShipping / Transportation
Courage Investment Group Limited SingaporeShipping / Transportation
Courts Mammoth BerhadiMalaysiaElectronics
Coventry Group LimitediAustraliaMotor Accessories
Cowell e Holdings Inc.iHong KongIndustrial
CP PrimaiIndonesiaAgriculture
CP1 LimitediAustraliaProperties / Real Estate
CPH Investment CorpiAustraliaInvestment
CPI Group LimitediAustraliaPaper & Forestry
CPMC Holdings LimitediHong KongPackaging
CPT Global LimitediAustraliaComputer
Craft Print International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Crane Group LimitediAustraliaMetal Fabricate/Hardware
Cranswick Premium Wines LimitediAustraliaBeverages
CRCC High-Tech Equipment Corporation LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Creative China Holdings Ltd.iHong KongConsumer Services / Media & Entertainment / Movies & Entertainment
Creative Master Bermuda LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Creative Technology LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Credit China Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
Credit Corp Group LimitediAustraliaFinance
Credo Resources Limited AustraliaGold / Mining / Materials / Metals / Resources
Crescendo Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Crest Petroleum BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Crimson Land BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Crocodile Garments LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail
Croesus Mining NLiAustraliaMetals
Cromwell Corporation LimitediAustraliaProperties
Cross-Harbour (Holdings) Limited, TheiHong KongUtilities
Crossland Strategic Metals Limited AustraliaEnergy / Materials / Mining
Crossland Uranium Mines Limited AustraliaEnergy / Materials / Mining
Crown Diamonds NLiAustraliaMining
Crown International Corporation Limited Hong KongFinance / Properties
Crown Seal Company LimitediThailandPackaging
CRRC Corporation LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Commercial / Vehicles & Parts
CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Rail Transport Co., Ltd.iHong KongMetals
Crusader Holdings LimitediAustraliaMetals / Mining
Cryosite LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
Cryptome Pharmaceuticals LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical / Bio-Technolog
Crystal International Group Limited Hong KongGarment / Manufacturing
CSA Holdings LtdiSingaporeComputer
CSC Financial Company LimitediHong KongFinance / Securities
CSC Holdings LtdiSingaporeConstruction
CSE Global LtdiSingaporeServices
CSG Holding Co., Ltd.iShenzhenMetals
CSI Properties LimitediHong KongIndustrial
CSL LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical
CSM Corporation BhdiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited Hong KongPharmaceutical / Industrial
CSR LimitediAustraliaBuilding Materials
CST Group Limited Hong KongInvestment / Mining
CT Environmental Group LimitediHong KongUtilities
CTI Communications LimitediAustraliaComputer
CTI Logistics LimitediAustraliaTransportation
Cue Energy Resources LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Cullen Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Culturecom Holdings LimitediHong KongCommunications
Cumnock Coal LimitediAustraliaCoal
Customers LimitediAustraliaComputer
CVC LimitediAustraliaFinance
CW GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITEDiHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing Equipment
CWT Distribution LtdiSingaporeCommercial Services
CWT International LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Services / Software
Cyber Village Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Cybermast LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Cybernaut International Holdings Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Cycle & Carriage Bintang BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Cygal BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Cynata Therapeutics Limited AustraliaBio-technology / Medical / Life Science / Pharmaceutical
Cypress Lakes Group LimitediAustraliaEntertainment / Properties
Cytech Software LimitediSingaporeServices
D'aguilar Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals
D'nonce Technology BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
D-Link CorporationiTaiwanElectronics
Da Ming International Holdings LimitediHong KongMetals / Steel
Da Sen Holdings Group LimitediHong Kong
DaChan Food (Asia) LimitediHong KongFood / industrial
Dadi Education Holdings LimitediHong KongServices
Dafeng Port Heshun Technology Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Transportation /Logistics
Dafy Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Dah Chong Hong Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Dah Sing Banking Group LimitediHong KongFinance
Dah Sing Financial Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance / Bank
Dahe Media Co., Ltd.iHong KongMedia
Dai Hwa Holdings (M) BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Daido Group Limited Hong KongInvestment Holding
Daily Planet Limited (The)iAustraliaHotels / Restaurant
Daiman Development BhdiMalaysiaTin mining
Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited SingaporeFood / Consumer Retail
Daisho Microline Holdings Limited Hong KongManufacturing / Electronics
Daka Designs LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Dali Foods Group Company LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages / Packaging
Dalian Port (PDA) Company LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Infrastructure / Shipping / Transportation
Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd.iHong KongConstruction / Properties
Dalian Zhangzidao Fishery Group Co., Ltd.iShenzhenAgriculture
Damansara Realty BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Danae Resources NLiAustraliaMining
Dankos LaboratoriesiIndonesiaMiscellaneous
Danks Holdings LimitediAustraliaWholesale & Retail
Daohe Global Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Commercial / Services
Daphne International Holdings LimitediHong KongFootware
Daqin Railway Co., LtdiShanghaiUtilities
Daqing Dairy Holdings LimitediHong KongBeverages / Food
Darco Water Technologies LimitediSingaporeServices
Dark Blue Sea LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Darya Varia LaboratoriesiIndonesiaMiscellaneous
Dashang Group Co., Ltd.iShanghaiCommercial
Data & Commerce LimitediAustraliaMedia
Data#3 LimitediAustraliaComputer
Datacraft Asia LimitediSingaporeServices
Datafast Telecommunications LimitediAustraliaCommunications / Computer
Datang Environment Industry Group Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Datang International Generation Co., Ltd.iShanghaiUtilities
Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd.iHong KongUtilities
Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd.iUnited KingdomUtilities
Dataprep Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTechnology
Datapulse Technology LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Datong Coal Industry Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Datronix Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronics / Electrical Appliances / Industrial
Datuk Keramat Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Davao Union Cement BiPhilippinesCement
David Jones LimitediAustraliaRetail
Dawnrays Pharmaceutical (Holdings) Limited Hong KongBio-chemistry / Chemical / Health Care / Industrial / Manufacturing / Pharmaceutical
Dayen Environmental LimitediSingaporeServices
Dazhong Transportation (Group) Co LtdiShanghaiTransportation
DBA Telecommunication (Asia) Holdings LimitediHong KongTelecommunications
DBS Group Holdings LtdiSingaporeBanking & Finance
DCA Group LimitediAustraliaHealth Care
DCS Technologies LimitediAustraliaServices
De Grey Mining LimitediAustraliaMetals
Deakin Financial Services Group LimitediAustraliaInvestment / Finance
Deep Sea Fisheries LimitediAustraliaFood / Beverages / Tobaccos
Deep Yellow Limited AustraliaEnergy / Materials / Metals / Mining / Resources
Deepgreen Mineral Corporation LimitediAustraliaCoal
DeGem BerhadiMalaysiaJewellery & Ornaments
Dejin Resources Group Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Del Monte Pacific LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
DelGro Corporation LtdiSingaporeTransportation
Dell Computer CorporationiHong KongInformation Technology / Computer
Delloyd Ventures BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company LimitediThailandElectronics
Delta Electronics, Inc.iTaiwanElectronics
Delta Networks, Inc.iHong KongIndustrial
Denko Industrial Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
DenX LimitediAustraliaFinance / Services
Desane Group Holdings LimitediAustraliaProperties
Design Studio Furniture Manufacturer LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Deson Construction International Holdings Ltd.iHong KongProperties / Construction
Deson Development International Holdings LimitediHong KongInvestment / Properties
Destra Corporation LimitediAustraliaMedia
DeTai New Energy Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Deutsche Diversified TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Deutsche Industrial TrustiAustraliaInvestment
Deutsche Office TrustiAustraliaTrusts
Devine LimitediAustraliaEngineering & Construction
Devotion Eco-Thermal LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Dewina BerhadiMalaysiaFood
Dharmala IntilandiIndonesiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Dharmala Philippines,IncldiPhilippinesTrading
Dharmala Sakti SejahteraiIndonesiaInvestment & Finance Holding
Dialog Group BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Diamond Rose NLiAustraliaDiamonds / Metals
Diamond Ventures NLiAustraliaDiamonds
Dickson Concepts (International) LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Consumer Retail
Didasko LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Diethelm Holdings (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Differ Group Holding Co. Ltd.iHong KongFinance BerhadiMalaysiaCommunications
Digiland International LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Digital China Holdings Ltd.iHong KongComputer
Digital Domain Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Digital Now InciAustraliaIndustrial
Dijaya Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Dijaya Enterprise BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Ding He Mining Holdings LimitediHong KongMining / Metals
Dingyi Group Investment LimitediHong KongFinance
Dining Concepts Holdings LimitediHong KongHotels / Restaurant / Services
Dioro Exploration N.L.iAustraliaMining
Diperdana Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Directel Holdings LimitediHong KongTelecommunications
Discovery Nickel LimitediAustraliaMetals
Distar Electric Corporation Public Co LimitediThailandElectrical Products & Computer
Diversified United Investment LimitediAustraliaInvestment Company
Dizon Copper Silver MinesiPhilippinesMining
Djerriwarrh Investments LimitediAustraliaInvestment Company
DKLS Industries BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
DMCI Holdings, InciPhilippinesConstruction
DMIB BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
DMX Technologies Group LimitediSingaporeServices
DNP Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Dolomatrix International LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Dominion Mining LimitediAustraliaMetals
Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Dongfang Electric Corporation Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
Dongfang Electrical Machinery Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Dongfeng Automobile Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Dongfeng Motor Group Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Motor
Dongjiang Environmental Company LimitediHong KongServices / Industrial
Dongpeng Holdings Co. Ltd.iHong KongProperties / Construction
DongWu Cement International LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction
Dongyue Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Dorsett Hospitality International Limited Hong KongHotels
Dovechem Stolthaven LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Downer Edi LimitediAustraliaProperties
Doyen International Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction / Investment / Properties
Dragon Crown Group Holdings LimitediHong KongTransportation
Dragon Land LimitediSingaporeProperties
Dragon Mining NLiAustraliaMetals
Drb-Hicom BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Dream Haven Bedding & Furniture LimitediAustraliaManufacturing / Retail
Dream International LimitediHong KongIndustrial
DreamEast Group LimitediHong KongProperty Development / Elderly Services / Investment
Drillsearch Energy LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Dromana Estate LimitediAustraliaFood
DSG Australia LtdiAustraliaMetals
DTXS Silk Road Investment Holdings Company Limited iHong KongConstruction / Infrastructure / Marine Engineering / Shipbuilding & Repairs / Shipyard / Structural Steel
Dulhunty Power LimitediAustraliaFinance
Dunham-Bush (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Durban Roodepoort Deep, LimitediAustraliaMetals
Duta Anggada RealtyiIndonesiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Duta PertiwiiIndonesiaWood & Allied Products
Dutch Lady Milk Industries (M) BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
DVN (Holdings) Limited Hong KongTechnology / Cable / Media / Communications / Electronics / Information Technology / Services
Dwyka Diamonds LimitediAustraliaDiamonds
Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd.iHong KongUtilities
DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. iHong KongServices / Hotels
Dynamic Holdings Limited Hong KongProperties
Dynasty Fine Wines Group LimitediHong KongBeverages
E-Com Multi LimitediAustraliaEnergy
E-Commodities Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy
e-KONG Group LimitediHong Konge-commerce
E. Bon Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises Global LimitediAustraliaComputer
Eagle Bay Resources NLiAustraliaOil & Gas
Eagle Brand Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Eagle Nice (International) Holdings LimitediHong KongGarment / Manufacturing / Textile
Eagle Ride Investment Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
Earnest Investments Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
Earth Sanctuaries LimitediAustraliaEntertainment
Earthasia International Holdings Ltd.iHong Kong Properties / Construction
East African Coffee Plantations LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
East Asiatic Company (Thailand)iThailandCommerce
East Coast Minerals NLiAustraliaMining / Investment
Eastern & Oriental BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Eastern Asia Technology LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Eastern Corporation LimitediAustraliaMetals
Eastern Pacific Industrial Corporation BhdiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Eastern Publishing LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Eastern Star Gas LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Eastgate Technology LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Eastland Medical Systems LtdiAustraliaHealth Care Equipment / Services
Easy One Financial Group LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Easy Repay Finance & Investment LimitediHong KongFinance
Easycall International LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Easycall International LimitediSingaporeCommunications
Easyknit International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Easyknit International Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
EBB-AFG Global Masters FundiSingaporeFinance
Ebet LimitediAustraliaEntertainment
Echo International Holdings Group Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
Echo Technologies LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
ECI Technology Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
Eco Water LimitediSingaporeServices
Eco-Tek Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing
EcoGreen International Group LimitediHong KongChemical
Econ Healthcare LimitediSingaporeServices
Econ International LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Econstates BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Econtext Asia Ltd.iHong KongInformation Technology / Software
Ecorp LimitediAustraliaInternet
ecoWise Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
ECS Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Ecsi LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Edaran Digital Systems BhdiMalaysiaTechnology
Edaran Otomobil Nasional BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Eden Enterprises (M) BhdiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
EDMI LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Edvance International Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
EEI CorporationiPhilippinesConstruction
Efinancial Capital LimitediAustraliaInvestment / Finance
eForce Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
EFT Solutions Holdings LimitediHong Kong
Software / Services BhdiMalaysiae-commerce / Manufacturing
EganaGoldpfeil (Holdings) LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Eglobal International LimitediAustraliaComputer
ei-Nets LtdiSingaporeServices
Eiffel Technologies LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical
EJE (Hong Kong) Holdings LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
Ekachart Finance & Securities CompanyiThailandFinance & Securities
Ekovest BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Ekran BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Eksons Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Elba Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaGarment
Elec & Eltek International Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Elec & Eltek International Company LimitediSingaporeElectronics / Manufacturing
Electricity Generating Public Company LimitediThailandEnergy
Electro Optic Systems Holdings LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Electrometals Technologies LimitediAustraliaMining
Electronic Transaction Technology LimitediAustraliaServices
Electrotech Investments LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Elegance Optical International Holdings LimitediHong KongTextile
Elife Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy
Elite KSB Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
ELL Environmental Holdings Ltd.iHong KongUtilities
Ellendale Resources NLiAustraliaDiamonds
Ellex Medical Lasers LimitediAustraliaHealth
Ellipsiz LtdiSingaporeServices
Eltech Electronics LtdiSingaporeElectronics
Embelton LimitediAustraliaIndustrial
Embry Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Retailing / Industrials
EMC Logistics BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Emico Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Eminence Enterprise LimitediHong KongTextile
Emitch LimitediAustraliaMedia
Emivest BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Emperor Capital Group Limited Hong KongFinance / Securities
Emperor Culture Group LimitediHong KongEntertainment / Industrial / Media
Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited Hong KongEntertainment / Gaming / Hotels / Recreation / Properties
Emperor International Holdings Limited Hong KongFinance / Hotels / Properties
Emperor Mines LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Emperor Watch & Jewellery Limited Hong KongConsumer Retail / Jewellery & Ornaments / Timepiece
Empire Oil & Gas NLiAustraliaOil & Gas
Enerchina Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy / Investment Holding
Energy Developments LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Energy International Investments Holdings LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Industrial / Manufacturing / Mining
Energy Resources of Australia LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Energy World Corporation LtdiAustraliaOil & Gas
Eng Kong Holdings LtdiSingaporeTransportation
Eng Teknologi Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTechnology
Eng Wah Organization LtdiSingaporeServices
ENM Holdings Limited Hong KongRetails / Recreation
ENN Energy Holdings Limited Hong KongEnergy / Oil & Gas / Utilities
Enseval Putra MegatradingiIndonesiaMiscellaneous
Enterprise Development Holdings Limited Hong KongInformation Technology / Software
Entertainment Media & Telecoms Corporation LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Entertainment World LimitediAustraliaMedia
Envestra LimitediAustraliaGas
Enviro Energy International Holdings LtdiHong KongResources
Enviromission LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Environmental Group Limited, TheiAustraliaElectrics / Energy
Environmental Infrastructure LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Environmental Solutions International LimitediAustraliaInfrastructure
Envirostar Energy LimitediAustraliaElectrics / Energy
Enzer Corporation LimitediSingaporeCommercial
EOX Group BerhadiMalaysiaMiscellaneous
EP Manufacturing BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
EPE Power Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
EPI (Holdings) LimitediHong KongMetals
Epitan LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
eprint Group Ltd.iHong KongIndustrials / Commercial / Professional Services
Epure International LimitediSingaporeServices
Eqitx LimitediAustraliaMining
Equatorial Mining LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Equigold NLiAustraliaMetals
Equinox Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Equitlink Elink LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Equity Trustees LimitediAustraliaFinancial Services
Eratex DjajaiIndonesiaTextiles & Allied Products
Erawan Company LimitediAustraliaBuilding & Furn. Material
ERG LimitediAustraliaElectronics
Ernest Borel Holdings Ltd.iHong KongTextiles
Eromanga Hydrocarbons NLiAustraliaOil & Gas
Esec LimitediAustraliaComputer
eservglobal LimitediAustraliaServices
Esmart Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Esperance Minerals NLiAustraliaMining / Investment
Esprit Group BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Esprit Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Essential Petroleum Resources LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Essex Bio-Technology LimitediHong KongBio-chemistry
Esso Malaysia BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Estar Online Trading LimitediAustraliaFinance
eSun Holdings LimitediHong KongHotels
Eternity Investment Limited Hong KongProperty Investment / Investment / Professional Services
Etick LimitediAustraliaComputer
Etika International Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
ETRADE Australia LimitediAustraliaFinancial Services
ETS Group LtdiHong KongServices
Eu Yan Sang International LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Eucon Holding LimitediSingaporeServices
Eumundi Brewing Group LimitediAustraliaBeverages
EUPE Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Euraust LtdiAustraliaHotels / Restaurant
Eurogold LimitediAustraliaMetals
Europlus BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Europtronic Group LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Eurospan Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Euroz LimitediAustraliaFinance
EVA Precision Industrial Holdings Limited Hong KongIndustrial / Metals / Plastics
Evans & Tate LimitediAustraliaBeverages
Ever Fortune Industrial Co.,Ltd.iTaiwanConstruction
Ever Harvest Group Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Transportation / Shipping
Evergrande Health Industry Group Limited Hong KongBeauty & Personal Care / Bio-technology / Health Care / Medical
Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited Hong KongProperties
Evergreen Forests LimitediAustraliaTrading / Investment
Evergreen International Holdings Limited Hong KongRetail
Evergreen Marine Corp.iTaiwanTransportation
Evermaster Group BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Evershine Textile IndustryiIndonesiaTextiles & Allied Products
EVOC Intelligent Technology Company LimitediHong KongElectronics / Industrial / Technology
Excel Machine Tools LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Excelpoint Technology LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Exco Resources NLiAustraliaMining / Metals
Expert Systems Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software
Extract Resources LtdiAustraliaMining
Extrawell Pharmaceutical Holdings LimitediHong KongHealth Care
Ezenet LimitediAustraliaRetail
Ezra Holdings LimitediSingaporeTransportation / Commercial
Ezyhealth Asia Pacific LtdiSingaporeServices
Ezyimage LimitediAustraliaMedia
F J Benjamin Holdings LtdiSingaporeCommercial
F8 Enterprises (Holdings) Group LimitediHong KongEnergy / Oil
FA Peninsular BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Fabchem China LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Faber Group BerhadiMalaysiaHotels
Facb Industries Incorporated BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
FACB Resorts BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Fairfax (John) Holdings LimitediAustraliaPublishing
Fairwood Holdings Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Food / Restaurant
Fajar Baru Capital BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Fajar Surya WisesaiIndonesiaMiscellaneous
Falcon Minerals LimitediAustraliaMetals / Mining
Falmac LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Limited Hong KongProperties
Fantastic Holdings LimitediAustraliaRetail
Far East Advertising CompanyiThailandProfessional Services
Far East Bank & Trust CompanyiPhilippinesBanks
Far East Consortium International Limited Hong KongProperties / Hotels
Far East Global Group LimitediHong KongProperties
Far East Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Far East Holdings International LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Far East Horizon LimitediHong KongFinance
Far East Hotels & Entertainment LimitediHong KongHotels
Far Eastern Department Stores Ltd.iTaiwanWholesale & Retail
Far Eastern Textile Ltd.iTaiwanTextiles
Farlim Group (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Farm Pride Foods LimitediAustraliaFood
Farnell & Thomas LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Farsands Corporation LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Fashion Intimates LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
Fast Food IndonesiaiIndonesiaFood / Beverages / Tobaccos
Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.iHong KongRetail
Fast Scout LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Fastech Synergy LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
FAVA International Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Household goods
Faw Car Co., LtdiShenzhenManufacturing Equipment
FCW Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
FDG Kinetic LimitediHong KongFinance / Investment
FDS Networks Group LtdiSingaporeServices
Federal Furniture Holdings (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Federal International (2000) LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Federation Group LimitediAustraliaIndustrial
Feishang Anthracite Resources Ltd.iHong KongEnergy
Felix Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Fenghua Advanced Technology (Holding) Co., LtdiShenzhenElectronics
Ferrochina LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
FFI Holdings LimitediAustraliaFood
FFM BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
FHTK Holdings LtdiSingaporeFood
Fiamma Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaHousehold Goods
Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Fibrechem Technologies LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Fiducian Portfolio Services LimitediAustraliaServices
FIH Mobile LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
Fil-Estate Land, InciPhilippinesInvestment / Finance Holding
Filinvest Land InciPhilippinesProperties / Real Estate / Development
Fima Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Finance One LimitediThailandFinance & Securities
Financial Resources LimitediAustraliaFinance
Financial Street Holding Co., Ltd.iShenzhenProperties
Finbar International LimitediAustraliaProperties
Fineland Real Estate Services Group LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Finet Group LimitediHong KongFinance
Finsoft Financial Investment Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
Fire Rock Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
First Asia Securities LimitediThailandFinance & Securities
First Australian Resources LimitediAustraliaEnergy / Oil & Gas
First Bangkok City BankiThailandBanks
First China Financial Network Holdings LimitediHong KongSoftware
First Commercial BankiTaiwanFinancial; Banking & Insurance
First Credit Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
First Engineering LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
First Malaysia Property TrustiMalaysiaTrusts
First Pacific Company Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Telecommunications / Consumer Retail / Food
First Pacific LandiThailandHotels & Travel Services
First Philippine Holdings CorporationiPhilippinesInvestment / Finance Holding
First Real Estate Investment TrustiSingaporeProperties
First Shanghai Investments LimitediHong KongFinance
First Ship Lease TrustiSingaporeTransportation / Storage / Commercial
First Tractor Company Limited Hong KongIndustrial
First Wine Fund LimitediAustraliaInvestment
FirstLink Investments Corporation LimitediSingaporeElectronics
Fischer Tech LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Fitters Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
FKP LimitediAustraliaReal Estate
Flat Glass Group Company LimitediHong KongIndustrials/ Energy
Fleetwood Corporation LimitediAustraliaHome Builder
Fletcher Building LimitediAustraliaIndustrial
Fletcher Challenge Forests LimitediAustraliaBuilding & Furn. Material / Packaging
Flexi Property FundiAustraliaTrusts
Flextech Holdings LtdiSingaporeElectronics
Flight Centre LimitediAustraliaLeisure & Recreation
Flinders Diamonds LimitediAustraliaDiamonds / Metals
Flowcom LimitediAustraliaServices
Flying Financial Service Holdings Ltd.iHong KongFinance
Flyke International Holdings LimitediHong KongFootware / Retail / Sports Products
FM Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
FM Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Focal Aims Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Folkstone LimitediAustraliaProperties
Food Empire Holdings LtdiSingaporeBeverages
Food Idea Holdings LimitediHong KongHotels / Restaurant
Food Junction Holdings LimitediSingaporeConsolidated Enterprises
Foodland Association LimitediAustraliaRetail
Forebase International Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronics / Industrial
Forefront Group LimitediHong KongInvestment
Foreland Fabrictech Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Foremost Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaElectronics / Manufacturing
Forest Enterprises Australia LimitediAustraliaTrading
Forest Place Group LimitediAustraliaHealthcare
Forestech LimitediAustraliaProperties / Investment
Foreswood Group BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Forgame Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
Formis Malaysia BerhadiMalaysiaInformation Technology
Formosa Chemicals & Fibre CorporationiTaiwanTextiles
Formosa Plastics CorporationiTaiwanPlastics & Chemical, Industry
Formosa Prosonic Industries BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Fortescue Metals Group LtdiAustraliaMetals
Fortland Hotel Property TrustiAustraliaTrusts
Fortune Real Estate Investment TrustiHong KongProperties / Trusts
Fortune Real Estate Investment TrustiSingaporeProperties
Fortune Sun (China) Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Fortunet e-Commerce Group LimitediHong KongVehicle & Parts / Motor / Industrial
Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., LtdiShenzhenManufacturing Equipment
Foster's Group LimitediAustraliaBeverages
Fosun International LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Foundation Healthcare LimitediAustraliaHealth Care
Founder Holdings Limited Hong KongSoftware / Information Technology
Founder Information (Hong Kong) Limited Hong KongInvestment Holding
Founder Technology Group Corp.iShanghaiIndustrial
Fountain Set (Holdings) LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Textile
Four Seas Mercantile Holdings LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail
Fourseason (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Fragrance Group LimitediSingaporeProperties
Fraser & Neave Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Fraser & Neave LtdiSingaporeBeverages
Frasers Centrepoint TrustiSingaporeProperties
Freeman FinTech Corporation Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Freetech Road Recycling Technology (Holdings) LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Freight Links Express Holdings (Australia) LimitediAustraliaTransportation
Freight Links Express Holdings LtdiSingaporeTransportation
Fresh Express Delivery Holdings Group Co., LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages / Packaging
Frontier Services Group Limited Hong KongAircraft Maintenance / Aviation / Logistics / Security Services / Transportation
Frontline Technologies Corporation LtdiSingaporeServices
FSA Group LimitediAustraliaFinance
FSBM Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTechnology
FSE Engineering Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction - Construction - Building
FTR Holdings LimitediAustraliaComputer
Fu Shou Yuan International Group LimitediHong KongServices
Fu Yu Corporation LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd.iTaiwanFinancial; Banking & Insurance
Fufeng Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
Fuguiniao Co., LtdiHong KongTextile
Fuji Offset Plates Manufacturing LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Fujian Expressway Development Company LimitediShanghaiUtilities
Fujian Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Fujian Nuoqi Co., LimitediHong KongTextile
Fujian Yango Group Co., Ltd. Hong KongProperties
Fujikon Industrial Holdings Limited Hong KongElectrical Appliances / Electronics / Industrial / Manufacturing
Fujitec Company LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Full Apex (Holdings) LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Fullshare Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Fullsun International Holdings Group Co., LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Fulum Group Holdings Ltd.iHong KongServices / Hotels / Restaurant
Fung Choi Printing and Packaging Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Funtastic LimitediAustraliaRetail
Furniweb Holdings LimitediHong KongTextile
Futong Technology Development Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
Future Bright Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Future Bright Mining Holdings LimitediHong KongMetals
Future Corporation Australia LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Future Data Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
Future Land Development Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Future World Financial Holdings LimitediHong KongCommercial / Professional Services
Futurexone LtdiAustraliaInvestment Trust
Futuris Corporation LimitediAustraliaGeneral Diversified
Futuristic Image Builder LtdiSingaporeServices
Fututech BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Fuyao Glass Group Industries Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.iHong KongAutomotive
FW Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
G & W Group (Holdings) LimitediSingaporeBuilding Material
G-Resources Group Ltd. Hong KongPrincipal Investment Business / Financial Services Business / Money Lending Business / Real Property Business
G-Vision International (Holdings) LimitediHong KongHotels / Restaurant
G.A. Holdings LimitediHong KongRetail
G.U.D. Holdings LimitediAustraliaManufacturing
Gadang Holdings BhdiMalaysiaConstruction
Gadek (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Gadek Capital BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Gadjah TunggaliIndonesiaManufacturing
Gajah Surya Multi FinanceiIndonesiaMiscellaneous
Galaxy Entertainment Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Gale Pacific LimitediAustraliaIndustrial
Gallant Venture LimitediSingaporeConsolidated Enterprises
Gallery Global Networks LimitediAustraliaRetail
Gallery Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals
Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. TaiwanEntertainment / Information Technology / Online Games
Gameone Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Services / Software
Gaming & Entertainment Group LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Gamuda BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Ganad Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Ganda Wangsa UtamaiIndonesiaManufacturing
Gansu Yasheng Industrial (Group) Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Ganz Technologies BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Garratt's LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Garrisons Accounting Group LimitediAustraliaFinance
Gasnet Australia GroupiAustraliaUtilities
Gates Electronics LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Gateway Mining NLiAustraliaMining / Metals
Gazal Corporation LimitediAustraliaApparel
GCL-Poly Energy Holdings LimitediHong KongUtilities / Energy
GD Power Development Co., LtdiShanghaiUtilities
Geahin Engineering BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
GEC Asian Value FundiAustraliaFinance
GEC Australian Healthcare FundiAustraliaFinance
GEC Eurogrowth FundiAustraliaFinance
Geely Automobile Holdings LimitediHong KongMotor / Industrial
Gem-Year Industrial Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Gemdale CorporationiShanghaiProperties / Real Estate
Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Gemilang International LimitediHong KongCommercial / Industrial / Vehicles
Gemini Investments (Holdings) Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Gems TV Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
GeneMedix PlciSingaporeServices
General Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
General Finance & Securities CompanyiThailandFinance & Securities
General Gold Resources NLiAustraliaMining / Metals
General Lumber Fabricators & Builders BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
General Magnetics Ltd.iSingaporeManufacturing
General Property TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
General Publishers LimitediAustraliaPublishing
General Soil Engineering Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Genesis Biomedical LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Genesis Research and Development Corporation LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Genetic Technologies LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Genscript Biotech CorporationiHong KongConsumer Goods / Healthcare / Biotechnology
Genting BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Genting Hong Kong LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Genting International Public Limited CompanyiSingaporeServices
GEO2 LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Geodynamics LimitediAustraliaUtilities
Geographe Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
George Kent (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
George Town Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
George Weston Foods LimitediAustraliaFood
GES International LimitediSingaporeComputer / Manufacturing
GET Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software
Get Nice Financial Group LimitediHong KongFinance / Securities
Get Nice Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance / Securities
GF Securities Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance / Securities
Giant Wireless Technology LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Giants Reef Mining LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Giken Sakata (Singapore) LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Gindalbie Gold NLiAustraliaMetals
Giordano International Limited Hong KongConsumer Retail / Garment / Retail / Textile
Gippsland LimitediAustraliaMetals
Giralia Resources NLiAustraliaMetals
GK Goh Holdings LimitediSingaporeFinance
GKE International LimitediSingaporeTransportation / Commercial
Glencore International plciHong KongAgriculture / Energy / Metals / Mining
Gleneagle Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals
Glenealy Plantations (Malaya) BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Glengarry Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Global Active LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Global Approach LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Global Bio-chem Technology Group Company LimitediHong KongBio-chemistry / Chemical / Food / Technology
Global Brands Group Holding Limited Hong KongFootware / Lifestyle
Global Business Solutions LimitediAustraliaComputer
Global Carriers BerhadiMalaysiaTransportation
Global Digital Creations Holdings LimitediHong KongEntertainment / Recreation / Software / Technology
Global Energy Resources International Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Media
Global Green Tech Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Global Link Communications Holdings LimitediHong KongTelecommunications / Technology
Global Mastermind Capital Limited Hong KongInvestment
Global Mastermind Holdings Limited Hong KongInvestment
Global Petroleum LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Global Seafood Australia LimitediAustraliaFood
Global Strategic Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / e-commerce / Internet / Software
Global Sweeteners Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Food / Manufacturing
Global Tech (Holdings) LimitediSingaporeServices
Global Technology Australasia LimitediAustraliaComputer
Global Testing Corporation LimitediSingaporeServices
Globe International LimitediAustraliaManufacturing / Retail
Globe Securities LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Globe Telecom Gmcr InciPhilippinesCommunications
Globetronics Technology BerhadiMalaysiaTechnology
Glomac BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Glorious Property Holdings Limited Hong KongConstruction / Properties
Glorious Sun Enterprises LimitediHong KongCommercial / Garment / Industrial / Retail / Textile / Trading
Glory Mark Hi-Tech (Holdings) LimitediHong KongComputer
Gloucester Coal LtdiAustraliaMetals / Mining
GME Group Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
GME Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals / Investment
GMG Global LtdiSingaporeAgriculture
Goal Forward Holdings LimitediHong KongAgriculture
Goconnect LimitediAustraliaInternet
Goh Ban Huat BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Gold Aura LimitediAustraliaMetals
Gold Bridge Engineering and Construction BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Gold Mines of Sardinia LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) LimitediHong KongBatteries / Electronics / Industrial / Manufacturing / Automotive / Vehicles & Parts / Cables
Gold Wo International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Gold-Finance Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Goldbond Group Holdings Limited Hong KongFinance / Investment / Trading
Golden Agri-Resources LtdiSingaporeAgriculture
Golden Cross Resources LtdiAustraliaMetals
Golden Deeps LimitediAustraliaMetals
Golden Eagle Retail Group LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Retail
Golden Faith Group Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Golden Frontier BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Golden Gate Petroleum LtdiAustraliaEnergy / Oil & Gas
Golden Hope Plantations BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Golden Meditech Holdings Limited Hong KongBio-Technology / Health Care / Medical
Golden Pharos BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Golden Plus Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaMining
Golden Power Group Holdings Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
Golden Resources Development International LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Consumer Retail / Food
Golden Shield Holdings (Industrial) LimitediHong KongGarment / Manufacturing / Textile
Golden State Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Golden Valley Mines LimitediAustraliaMetals
Golden Wheel Tiandi Holdings Company LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Goldin Financial Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Goldin Properties Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Goldlion Holdings LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail
Goldpac Group Ltd.iHong KongInformation Technology
Goldsearch LimitediAustraliaMetals / Diamonds
Goldstar Resources NLiAustraliaMetals
Goldstream Mining NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
Goldtron LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Golik Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing / Metals / Steel
Golsta Synergy BerhadiMalaysiaTechnology
Gome Finance Technology Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance
GOME Retail Holdings LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods
Gondwana Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Good Friend International Holdings Inc.iHong KongIndustrial / Machining
Good Resources Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance / Investment
Goodbaby International Holdings LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Industrial / Manufacturing
Goodman Fielder LimitediAustraliaFood
Goodpack LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Goodwood Park Hotel LtdiSingaporeHotels
Goodyear (Thailand) LimitediThailandVehicles & Parts
Goodyear IndonesiaiIndonesiaManufacturing
Gopeng BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Gowing Bros. LimitediAustraliaRetail
Gowings Retail LimitediAustraliaRetail
Gowit LimitediAustraliaRetail
GP Batteries International Limited SingaporeBatteries / Manufacturing
GP Industries LimitediSingaporeBatteries / Electronics / Industrial / Manufacturing / Automotive / Vehicles & Parts / Cables
GPA Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
GPS Online LimitediAustraliaTechnology
GPT Split TrustiAustraliaProperties / Investment
GR Properties LimitediHong KongProperties
Gradipore LimitediAustraliaHealthcare
GrainCorp LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
Grammy EntertainmentiThailandEntertainment & Recreation
Grand Banks Yachts LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Grand Baoxin Auto Group LimitediHong KongMotor
Grand Central Enterprise PhdiMalaysiaHotels
Grand Field Group Holdings Limited Hong KongProperties
Grand Hoover BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Grand Hotel GroupiAustraliaHotel
Grand Investment International Ltd. Hong KongInvestment
Grand Ming Group Holdings Ltd.iHong KongProperties / Construction
Grand Ocean Advanced Resources Company LimitediHong KongMining / Manufacturing / Trading
Grand Plaza Hotel Corp.iPhilippinesHotels / Recreation
Grand T G Gold Holdings LimitediHong KongGold
Grand United Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Grandbridge LimitediAustraliaFinance
Grange Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Granite Industries BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Gravity Capital LimitediAustraliaMining
GRD NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
Great Artesian Oil & Gas LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Great Australian Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Great China Holdings LtdiHong KongProperties
Great China Properties Holdings LimitediHong KongProperty Development and Investment
Great Eagle Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Great Eastern Holdings LimitediSingaporeFinancial Services
Great Harvest Maeta Group Holdings LimitediHong KongShipping / Transportation
Great Pacific Capital LimitediAustraliaFinance
Great River IndustriesiIndonesiaManufacturing
Great Southern Plantations LimitediAustraliaPaper & Forestry
Great Wall Motor Company LimitediHong KongMotor / Industrial
Great Wall Plastic Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Great Wall Technology Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Great Water Holdings LimitediHong KongUtilities
Great World Company Holdings LtdiHong KongCommunications / Cable / Manufacturing
Greater China Financial Holdings Limited Hong KongProperties / Investment
Greater Pacific Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals
GreaterChina Professional Services LimitediHong KongFinance
Greatime International Holdings LimitediHong KongGarment / Manufacturing / Textile
Greatronic LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Greatview Aseptic Packaging Company LimitediHong KongPackaging
Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai Co., LtdiShenzhenManufacturing Equipment
Green Energy Group LimitediHong KongConstruction
Green International Holdings Limited Hong KongManufacturing / Recreation / Trading
Green Leader Holdings Group LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Green Pacific Energy LimitediAustraliaUtilities
Green World Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Green's Foods LimitediAustraliaFood
Greenheart Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Wood
Greenland Hong Kong Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Greens Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Greenstone Resources NLiAustraliaMining
Greentech Technology International LimitediHong KongMetals
Greentown China Holdings Limited Hong KongProperties
Greentown Service Group Company LimitediHong KongServices
Greenvale Mining N.L.iAustraliaMetals
Gregory Industries LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Gribbles Group Limited, TheiAustraliaBio-Technology / Health Care
Gropep LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Ground International Development LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Telecommunications
Group Sense (International) LimitediHong KongElectronics / Industrial / Technology
GRP LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
GSS Array Technology LimitediThailandElectronics & Allied Products
GT Group Holdings Limited Hong KongMetals / Securities / Investment / Properties
GTI Holdings Limited Hong KongGarment / Manufacturing / Textile / Petroleum Trading / Financial Services
GTN Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Guangdong Electric Power Development Co., LtdiShenzhenEnergy
Guangdong Investment LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Guangdong Join-Share Financing Guarantee Investment Company LimitediHong Kong
Guangdong Kanghua Healthcare Co., LtdiHong KongHealth Care / Medical / Services
Guangdong Kelon Electrical Holdings Company LimitediShenzhenIndustrial
Guangdong Land Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties/ Investment
Guangdong Midea Electric Appliances Co., LtdiShenzhenManufacturing Equipment
Guangdong Provincial Expressway Development Co., LtdiShenzhenPaper / Publishing
Guangdong Shaoneng Group Co., LtdiShenzhenEnergy
Guangdong Shengyi Sci.Tech Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Guangdong Tannery LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Guangdong Yueyun Transportation Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Transportation / Logistics
Guangnan (Holdings) LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Guangshen Railway Company LimitediHong KongUtilities
Guangshen Railway Company LimitediShanghaiUtilities
Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power Co., Ltd.iShanghaiUtilities
Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., LtdiShenzhenManufacturing Equipment
Guangzhao Industrial Forest Biotechnology Group LimitediSingaporeAgriculture
Guangzhou Automobile Group Company LimitediHong KongVehicles & Parts / Motor / Industrial
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Co.,Ltd.iShanghaiUtilities
Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Guangzhou Development Industry (Holdings) Co., Ltd.iShanghaiUtilities
Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd.iHong KongProperties
Guangzhou Shipyard International Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Guangzhou Shipyard International Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Gudang GaramiIndonesiaFood / Beverages / Tobaccos
Guinness Anchor BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Guinness Peat Group PLCiAustraliaInvestment
Guizhou Space Appliance Co., Ltd.iShenzhenElectronics
Gul Technologies Singapore LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Gula Perak BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Gullewa LimitediAustraliaMetals
Gunns LimitediAustraliaPaper & Forestry
Gunson Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Guoan International LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Telecommunications
Guoco Group Limited Hong KongFinance
GuocoLand LimitediSingaporeProperties
Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation LimitediHong KongEnergy / Utilities
Guolian Securities Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance / Securities
Guorui Properties Limited Hong KongProperties / Property Development and Investment
Guotai Junan International Holdings Ltd.iHong KongFinance / Investment
Guotai Junan Securities Company LimitediHong KongSecurities / Brokerage
Guru Online (Holdings) Ltd.iHong KongServices / Media / Entertainment / Advertising
Guthrie GTS LtdiSingaporeBuilding Material
Guthrie Ropel BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Gutnick Resources NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
GVC CorporationiTaiwanElectronics
GWA International LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous Manufactures
Gympie Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
GZI Real Estate Investment Trust Hong KongTrust
H.M. SampoernaiIndonesiaFood / Beverages / Tobaccos
Haad Thip Company LimitediThailandFood / Beverages / Tobaccos
Habib Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaJewellery & Ornaments
Haddington Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Hadtex IndosyntexiIndonesiaTextiles & Allied Products
Hai Ming Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Hai San BhdiMalaysiaManufacturing
Hai-O Enterprise BerhadiMalaysiaMiscellaneous
Haichang Ocean Park Holdings LtdiHong KongServices / Hotels / Restaurant
Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd.iHong KongElectrical Appliances / Industrial
Hailan Holdings LimitediHong Kong
Properties / Construction
Hailian International LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Hailiang International Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Semiconductor
Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd.iShanghaiTransportation
Hainan Meilan International Airport Company Limited Hong KongAirport / Transportation / Consolidated Enterprises
Haitian Energy International LimitediHong KongUtilities
Haitian International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
Haitong International Securities Group LimitediHong KongFinance
Haitong Securities Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance
Halcyon Group LtdiAustraliaFinance
Halim Mazmin BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Hallmark Consolidation LimitediAustraliaMetals
Hamill Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Hamilton Island LimitediAustraliaLeisure & Recreation
Hampton Hill Mining NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd.iShenzhenElectronics
Hana Microelectronics PCLiThailandElectronics & Allied Products
HANDAN IRON & STEEL CO.,LTD.iShanghaiIndustrial
Hanergy Thin Film Power Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial/ Energy
Hang Fung Gold Technology LimitediHong KongMetals / Manufacturing / Jewellery & Ornaments
Hang Lung Group LimitediHong KongProperties
Hang Lung Properties LimitediHong KongProperties
Hang Sang (Siu Po) International Holding Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Commercial / Professional Services / Printing / Packaging
Hang Seng Bank LimitediHong KongFinance / Bank
Hang Ten Group Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Hanhua Financial Holding Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance
Hanison Construction Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction / Industrial
Hannans Reward NLiAustraliaMetals / Mining
Hans Energy Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Energy
Hansen Technologies LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Hanson PLC.iAustraliaBuilding & Furn. Material
Hao Tian Resources Group Limited iHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing / Packaging / Paper
Hao Wen Holdings LimitediHong KongHealth Care
Haoma Mining N.L.iAustraliaMetals
Hap Seng Consolidated BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Harbin Bank Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance / Bank
Harbin Power Equipment Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
Harbour Capital LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Harbour Centre Development LimitediHong KongHotels
Hardman Resources LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Harmonicare Medical Holdings Ltd.iHong KongHealth Care / Medical / Services
Harrington Group LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Harris Scarfe Holdings LimitediAustraliaRetail
Harrisons Holdings (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Hartec LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Hartford Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Hartleys LimitediAustraliaBank
Harts Australasia LimitediAustraliaFinance / Services
Harvest Court Industries BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
Harvestroad LimitediAustraliaComputer
Harvey Norman Holdings LimitediAustraliaRetail
Harvey World Travel LimitediAustraliaRetail
Havilah Resources NLiAustraliaMining
Haw Par Corporation LtdiSingaporeConsolidated Enterprises
HC International, Inc.iHong KongInformation Technology / Internet / Software
Health and Happiness (H&H) International Holdings LimitediHong KongBeverages / Food
Health Communications Network LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Health Management International LtdiSingaporeServices
Healthoo International Technology Holdings Limited iHong KongFinance / Investment
Healthpoint Technologies LimitediAustraliaHealth / Services
Healthscope LimitediAustraliaHealth Care
HeartWare International, Inc. AustraliaLife Science / Medical Equipment
Heat Exchanges International LimitediAustraliaEngineering
Hebei Jinniu Energy Resources Co. LtdiShenzhenMining
Hebei Yichen Industrial Group Corporation LimitediHong KongIndustrials / Commercial / Vehicles & Parts
Heeton Holdings LimitediSingaporeProperties
Heggies Bulkhaul LimitediAustraliaTransportation
Heilongjiang Agriclture Company LimitediShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
HeiTech Padu BhdiMalaysiaTechnology
Helix Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Hemaraj Land & Developemnt Public Company LimitediThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
Hembly International Holdings Limited Hong Kong
Henan Lianhua Gourmet Powder Co. Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Henan Shen Huo Coal Industry and Electricity Power Co. LtdiShenzhenMining
Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co., LtdiShenzhenFood
Henan Zhongyuan Expressway Company LimitediShanghaiUtilities
Henderson Investment LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Henderson Land Development Company LimitediHong KongProperties
Heng Tai Consumables Group Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Heng Xin China Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Hengan International Group Company Limited Hong KongConsumer Retail / Health Care / Manufacturing
Hengdeli Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Hengdian Group Dmegc Magnetics Co., Ltd.iShenzhenElectronics
Hengtai Securities Co., Ltd.iHong KongFinance / Securities
HengTen Networks Group Limited Hong KongInternet Community Services / Industrial / Manufacturing
Hengxin Technology LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
Hengxin Technology LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Hengxing Gold Holding Co. Ltd.iHong KongMetals
Henry Group Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Henry Walker Eltin Group LimitediAustraliaEngineering & Construction
Herald Holdings Limited Hong KongElectronics / Household Goods / Industrial / Information Technology / Manufacturing / Plastics / Timepiece
Herald Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Heritage Gold NZ LimitediAustraliaMetals
Hero SupermarketiIndonesiaMiscellaneous
Heron Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Hersing Corporation LtdiSingaporeServices
Heshe Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Hexagon Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Hexza Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
HG Metal Manufacturing LimitediSingaporeCommercial
HGL LimitediAustraliaHolding Company - Diversified
HHB Holdings BhdiMalaysiaBank
Hi Sun Technology (China) Limited Hong KongElectronics / Energy / Information Technology / Technology / Telecommunications
Hi-Level Technology Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
Hi-P International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Hiap Aik Construction BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Hiap Hoe LimitediSingaporeConstruction
Hiap Moh Corporation LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Hiap Seng Engineering LimitediSingaporeConstruction
Hicom Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Hidili Industry International Development LimitediHong KongEnergy / Industrial / Mining
Hifood Group Holdings Co., LimitediHong KongTextile / Jewellery & Ornaments / Timepiece
High Fashion International LimitediHong KongGarment / Manufacturing / Textile / Trading
Highlands & Lowlands BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Highlands Pacific LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Hil Industries BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Hill 50 LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Hill End Gold Limited AustraliaGold / Mining
Hillcrest Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Hillgrove Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Hills Industries LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous Manufactures
Hills Motorway GroupiAustraliaEngineering & Construction
Hilong Holding LimitediHong KongEnergy / Oil & Gas
Hing Lee (HK) Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronics / Household Goods
Hing Yiap Knitting Industries BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Hire Intelligence International LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Hirotako Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
Hisense Electric Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Hitchins Group LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Hitec Energy LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Hitech Group Australia LimitediAustraliaServices
HJ Capital(International)Holdings Company LimitediHong KongPrinting / Packaging
HJ&B Group LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
HK Electric Investments Ltd.iHong KongUtilities
HKBN Ltd. Hong KongCommunications / Information Technology / Services / Telecommunications
HKC (Holdings) LimitediHong KongConstruction / Infrastructure / Properties / Energy
HKC International Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
HKR International LimitediHong KongProperties
HKT Trust and HKT LimitediHong KongCommunications / Telecommunications
HLG Capital BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
HLN Technologies LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
HM International Holdings LimitediHong KongCommercial / Professional Services / Printing / Packaging
HMV Digital China Group Limited HMViHong KongServices / Media / Entertainment
HNA Infrastructure Company Limited Hong KongAirport / Transportation / Consolidated Enterprises
HNA Technology Investments Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Computer
Ho Bee Investment LtdiSingaporeProperties
Ho Hup Construction Company BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Ho Wah Genting BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Ho Wah Genting International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Hocheng CorporationiTaiwanGlass, Ceremics, Glaze
Hock Seng Lee BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Hoe Leong Corporation LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Home Building Society LimitediAustraliaBank
Homeleisure LimitediAustraliaRetail
Homeloans LimitediAustraliaFinance
Homestake Mining CompanyiAustraliaMetals / Oil & Gas
Homestake Mining CompanyiAustraliaMetals / Oil & Gas
Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.iTaiwanElectronics
Hon Kwok Land Investment Company LimitediHong KongProperties
Honbridge Holdings LimitediHong KongPublishing
Hong Fok Corporation LtdiSingaporeProperties
Hong Kong & China Gas Company Limited, TheiHong KongUtilities
Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited Hong KongIndustrial / Commercial
Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Hong Kong Education (Int'l) Investments Limited Hong KongEducation
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitediHong KongFinance
Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Company Limited Hong KongProperties / Hotels / Transportation / Travel Services / Consolidated Enterprises
Hong Kong Finance Group Limited Hong KongFinance
Hong Kong Food Investment Holdings LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages
Hong Kong International Construction Investment Management Group Co., LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Hong Kong Life Sciences and Technologies Group LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical
Hong Kong Resources Holdings Company LimitediHong KongChemical / Industrial / Manufacturing
Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings LimitediHong KongMetals
Hong Kong Television Network LimitediHong KongTelevision and Multi Media Production
Hong Leong Asia LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Hong Leong Bank BhdiMalaysiaFinance & Investment
Hong Leong Credit BhdiMalaysiaFinance & Investment
Hong Leong Finance LimitediSingaporeFinance
Hong Leong Industries BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Hong Leong Properties BhdiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Hong Wei (Asia) Holdings Co. Ltd.iHong KongMaterials
Hong Yuan Securities Co., LtdiShenzhenFinance / Insurance
HongDa Financial Holding LimitediHong KongElectronics / Household Goods
HongGuang Lighting Holdings Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Engineering
Hongguo International Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Honghua Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited, TheiHong KongHotels
Hongkong Chinese LimitediHong KongFinance / Investment / Bank
Hongkong Land Holdings Limited SingaporeProperties
Hongkong Telecommunications LimitediSingaporeTransportation
Hongwei Technologies LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Honma Golf LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
Hontex International Holdings Company LimitediHong KongGarments
Honworld Group Ltd.iHong KongFood / Beverages
Hop Fung Group Holdings Limited Hong KongPaper / Packaging / Printing / Materials / Industrials
Hop Hing Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Food / Industrial
Hopefluent Group Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Hopewell Highway Infrastructure LimitediHong KongInfrastructure / Construction
Hopewell Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Hopson Development Holdings Limited Hong KongProperties
Hor Kew Corporation LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Horizon Education and Technologies LimitediSingaporee-commerce / Internet / Retail / Services
Horizon Energy Investment GroupiAustraliaElectrics / Energy
Horizon Global LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Horizon Oil NLiAustraliaOil & Gas
Hosa International Limited Hong KongTextile / Clothing
Hosen Group LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Hostworks Group LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Hotel Grand Central LtdiSingaporeHotels
Hotel Malaysia LtdiSingaporeHotels
Hotel Negara Ltd.iSingaporeHotels
Hotel Plaza LtdiSingaporeHotels
Hotel PrapataniIndonesiaHotel, Recreation etc
Hotel Properties LtdiSingaporeHotels
Hotel Royal LtdiSingaporeHotels
Hotline Furniture BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Hotung Investment Holdings LimitediSingaporeFinance
Hour Glass LtdiSingaporeCommercial
House of Investment InciPhilippinesInvestment & Finance Holding
Housewares International LimitediAustraliaHousewares
HPAL LimitediAustraliaComputer
HPI Resources BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
HSBC China Dragon FundiHong KongFund
HSBC Holdings plciHong KongFinance / Bank
HSBC Holdings PLCiSingaporeFinance
Hsin Chong Group Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction
Hsu Fu Chi International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
HTL International Holdings LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Hua Han Health Industry Holdings LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Pharmaceutical
Hua Hong Semiconductor Ltd.iHong KongInformation Technology/Semiconductor
Hua Joo Seng Enterprise BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Hua Kok International LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Hua Lien International (Holding) Company Limited Hong KongTrading / Services / Bio-Chemistry / Agriculture / Sugar Manufacturing
Hua Long Jin Kong Company LimitediHong KongTextiles
Hua Thai ManufacturingiThailandTextiles Clothing & Footware
Hua Xia Bank Co., LimitediShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
Hua Xia Healthcare Holdings LimitediHong KongBio-Technology
Huabang Financial Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
Huabao International Holdings LimitediHong KongFlavors and Fragrances / Consumer
Huabei Expressway Co., LtdiShenzhenLogistics / Warehousing
Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation LimitediHong KongUtilities
Huadian Power International Corporation LimitediHong KongUtilities / Energy
Huadian Power International Corporation LimitediShanghaiUtilities / Energy
Huadu City Developments LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Huajin International Holdings LimitediHong KongMaterials - Metals / Steel
Huajun Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Packaging / Printing
Hualan Biological Engineering Inc.iShenzhenBio-Technology / Pharmaceutical
Huan Hsin Holdings LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Huan Yue Interactive Holdings LimitediHong KongMetal / Industrial
Huanan Commercial BankiTaiwanFinancial; Banking & Insurance
Huaneng Power International, Inc. Hong KongEnergy / Utilities
Huaneng Power International, Inc. ShanghaiUtilities
Huaneng Renewables Corporation LimitediHong KongEnergy / Utilities
Huanxi Media Group Limited Hong KongEntertainment / Media / Properties & Construction - Properties
Huarong International Financial Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance / Securities
Huarong Investment Stock Corporation LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction / Building & Furn. Material
Huawen Media Investment CorporationiShenzhenConsolidated Enterprises
Huaxi Holdings Co. Ltd.iHong KongCommercial / Professional Services
Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company LimitediHong KongHealth Care
HUAYU Expressway Group LimitediHong KongInfrastructure
Huazhang Technology Holding Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
Huazhong In-Vehicle Holdings Company LimitediHong KongCommercial / Automotive
Hubei Shuanghuan Science and Technologystock Co., LtdiShenzhenPlastics
Hubei Yihua Chemical Industry Co., LtdiShenzhenPlastics
Hudson Investment Group LimitediAustraliaWood
Hudson Resources LimitediAustraliaMining
Hudson Securities Corporation LimitediAustraliaFinance / Services
Hudson Timber & Hardware LimitediAustraliaBuilding Materials
Hudson Timber Products LimitediAustraliaManufacturing
Hugall & Hoile LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Huge China Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance / Investment
Huili Resources (Group) Limited iHong Kong Materials / Metals / Mining / Resources
Huishang Bank Corporation Ltd.iHong KongBank
Huisheng International Holdings Ltd.iHong KongAgriculture
Huiyin Holdings Group Limited Hong KongConsumer Retail / Health Care / Investment / Manufacture / Retail / Trading
Huiyin Smart Community Co.,Ltd.iHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
Huludao Zinc Industry Co., LtdiShenzhenMetals
Hume Cemboard BerhadiMalaysiaCement
Hume Industries (Malaysia) BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Hunan Nonferrous Metals Corporation LimitediHong KongMining / Industrial
Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co., LtdiShenzhenMedia
Hunan Valin Steel Tube & Wire Co., LtdiShenzhenMetals
Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Ltd.iHong KongFood / Beverages
Hung Hing Printing Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Hunter Hall International LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Huntley Investment Company LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Huntley's Business Network LimitediAustraliaFinance
Hunza Consolidation BerhadiMalaysiaFood / Packaging
Hunza Properties BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Hup Seng Huat Company LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Hup Seng Industries BerhadiMalaysiaFood
Huscoke Resources Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy / Mining / Trading
Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited Hong KongTelecommunications
Hutchison Whampoa Limited Hong KongBeauty & Personal Care / Beverages / Commercial / Communications / Consolidated Enterprises / Construction / Consumer Retail / e-commerce / Electrical Appliances / Electronics / Energy / Food / Health Care / Hotels / Information Technology / Infrastructure / Internet / Logistics / Manufacturing / Marine Engineering / Media / Oil / Properties / Restaurant / Retail / Services / Shipbuilding & Repairs / Shipping / Shipyard / Technology / Telecommunications / Transportation / Travel Services / Utilities / Warehousing
Hwa Hong Corporation LtdiSingaporeConsolidated Enterprises
Hwa Tai Industries BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Hwang-DBS (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
HWW LimitediAustraliaMedia
Hybrid Kinetic Group LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Hycomm Wireless LimitediHong KongProperties
Hydromet Corporation LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Hyflux LtdiSingaporeServices
Hypebeast LimitediHong Kong Information Technology / Software / Services / E-Commerce / Internet
Hyro LimitediAustraliaMedia
Hysan Development Company Limited Hong KongProperties
I'M Technologies LimitediSingaporeServices
i-CABLE Communications LimitediHong KongTelecommunications
I.T LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
I.T.& E LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Iasbet LimitediAustraliaEntertainment
Iatia LimitediAustraliaHealth Care Equipment / Services
IBA Health LimitediAustraliaHealth
IBI Group Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction / Building
IBO Technology Company LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
ICE Corporation LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
ICO Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
Icon Energy LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Icsglobal LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Ideas International LimitediAustraliaComputer
IDG Energy Investment Group Limited Hong KongEnergy / Oil & Gas
Idris Hydraulic (Maylaysia) BhdiMalaysiaFinance & Investment
IDT Holdings (Singapore) LimitediSingaporeElectronics / Industrial
IDT International LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Electronics / Retail
IGB Corporation BhdiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
IGG InciHong KongInformation Technology / Software
IGM Group LimitediAustraliaMetals
iiNET LimitediAustraliaInternet Company
IJM Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Iki KabeliIndonesiaIndustrial & Commercial
Iluka Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
IM Medical LtdiAustraliaHealth Care Equipment / Services
Image Resources NLiAustraliaMining
Imagi International Holdings LimitediHong KongMedia / Publishing
IMAX China Holding, Inc.iHong KongEntertainment / Media / Services
Imdex LimitediAustraliaMining
IMF (Australia) LtdiAustralia
Impact Minerals Limited AustraliaMining
Imperial One LimitediAustraliaMetals
Imperial Pacific International Holdings LimitediHong KongFood
Imperium Group Global Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Household Goods / Electronics
Impress Ventures LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
IMT Holdings LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Imugene LimitediAustraliaCommercial / Consumer Retail
In Construction Holdings Ltd.iHong KongProperties / Construction
Inch Kenneth Kajang Rubber Public Limited CompanyiMalaysiaOil Palms
Inch Kenneth Kajang Rubber Public Limited CompanyiSingaporeOil Palms
Inchem Holdings International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Incitec LimitediAustraliaChemicals
Incomeplus LimitediAustraliaFinance
Incutech Investments LimitediHong KongInvestment / Finance
Indah Kiat Pulp And PaperiIndonesiaPaper & Allied Products
Indcor LimitediAustraliaMining
Independence Group NLiAustraliaMetals / Mining
Independent Practitioner Network LtdiAustraliaHealth Care Equipment / Services
Indexshares Fund (The)iAustraliaInvestment
Indi Indorayon UtamaiIndonesiaWood & Allied Products
Indigo Star Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Indocement Tunggal PrakarsaiIndonesiaCement
Indofood Sukses MakmuriIndonesiaManufacturing
Indophil Resources NLiAustraliaMining
Indorama SyntheticsiIndonesiaTextiles & Allied Products
Indosseepamas AngguniIndonesiaManufacturing
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited Hong KongFinance / Bank
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China LimitediHong KongBank / Finance
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China LimitediShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
Industrial Concrete Products BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Industrial Finance CorporationiThailandBanks
Industronics BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Infinity Development Holdings Company LimitediHong KongChemical
Infinity Financial Group (Holdings) LimitediHong KongGarment / Manufacturing / Textile
Infobank International LimitediAustraliaComputer
Infochoice LimitediAustraliaMedia
Infomedia LtdiAustraliaVehicles & Parts
Informatics Holdings LtdiSingaporeInformation Technology
Infosentials LimitediAustraliaMedia
Infracorp LimitediAustraliaFinance
ING Industrial FundiAustraliaTrusts
ING Office FundiAustraliaTrusts
Ingress Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaTechnology
Innamincka Petroleum LimitediAustraliaEnergy
Inner Mongolia BaoTou Steel Union Co.,Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Company LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction - Construction - Heavy Construction & Engineering
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co., Ltd.iHong KongEnergy
Inno-Pacific Holdings LtdiSingaporeRestaurant
Inno-Tech Holdings LimitediHong KongSoftware / Information Technology
Innovalues Precision LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Innovative Pharmaceutical Biotech Limited Hong KongBio-Technology / Health Care / Pharmaceutical
Innovest BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Innovonics LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Inovax LimitediAustraliaBio-Technology
Insas BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Insigam Technology Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Inspur International LimitediHong KongComputer
Institute of Drug Technology Australia LimitediAustraliaPharmaceutical
Insurance Australia Group LimitediAustraliaInsurance
Insurance My Way LimitediAustraliaInsurance
Intan Utilities BerhadiMalaysiaUtilities
Intec LtdiAustraliaConsolidated Enterprises
Integra Medical Imaging LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Integra2000 LtdiSingaporeServices
Integrated Distribution Services Group Limited Hong KongLogistics / Consumer Retail
Integrated Group LimitediAustraliaPersonnel Services
Integrated Investment Group LimitediAustraliaFinance
Integrated Research LimitediAustraliaComputer
Integrated Waste Solutions Group Holdings LimitediHong KongPaper / Materials
Intel CorporationiHong KongComputer / Technology
Intellect Holdings LimitediAustraliaElectronics
Inter-Roller Engineering Ltd.iSingaporeManufacturing
Interactive Entertainment China Cultural Technology Investments LimitediHong KongMedical / Health Care
Intercard Wireless LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Interchina Holdings Company LimitediHong KongProperties / Hotels
Intergrated Logistics BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Intermin Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Intermoco LimitediAustraliaTechnology Hardware & Equipment
Internation Broadcasting CorparationiThailandEntertainment & Recreation
International Business Settlement Holdings Limited Hong KongServices
International Concert Attractions LimitediAustraliaEntertainment
International Container Terminal Services, Inc.iPhilippinesTransportation / Storage
International Cosmetics Company LimitediThailandCommerce
International Elite LimitediHong KongMiscellaneous / Services / Telecommunications
International Engineering Company LimitediThailandCommunications
International Entertainment CorporationiHong KongHotels / Entertainment
International Equities Corporation LimitediAustraliaProperties
International Factors (Singapore) LtdiSingaporeFinance
International Goldfields LimitediAustraliaMetals
International Housewares Retail Co. Ltd.iHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
International Media Management (Holdings) LimitediAustraliaMedia
International Press Softcom LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
International Standard Resources Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy / Oil
International Taifeng Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Textile
International Wine Investment Fund (The)iAustraliaTrusts
Internet Technology Group LimitediSingaporeServices
Interoil CorporationiAustraliaEnergy
Interra Resources LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Inti Universal Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaMiscellaneous
Intime Retail (Group) Company LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Retails
Intraco Ltd.iSingaporeConsolidated Enterprises
Intraco PentaiIndonesiaFinance & Investment
Intria BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial / Investment
Inventec Appliances Corp. TaiwanCommunications / Electronics
Inventec CorporationiTaiwanElectronics
Investa Property Group AustraliaProperty Trust
InvesTech Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Telecommunications
Investika LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Investment Austasia LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Investment Company of the West LimitediAustraliaFinancial Services
Investor Group LimitediAustraliaFinancial Services
Investorinfo LimitediAustraliaMedia
Invocare LimitediAustraliaHealth Care Equipment / Services
IOI Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
IOI Properties BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
ION LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
Ionics EMS InciSingaporeManufacturing
Ioof Holdings LimitediAustraliaFinance
IPC Corporation LtdiSingaporeCommunications
Ipco International LtdiSingaporeConstruction
IPE Group LimitediHong KongComputer / Electronics / Manufacturing / Metals / Vehicles & Parts
Ipmuda BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Ipoh LimitediAustraliaReal Estate
IR Resources LimitediHong KongWood
IRC LimitediHong KongMining
IRE Corporation LimitediSingaporeConstruction
Ireka Construction BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Iress Market Technology LimitediAustraliaServices
IRICO Group New Energy Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Ironbark Capital LimitediAustraliaFinance
ISDN Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Isetan (Singapore) LtdiSingaporeRetail
ISG Asia LimitediSingaporeServices
iShares MSCI IndiaiSingaporeFinance
Island & Peninsular BhdiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
ISP Global LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Telecommunications
Italian Thai DevelopmentiThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
ITC Properties Group LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
ITE (Holdings) LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
ITE Electric Company LimitediSingaporeCommercial
ITG LimitediAustraliaLeisure & Recreation
ITL LimitediAustraliaHealth Care Equipment / Services
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.iAustraliaMetals / Mining
IWL LimitediAustraliaFinancial Services
IXLA LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Jacks International LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Jackson Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals
Jackspeed Corporation LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Jacobsen Entertainment LimitediAustraliaMedia
Jadason Enterprises LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Jade Technologies Singapore LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Jakarta Int'l Hotels & DevelopmentiIndonesiaHotels
Jalaprathan Cement Company LimitediThailandBuilding & Furn. Material
Jam Development Capital LimitediAustraliaFinance
James Fielding GroupiAustraliaProperties / Real Estate
James Hardie Industries N.V. AustraliaIndustrial
Janco Holdings LimitediHong KongTransportation / Logistics
Japan Asia LimitediSingaporeServices
Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited SingaporeIndustrial & Commercial
Jardine Davies, InciPhilippinesInvestment & Finance Holding
Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited SingaporeCommercial
Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited SingaporeCommercial
Jasa Kita BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Jasatera BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Jasmine International PCLiThailandCommunication
Jaya Holdings LtdiSingaporeTransportation
Jaya Jusco Stores BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Jaya Real PropertyiIndonesiaHotels
Jaya Tiasa Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
JB Hi-Fi LimitediAustraliaRetail
JC Group Holdings Ltd.iHong KongServices / Hotels
JDV LimitediAustraliaFinance
Jel Corporation (Holdings) LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Jembo CableiIndonesiaCommunications
Jerasia Capital BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Jerneh Asia BerhadiMalaysiaInsurance
Jervois Mining LimitediAustraliaEnergy / Mining
Jete Power Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing
Jets Technics International Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Jetset Travelworld LimitediAustraliaServices
JF Meridian TrustiAustraliaProperties / Real Estate
JG Summit Holdings, InciPhilippinesInvestment & Finance Holding
Jiahua Stores Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Retail
Jian ePayment Systems LimitediHong KongSoftware
Jiande International Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Telecommunications
Jiangchen International Holdings LimitediHong KongGarment / Manufacturing / Textiles
Jiangling Motors Co., LtdiShenzhenManufacturing Equipment
Jiangnan Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial Goods
Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Jiangsu Expressway Company LimitediHong KongInfrastructure
Jiangsu Expressway Company LimitediShanghaiInfrastructure
Jiangsu Nandasoft Technology Co. LtdiHong KongInternet
Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Jiangsu Zongyi Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Jiangxi Copper Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Jiangxi Copper Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Jiangxi Ganyue Expressway Co., Ltd.iShanghaiUtilities
Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Jiaoda Kunji High-Tech Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial / Manufacturing
Jiashili Group Ltd.iHong KongFood / Beverages
Jiayuan International Group LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Jilin Aodong Medicine Industry Croup Co., LtdiShenzhenBio-Technology / Pharmaceutical
Jilin Chemical Industrial Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Jilin Chemical Industrial Company LimitediShenzhenIndustrial
Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Jilin Power Share Co. LtdiShenzhenEnergy
Jilin Province Huinan Changlong Bio-pharmacy Company LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
Jilin Yatai (Group) Co., Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
Jimu Group LimitediHong KongFootware / Textile
Jin Lin Wood Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Jinan Iron & Steel Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Jinchuan Group International Resources Co. LtdiHong KongProperties
Jindalee Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals
Jingrui Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Jingwei Textile Machinery Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Jingwei Textile Machinery Company LimitediShenzhenIndustrial
Jinhui Holdings Company LimitediHong KongShipping / Transportation
Jinmao (China) Hotel Investments and Management LimitediHong KongHotels / Restaurant / Services
Jishan Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Jiu Rong Holdings Limited Hong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
Jiutian Chemical Group LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
JK Technology Group LimitediSingaporeServices
JK Yaming International Holdings LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
JNBY Design LimitediHong KongTextiles
Johan Ceramics BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Johan Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
John Hancock Life Insurance (M) BhdiMalaysiaFinance & Investment
John Master Industries BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
John Shearer (Holdings) LimitediAustraliaConsolidated Enterprises
Johnson Electric Holdings Limited Hong KongAutomotive / Industrial / Electronics / Electrics / Medical Equipment
Johnson's Well Mining NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
Johor Land BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction / Properties
Johor Port BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Johore Tenggara Oil Palm BerhadiMalaysiaOil Palms
Jolimark Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
Jollibee Foods CorporationiPhilippinesFood / Beverages / Tobaccos
Jonjee Hi-Tech Industrial & Commercial Holding Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Jotech Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Joy City Property LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Joyce Boutique Holdings Limited Hong KongFranchising / Retail
Joyce Corporation LimitediAustraliaManufacturing
JPK Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
JT International BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Ju Teng International Holdings Limited Hong KongIndustrial
Juan Kuang (M) Industrial BhdiMalaysiaManufacturing
Jubilee Mines NLiAustraliaMetals & Mining
Jujiang Construction Group Company LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction / Building & Furn. Materia
Juken Technology LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Juldis DevelopmentiThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
Jumbo Corporation LimitediAustraliaRetail
Jumbuck Corporation LimitediAustraliaCommercial
Jun Yang Financial Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Energy
Junefield Department Store Group LimitediHong KongProperties
Junma Tyre Cord Company LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Jurong Cement LtdiSingaporeCement
Jurong Engineering LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Jurong Technologies Industrial Corporation LtdiSingaporeElectronics
Jutajaya Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Jutal Offshore Oil Services LimitediHong KongIndustrial, Oil & Gas
Jutha Maritime Company LimitediThailandTransportation & Storage
K & N Kenanga Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
K & P International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
K & S Corporation LimitediAustraliaTransportation
K Plas Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
K W Nelson Interior Design and Contracting Group LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
K-Reit AsiaiSingaporeProperties
K. H. Group Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
K. Wah International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
K1 Ventures LimitediSingaporeInvestment
Ka Shui International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Kabelindo MurniiIndonesiaCommunications
Kader Holdings Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
Kaefer Technologies LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
KAF-Seagroatt & Campbell BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Kagara Zinc LimitediAustraliaMetals / Mining
Kai Peng BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Kai Yuan Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction / Travel
Kailuan Clean Coal Corporation LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Kaisa Group Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Kaisa Health Group Holdings LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Medical Equipment
Kaisun Energy Group LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Trading
Kam Hing International Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing
Kamunting Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Kang Yong Electric Public Company LimitediThailandOther
Kangda International Environmental Co. Ltd.iHong KongUtilities
Kantone Holdings LimitediHong KongComputer / Industrial / Software / Technology
Karat Sanitary WareiThailandBuilding & Furn. Material
Karin Technology Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Karl Thomson Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
Karrie International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
Kasen International Holdings Limited Hong KongFurniture / Industrial / Manufacturing / Properties
Kawasan Industri Jajajeka PtiIndonesiaHotels
Kaz Group LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Kazakhmys PLCiHong KongMaterials / Metals / Mining / Resources
KCE Electronic Public Company LtdiThailandElectronics & Allied Products
Keck Seng (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial Products
Keck Seng Investment (Hong Kong) LtdiHong KongProperties
Keda Communications LimitediSingaporeServices
Kedah Cement Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Kedaung Indah CaniIndonesiaManufacturing
KEE Holdings Company LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Textile
Keen Ocean International Holding LimitediHong KongIndustrial Components / Equipment
Keith Harris & Company LimitediAustraliaFood / Beverages / Tobaccos
Kejora Harta BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Keladi Maju BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Kelanamas Industries BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Kelang Container Terminal BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Kemayan Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Ken Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Kenford Group Holdings Ltd.iHong KongElectrical Appliances / Household Goods
Kenmark Industrial Co (M) BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Keppel Corporation Limited SingaporeConsolidated Enterprises
Keppel Hitachi Zosen LtdiSingaporeShipbuilding & Repairs
Keppel Land LtdiSingaporeProperties
Keppel Philippine Holdings Inc.iSingaporeInvestment & Finance Holding
Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation LtdiSingaporeCommunications / Transportation
Kepphil Shipyard, InciPhilippinesShipbuilding & Repairs
Kerry Logistics Network LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Transportation
Kerry Properties LimitediHong KongProperties
Kesm Industries BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Key2 LimitediAustraliaSoftware / Services
Keycorp LimitediAustraliaComputers
KFC Holdings (Malaysia) BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
KFM Kingdom Holdings Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
Khee San BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Khind Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaElectronics / Manufacturing
Khong Guan Flour Milling LtdiSingaporeFood
Kia Lim BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Kian Ann Engineering LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Kian Gwan Company (Thailand)iThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
Kian Ho Bearings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Kian Joo Can Factory BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Kiara Emas Asia Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Kiatnakin Finance & SecuritiesiThailandFinance & Securities
Kiddieland International LimitediHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
Kidston Gold Mines LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
KIG Glass Industrial BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
Kilang Papan Seribu Daya BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Killinghall (Malaysia) BhdiMalaysiaFinance
Kim Eng Holdings LtdiSingaporeFinance
Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) PLC.iThailandFinance / Securities
Kim Hin Industry BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Kim Loong Resources BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Kimberley Diamond Company NL.iAustraliaMetals / Mining
Kimberley Oil NLiAustraliaEnergy
Kimberley Securities LimitediAustraliaProperties / Real Estate
Kin Yat Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing
Kinergy LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Kinergy LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Kinetic Mines and Energy LimitediHong KongEnergy
King Fook Holdings Limited Hong KongConsumer Retail / Jewellery & Ornaments / Securities
King Force Holdings LimitediHong KongServices
King Stone Energy Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
King Wan Corporation LimitediSingaporeConstruction
King's Flair International (Holdings) Ltd.iHong KongHousehold Goods / Electronics
King's Safetywear LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Kingbo Strike Ltd.iHong KongConstruction / Properties
Kingboard Chemical Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Kingboard Copper Foil Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Kingboard Laminates Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
Kingdee International Software Group Company LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Kingdom Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing
Kingmaker Footwear Holdings Limited Hong KongManufacturing / Footware
Kings Minerals NLiAustraliaMetals / Mining
Kingsgate Consolidated Limited AustraliaGold Mining and Exploration / Materials
Kingsmen Creatives LtdiSingaporeServices
Kingsoft Corporation LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Online Games / Software
Kingston Financial Group LimitediHong KongHotels
Kingstream Steel LimitediAustraliaIron & Steel
Kingwell Group LimitediHong KongElectronics
Kingworld Medicines Group LimitediHong KongHealthcare
Kinpo Electronics, Inc.iTaiwanElectronics
Kinta Kellas Public Limited CompanyiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Kip Mcgrath Education Centres LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services & Supplies
Kirin Group Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Services / Software
Kiu Hung International Holdings LimitediHong KongEnergy
KK Culture Holdings LimitediHong KongAdvertising / Media
KKB Engineering BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Klabe FarmaiIndonesiaChemical & Allied
KLM Group LtdiAustraliaServices
Kluang Rubber Company (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
KLW Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
KML Technology Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Services / Software
Knights Insolvency Administration LimitediAustraliaFinance
KNK Holdings Limited iHong Kong
Properties / Construction
Knusford BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Ko Yo Chemical (Group) LimitediHong KongChemical / Bio-chemistry / Industrial
Koa Denko (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Koala Financial Group LimitediHong KongAgriculture
Kobay Technology BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Koda LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
KOH Brothers Group LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Komarkcorp BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Konami CorporationiSingaporeManufacturing
Kong Shum Union Property Management (Holding) LimitediHong KongServices
Kong Sun Holdings LtdiHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Konsortium Logistik BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Koon Holdings LimitediSingaporeConstruction
Koradior Holdings Ltd.iHong KongTextiles
Kossan Rubber Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Kowloon Development Company LimitediHong KongProperties
KP Keningau BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
KPa-BM Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
KPJ Healthcare BhdiMalaysiaTrading / Services
KPM Holding Ltd.iHong KongServices
Kramat Tin Dredging BerhadiMalaysiaMining
Kretam Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Kris Components BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Krisda MahanakorniThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
Krung Thai Bank LimitediThailandBanks
Krungthai Card Public Company LimitediThailandFinance / Securities
KS Tech LimitediSingaporeCommercial
KSH Holdings LimitediSingaporeConstruction
KSL Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
KSL Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Kuala Lumpur City Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Kuala Lumpur Industries Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Kuala Lumpur Kepong BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Kuala Sidim BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Kuantan Flour Mills BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
KUB Malaysia BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Kuchai Development BerhadiMalaysiaMining
Kulim ( Malaysia ) BhdiMalaysiaOil Palms
Kumpulan Belton BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Kumpulan Emas BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Kumpulan Fima BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Kumpulan Guthrie BerhadiMalaysiaConsolidated Enterprises
Kumpulan H&L High-Tech BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Kumpulan Jetson BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Kunlun Energy Company LimitediHong KongIndustrials / Energy / Oil & Gas / Utilities
KUNZHI B1701-R Hong KongInvestment Holding
Kuok Philippine Properties, Inc. BiPhilippinesProperties / Real Estate / Development
Kurnia Setia BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
KVB Kunlun Financial Group Ltd.iHong KongFinance
Kwan On Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Kwantas Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaOil Palms
Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
KWG Property Holding LimitediHong KongProperties
Kwong Man Kee Group LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings LimitediHong KongTransportation
KXD Digital Entertainment LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
KYM Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial Products
Kyodo-Allied Industries LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Kyosha Holdings (Singapore) LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
L & A International Holdings LimitediHong KongTextiles
L & M Corporation (M) BerhadiMalaysiaServices
L & M Group Investments LtdiSingaporeConstruction
L C Development LimitediSingaporeProperties
L'Occitane International S.A.iHong KongBeauty & Personal Care / Consumer Retail
L.K. Technology Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
La Tondena Distillers, Inc.iPhilippinesFood / Beverages
Labroy Marine LtdiSingaporeTransportation
Ladang Perbadanan-Fima BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Lafe Technology LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Laguna Resorts & Hotels plciThailandHotels & Travel Services
Lai Fung Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Lai Si Enterprise Holding LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Lai Sun Development Company LimitediHong KongProperties
Lai Sun Garment (International) LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Lajin Entertainment Network Group Limited Hong KongFranchising / Garment / Jewellery & Ornaments / Entertainment / Properties / Investment
Lake Technology LimitediAustraliaHigh Technology
Lam Soon (Hong Kong) LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Lamtex Holdings Limited Hong KongProperties
Land & General BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Land & House Company LimitediThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
Landing International Development LimitediHong KongMaterials
Landmarks BhdiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Landsea Green Properties Co., Ltd.iHong KongProperties
Landwind Medical Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Langham Hospitality Investments and Langham Hospitality Investments LimitediHong KongSecurities
Lankhorst BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
LANKom Electronics LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Lanna LigniteiThailandOther
Lansen Pharmaceutical Holdings LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical
LanTroVision (S) LtdiSingaporeServices
Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture Co., Ltd.iHong KongFood / Beverages
Lap Kei Engineering (Holdings) LimitediHong KongBuilding / Construction / Properties
Lapco Holdings Limited Hong KongServices
Larry Jewelry International Company LimitediHong KongJewellery & Ornaments
Lasseters International Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Latexx Partners BhdiMalaysiaManufacturing
Latitude Tree Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Launch Tech Company LimitediHong KongMotor / Information Technology
Layhong BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
LB Alumimium BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
LBS Bina Group BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
LBT Innovations Limited AustraliaHealth Care
Le Saunda Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Consumer Retail
Leader Steel Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaSteel
Leader Universal Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
LEAP Holdings Group LimitediHong KongBuilding & Furn. Material / Construction / Properties
Lee & Man Handbags Holding Limited Hong KongManufacturing
Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing LimitediHong KongPaper / Industrials
Lee Hing Development Limited Hong KongInvestment / Properties
Lee Kee Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Industrial / Metals
Lee Kim Tah Holdings LimitediSingaporeConstruction / Properties
Lee Metal Group LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Lee's Pharmaceutical Holdings LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical
Leeport (Holdings) Limited Hong KongIndustrial / Machining / Manufacturing Equipment / Trading
Legend Holdings CorporationiHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Legend Strategy International Holdings Group Company LimitediHong KongHotels
Leighton Holdings LimitediAustraliaEngineering & Construction
Leisure Management BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Lemarne Corporation LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous Manufactures
Len Cheong Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Lend Lease Corporation LimitediAustraliaFinancial Services
Lend Lease US Office TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Lenovo Group LimitediHong KongComputer / Industrial
Leoch International Technology LimitediHong KongBatteries / Industrial
Leong Hin Holdings LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Leong Hup Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co.'B'iPhilippinesMining
Lerado Financial Group Company Limited Hong KongIndustrial
Leyou Technologies Holdings LimitediHong KongFood
Leyshon Resources LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
LG Innotek Co., Ltd.  KoreaElectronics, Electronics components, Industrials, LED, PCB, Mobile, Display, Network, Automotive
LG Uplus Corp. KoreaTelecommunications
LHT Holdings LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Li & Fung Limited Hong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Consumer Retail / Retail / Textile / Trading
Li Bao Ge Group Limited Hong KongCatering / Restaurant
Li Ning Company Limited Hong KongFranchising / Retail / Sports Products
Lian Beng Group LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Liang Huat Aluminum LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Lianhua Supermarket Holdings Co., Ltd.iHong KongRetail / Consolidated Enterprises
Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
Liberty Telecoms HoldngsiPhilippinesCommunications
LibertyOne LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Lien Hoe Corporation BhdiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Lien Hwa Industrial CorporationiTaiwanFood
Life Healthcare Group LimitediHong KongTextile
LifeBrandz LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Lifestyle China Group LimitediHong KongServices / Retail
Lifestyle International Holdings LimitediHong KongRetail
LifeTech Scientific CorporationiHong KongHealth Care / Medical Equipment
Lihir Gold LimitediAustraliaMining
Lii Hen Industries BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Linair Technologies LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Lindeteves-Jacoberg LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Lindsay Australia LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Linear Corporation BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Linekong Interactive Co., Ltd.iHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
Lingbao Gold Group Company Ltd. Hong KongGold / Industrial / Metals / Mining
Lingkaran Trans Kota Holdings BhdiMalaysiaInfrastructure
Lingui Developments BhdiMalaysiaOil Palms
Link Hi Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Link Real Estate Investment TrustiHong KongProperties / Trusts
Links Island Holdings LtdiSingaporeServices
Linocraft Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Commercial / Professional Services / Printing / Packaging
Lion Asiapac LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Lion Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial Products
Lion Land BerhadiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Lion Nathan LimitediAustraliaBeverages
Lion Rock Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Printing / Packaging
Lion Selection Group LimitediAustraliaInvestment Company
Lion Teck Chiang LtdiSingaporeConsolidated Enterprises
Lipo Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Lippo BankiIndonesiaBanks
Lippo China Resources LimitediHong KongProperties
Lippo Land DevelopmentiIndonesiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Lippo LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
LISI Group (Holdings) LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Lite-On Technology Corp.iTaiwanElectronics
Lityan Holdings BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Liu Chong Hing Investment LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Living Cell Technologies Limited AustraliaLife Science / Bio-Technology / Healthcare / Medical / Pharmaceutical
Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc.iHong KongHealth Care
LKN - Primefield LimitediSingaporeInvestment
LKS Holding Group LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction - Construction - Building
LKT Industries BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
LMA International N.V.iSingaporeManufacturing
Logan Property Holdings Co. Ltd.iHong KongProperties / Construction
Loh & Loh Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
London Biscuits BerhadiMalaysiaFood
Long Huat Group BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Long March Launch Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Long Success International (Holdings) LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Telecommunication
Longcheer Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Longfor Properties Company LimitediHong KongProperties
LongiTech Smart Energy Holding LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Longreach Oil LimitediAustraliaDiamonds / Metals / Oil & Gas
Longrun Tea Group Company LimitediHong KongPharmaceutical / Health Care
Lonking Holdings LimitediHong KongMachining / Manufacturing
Looksmart LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Lorenzo International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Loto Interactive LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Internet / Software
Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd KoreaGeneral Retailers / Broadline Retailers / Department Stores / Discount Stores / Convenient Stores / Movie Theaters
Louis XIII Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction
Low Keng Huat (Singapre) LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Loxley Public Company LimitediThailandCommercial
LPI Capital BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
LT Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
LTKM BerhadiMalaysiaAgriculture
Lu Thai Textile Co., LtdiShenzhenTextile
Luckytex (Thailand) LimitediThailandTextiles Clothing & Footware
Luen Thai Holdings LimitediHong KongGarment / Textile
Luen Wong Group Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited Hong KongConsumer Retail
Luk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings Limited Hong KongEntertainment
Luks Group (Vietnam Holdings) Company LimitediHong KongCement / Health Care / Properties / Investment
Lum Chang Holdings LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Lumina Group LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Lung Kee (Bermuda) Holdings Limited Hong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing / Metals / Steel
Lung Kee (Bermuda) Holdings Limited SingaporeIndustrial / Manufacturing / Metals / Steel
Luoyang Glass Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Luoyang Glass Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Luxey International (Holdings) LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Luxking Group Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Luye Pharma Group Ltd.iHong KongHealthcare
Luzheng Futures Co. Ltd.iHong KongFinance / Securities
Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Luzhou Lao Jiao Co., LtdiShenzhenFood
LVGEM (China)Real Estate Investment Company LimitediHong KongProperties/ Construction
Lysaght Galvanized Steel BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
M&L Holdings Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
MAA Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance & Investment
Maanshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial
Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Limited (MAS C.L.)iShanghaiIndustrial
Macarthurcook Industrial REITiSingaporeProperties
Macau Legend Development Ltd.iHong KongServices / Hotels
Macmahon Holdings LimitediAustraliaEngineering & Construction
Macquarie Bank Limited AustraliaInvestment Banking/ Financial Services
Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications Holdings LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Macquarie CountryWide TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Macquarie Infrastructure GroupiAustraliaInfrastructure / Investment
Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund LimitediSingaporeStorage / Transportation
Macquarie Leisure TrustiAustraliaInvestment Trust
Macquarie Office TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
Macronix International Co.,LtdiTaiwanElectronics
Madison Holdings Group LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages
MAE Engineering LtdiSingaporeProperties
Magellan Petroleum Australia LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Magna Prima BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Magnecomp International LtdiSingaporeElectronics
Magni-Tech Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Magnificent Hotel Investments LimitediHong KongGambling / Hotels / Restaurant / Services
Magnum Corporation BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Mah Sing Group BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Mainland Headwear Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing / Retail / Textile
Major Holdings Ltd.iHong KongBeverages / Food
Malakoff BhdiMalaysiaRubber Companies
Malayan Banking BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Malayan Cement BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Malayan Flour Mills BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Malayan United Industries BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Malayawata Steel BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Malaysia Aica BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial Products
Malaysia Airports Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaAirport / Infrastructure
Malaysia British Assurance BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Malaysia Building Society BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Malaysia International Shipping Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Malaysia Mining Corporation BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Malaysia Pacific Land BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Malaysia Packaging Industry BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Malaysia Smelting Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial Products
Malaysian AE Models Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Malaysian Airline System BerhadiMalaysiaTransportation
Malaysian General Investment Corp. BhdiMalaysiaFinance
Malaysian Industrial Dev. Finance BhdiMalaysiaFinance & Investment
Malaysian Merchant Marine BerhadiMalaysiaShipping
Malaysian Mosaics BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Malaysian National Reinsurance BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Malaysian Oxygen BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Malaysian Pacific Industries BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Malaysian Plantations BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Malaysian Resources Corporation BhdiMalaysiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Malaysian Tobacco Company BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Malpac Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Mamee-Double Decker (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Man King Holdings Ltd.iHong KongProperties / Construction
Man Sang International LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Jewellery & Ornaments / Consolidated Enterprises
Man Wah Holdings LimitediHong KongHousehold goods
Man Wah Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Man Yue Technology Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronics
Mancon BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Mandarin Hotel Company LimitediThailandHotels & Travel Services
Mandarin Oriental International Limited SingaporeHotels
Manfield Chemical Holdings Limited Hong KongChemical
Manila Bulletin Publishing CorpiPhilippinesCommunications
Manila Electric CompanyiPhilippinesUtilities
Manila Mining CorporationiPhilippinesMining
Mansion International Holdings LimitediHong KongTextile
Manta Holdings Company LimitediHong KongProperties
Manufacturing Integration Technology LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Manulife Financial CorporationiHong KongInsurance / Finance
Maoye International Holdings Limited Hong KongRetail
Mapletree Logistics Trust Management LimitediSingaporeProperties
Marco Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Marco Polo Developments LtdiSingaporeHotels
Marengo Mining Limited AustraliaMaterials / Mining
Marshall Edwards Inc. United KingdomBio-Technology / Health Care
Maruichi Malaysia Steel Tube BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Maruwa Co LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Mascotte Holdings Limited Hong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
Mason Group Holdings Limited Hong KongFinance / Investment / Resources
Master Glory Group LimitediHong KongConstruction / Properties
Matahari Putra PrimaiIndonesiaTrading
Matex International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Matichon Company LimitediThailandPrinting & Publishing
Matrix Holdings Limited Hong KongIndustrial
Matrix International BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Matsushita Electric Company (Malaysia) BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Maxis Communications BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Maxnerva Technology Services LimitediHong KongIndustrial
May Plastics Industries BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Mayer Holdings Limited Hong KongMetals / Steel / Real Estate
Mayfran International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Mayne Group LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Mayora IndahiIndonesiaManufacturing
MBF Capital BhdiMalaysiaFinance & Investment
MBF Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
MBM Resources BhdiMalaysiaTrading / Services
MCL Land LtdiSingaporeProperties
McPherson's LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous Manufactures
MCSB Systems (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
MDX Company LimitediThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
Measurex Corporation BhdiMalaysiaTechnology
Mechmar Corporation (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Medas Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaServices
Medi-Flex LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Media Asia Entertainment Group LimitediSingaporeServices
Media Asia Group Holdings LimitediHong KongEntertainment
Media Chinese International LimitediHong KongMedia
MediaRing LtdiSingaporeCommunications / Services
MediaStream LimitediSingaporeServices
Medicskin Holdings Ltd.iHong KongMedical / Services
MediNet Group LimitediHong KongHealthcare / Medical/ Services
Medtecs International Corporation LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Medusa Mining Limited AustraliaGold / Mining
Mega Expo Holdings Ltd.iHong KongServices / Media / Entertainment
Mega First Corportation BerhadiMalaysiaMining
Mega Pascal BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Megachem LimitediSingaporeChemical / Manufacturing
Megalogic Technology Holdings LimitediHong KongElectronics / Semiconductor / Information Technology
Megan Media Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Megaworld Prop. & HldgsiPhilippinesProperties / Real Estate / Development
Meghmani Organics LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Mei Ah Entertainment Group Ltd.iHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Entertainment
Meiban Group LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Meilleure Health International Industry Group LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Pharmaceutical
Meitu, Inc.iHong Kong
Information Technology / Software / Services / E-Commerce / Internet
Melbourne Enterprises Limited Hong KongInvestment / Properties
Melbourne IT LimitediAustraliaInternet
Melco Crown Entertainment LimitediHong KongEntertainment / Gaming / Recreation / Travel Services
Melco International Development LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
MEM Group LimitediAustraliaInvestment
Memory Devices LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Memtech International LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Menang Corporation (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Mentakab Rubber Company (Malaysia) BhdiMalaysiaPlantations
Mentiga Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial Products
Mentor Media LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Menzies Gold LimitediAustraliaMetals
Merces Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaBio-chemistry
Mercury Industries BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Merdeka Financial Services Group LimitediHong KongMaterials / Resources / Wood
Merge Energy BerhadiMalaysiaConstruction
Merge Housing BerhadiMalaysiaProperty
MESB BerhadiMalaysiaEnergy
Mesiniaga BerhadiMalaysiaTechnology
Mesoblast Limited AustraliaLife Science / Bio-Technology / Medical / Pharmaceutical
Metacorp BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Metal Component Engineering LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Metal Reclamation BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Metal Storm LimitediAustraliaTechnology
Metallica Minerals Limited AustraliaMaterials / Metals / Mining / Resources
Metallurgical Corporation of China LimitediHong KongMetals
Metax Engineering Corporation LimitediSingaporeServices
Metcash Trading LtdiAustraliaWholesale & Retail
Metro Holdings LtdiSingaporeRetail
Metro Kajang Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Metro Pacific CorporationiPhilippinesTrading
Metrod (Malaysia) BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Metrojaya BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Metroplex BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Mexan LimitediHong KongProperties
MFS Leveraged Investments and Securities TrustiAustraliaInvestment / Trust
MFS Technology LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
MGM China Holdings LimitediHong KongEntertainment / Gaming / Hotels
MGR Corporation BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
MHC Plantations BhdiMalaysiaOil Palms
Mia Group LimitediAustraliaHealth
Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Micromedical Industries LimitediAustraliaHealthcare
MicroPort Scientific CorporationiHong KongHealth Care / Medical Equipment
Microsoft CorporationiHong KongComputer
Microware Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
Midas Holdings LimitediSingaporeConstruction / Infrastructure / Manufacturing / Materials / Metals / Transportation
Midas International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
Midland Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties
Midland IC&I LimitediHong KongInternet
Midsouth Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Midsouth Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
MIE Holdings CorporationiHong KongEnergy / Oil & Gas
Mieco Chipboard BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Miko International Holdings Ltd.iHong KongTextile
Milan Station Holdings LimitediHong KongRetails
Milestone Builder Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties & Construction - Construction - Building
Miller's Retail LimitediAustraliaRetail
Million Stars Holdings LimitediHong KongServices / Textile
Milton Corporation LimitediAustraliaInvestment Holding Company
MIM Holdings LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
Min Xin Holdings LimitediHong KongFinance
Mincor Resources NL AustraliaMining
Minebea Company LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Ming Fai International Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrials
Ming Kei Holdings Limited Hong KongInvestments / Coal Trading
Mingfa Group (International) Company LimitediHong KongProperties
Mingyuan Medicare Development Company LimitediHong KongMedical Services and Property Investment
Minho (M) BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Minmetals Development Co., Ltd.iShanghaiConsolidated Enterprises
Minmetals Land LimitediHong KongProperties
Minmetals Resources LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Minor Corporation LimitediThailandCommerce
Minply Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Minth Group LimitediHong KongVehicles & Parts / Manufacturing
Mintye Industries BhdiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Mirabell International Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Miramar Hotel and Investment Company, Limited Hong KongProperties / Hotels / Food / Beverages / Travel Services
Miricor Enterprises Holdings LimitediHong KongServices / Healthcare / Medical
Mirvac GroupiAustraliaReal Estate
Mitrajaya Holdings BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Mitsumaru East Kit (Holdings) Limited Hong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing
Miyoshi Precision LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
MK Land Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Mk Real Estate Development Company LimitediThailandProperties / Real Estate / Development
MMC Engineering Group BhdiMalaysiaTin Mining
MMI Holdings LtdiSingaporeComputer
MNI Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
MOBI Development Company LimitediHong KongInformation Technology
Mobicon Group LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises
Mobile Innovations LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
Mobile Internet (China) Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Commercial / Professional Services/ Printing/ Packaging
MobileOne LtdiSingaporeTransportation / Communications
Modern BankiIndonesiaBanks
Modern Beauty Salon Holdings LimitediHong KongBeauty & Personal Care / Health Care
Modern Dental Group LimitediHong KongHealthcare / Medical / Services
Modern Education Group Limited Hong KongEducation
Modern Form LimitediThailandHousehold Goods
Modern Land (China) Co., Ltd.iHong KongConstruction / Properties
Modern Media Holdings LimitediHong KongMedia / Publishing
Modern Photo Film CompanyiIndonesiaIndustrial & Commercial
Modernland RealtyiIndonesiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Moiselle International Holdings LimitediHong KongConsumer retail / Franchising / Garment / Retail
MOL.Com BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial
Mondelphous Group LimitediAustraliaCommercial Services
Mondragon Int'L PhilsiPhilippinesManufacturing
Mongolia Energy Corporation Limited (MEC)iHong KongEnergy - Coal
Mongolian Mining CorporationiHong KongEnergy / Mining
Monteray Group LimitediAustraliaCommunications
Morning Star Holdings (Australia) LimitediAustraliaHotel
Mosaic Oil NLiAustraliaOil & Gas
Mosel Vitelic Inc.iTaiwanElectronics
Mount Burgess Mining N.L.iAustraliaMetals
Mount Gibson Iron LimitediAustraliaWood
MRC Allied Industries,Inc.iPhilippinesProperties
MTD Capital BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
MTM Entertainment TrustiAustraliaReal Estate Investment Trust
MTQ Corporation LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
MTR Corporation Limited Hong KongProperties / Transportation
Muda Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Muhibbuh Engineering (M) BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Mui Properties BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial Products
Mulia IndustrindoiIndonesiaIndustrial & Commercial
MulialandiIndonesiaProperties / Real Estate / Development
Mulpha International BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Multi BintangiIndonesiaFood / Beverages / Tobaccos
Multi Vest Resources BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Multi-Chem LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Multi-Code Electronics Industries (M) BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Multi-Con Systems LimitediSingaporeConstruction
Multi-Credit Corporation (Thailand) LimitediThailandFinance & Securities
Multi-Purpose Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Multi-Usage Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Multiemedia LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Multifield International Holdings Limited Hong KongProperties
MultipolariIndonesiaElectronics & Allied Products
MultiVision Intelligent Surveillance LimitediSingaporeServices
Muramoto ElectriciThailandElectrical Products & Computer
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd 100iSingaporeManufacturing
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd 100iSingaporeManufacturing
MWE Holdings BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
MY-Infotech (M) BerhadiMalaysiaSecond Board
Mycom BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
MYOB LimitediAustraliaSoftware
NagaCorp Ltd. Hong KongEntertainment / Gaming / Recreation / Hotels
Nakamichi Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Nakornthon Bank PCLiThailandBank / Finance
Naluri BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Nam Fatt BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries LtdiSingaporeMetals
Nam Tai Electronic & Electrical Products LimitediHong KongElectronics / Industrial / Manufacturing
Nameson Holdings LimitediHong KongTextiles
Namoi Cotton Co-Operative LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
Nan Hai Corporation LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Nan Nan Resources Enterprise LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Industrial / Timepiece
Nan Ya Plastics CorporationiTaiwanPlastics & Chemical, Industry
Nanfang Communication Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Telecommunications
Nanjing Panda Electronic Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Nanjing Panda Electronic Company LimitediShanghaiIndustrial
Nanjing Sample Technology Company LimitediHong KongElectronics / Industrial
Nanjing Sinolife United Co. Ltd.iHong KongTextiles
Nanning Sugar Manufacturing Co., LtdiShenzhenFood
Nanyang Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Nanyang Press (Malaya) BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Nation Multimedia Group Public Company LimitediThailandPrinting & Publishing
National Agricultural Holdings Limited Hong KongFinance / Technology
National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group LimitediHong KongMedia / Software / Information Technology
National Australia Bank LimitediAustraliaBanking & Finance
National Can Industries LimitediAustraliaPackaging & Containers
National Electronics Holdings Limited Hong KongElectronics / Properties
National Finance & SecuritiesiThailandFinance & Securities
National Foods LimitediAustraliaFood
National Investments Fund Limited Hong KongInvestment
National Petrochemicals Company LtdiThailandChemical & Allied
Nationwide Express Courier Services BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
NatSteel LtdiSingaporeElectronics / Industrial / Steel
Natural Beauty Bio-Technology LimitediHong KongHealth Care / Personal Care
Natural Cool Holdings LimitediSingaporeServices
Natural Dairy (NZ) Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Nature Flooring Holding Company LimitediHong KongBuilding & Furn. Material / Wood
Nauticalink BhdiMalaysiaSecond Board
Nautronix LimitediAustraliaElectronics
Nava Finance & SecuritiesiThailandFinance & Securities
NCK Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Negara Properties Malaysia BerhadiMalaysiaProperties
Negri Sembilan Oil Palms BerhadiMalaysiaPlantations
Negros Navigation Co.iPhilippinesTransportation & Storage
Neo Telemedia LimitediHong KongEntertainment / Media / Telecommunication
Neo-Neon Holdings LimitediHong KongManufacturing
NeoCorp International LtdiSingaporeConstruction
Nepline BerhadiMalaysiaShipping
Neptune Orient Lines LtdiSingaporeTransportation
Nera Electronics LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
Nera Telecommunications LtdiSingaporeCommunications
Nestle ( Malaysia) BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
NetDragon Websoft Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Services / Software
Netel Technology (Holdings) LimitediHong KongCommunications
Network Foods International LimitediSingaporeFood
Neuren Pharmaceuticals Limited AustraliaLife Science / Pharmaceutical / Bio-Technology
New Century Group Hong Kong LimitediHong KongIndustrial
New Century Healthcare Holding Company LimitediHong KongHealthcare / Services / Medical
New China Life Insurance Company LimitediHong Kong Finance / Insurance
New City Development Group LimitediHong KongProperties
New Concepts Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties/Construction
New Focus Auto Tech Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial
New Hoong Fatt Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
New Horizon Energy LimitediAustraliaMiscellaneous
New Imperial HoteliThailandHotels & Travel Services
New Lakeside Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
New Ray Medicine International Holding Ltd.iHong KongHealthcare
New Silkroad Culturaltainment LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages
New Sports Group LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Software / Services
New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd, TheiMalaysiaIndustrial / Commercial
New Times Energy Corporation LimitediHong KongEnergy / Investment / Metals / Mining / Oil & Gas / Resources
New Toyo International Holdings LtdiSingaporePaper
New Universe Environmental Group LimitediHong KongIndustrial
New Wave Technologies LtdiSingaporeServices
New Wisdom Holding Company LimitediHong KongServices / Restaurant / Hotels
New World China Land LimitediHong KongProperties / Investment
New World Department Store China LimitediHong KongConsumer Retail / Retail / Consolidated Enterprises
New World Development Company LimitediHong KongProperties / Investment
New World Development Company LimitediSingapore Properties / Investment
Neway Group Holdings LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Printing
Newcrest Mining LimitediAustraliaMining
Newhaven Park Stud LimitediAustraliaAgriculture
NewOcean Energy Holdings Limited Hong KongEnergy
Newton Resources LimitediHong KongMetals / Mining
Newtree Group Holdings LimitediHong KongEducation / Jewellery & Ornaments / Manufacturing / Trading
Nexnews.Com BerhadiMalaysiaConsumer Retail
Next Digital LimitediHong KongServices / Media / Entertainment
Nexteer Automotive Group Ltd.iHong KongAutomotive
Ngai Hing Hong Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Ngiu Kee Corporation (M) BerhadiMalaysiaRetail
NH Ceramics LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Nickel Resources International Holdings Company LimitediHong KongIndustrial / Metals
Nico Steel Holdings LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Nien Hsing Textile Co., Ltd.iTaiwanTextiles
Nikko Cordial CorporationiSingaporeFinance
Nikko Electronics BerhadiMalaysiaManufacturing
Nimble Holdings Company LimitediHong KongElectronics / Household Goods
Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited Hong KongIndustrial / Manufacturing / Paper
Nine Express LimitediHong KongConstruction / Investment / Properties
Ningbo Bird Co., Ltd.iShanghaiIndustrial
Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Co., Ltd.iShenzhenManufacturing Equipment
Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co., LtdiShenzhenMetals
Nippecraft LtdiSingaporeManufacturing / Paper
Niraku GC Holdings, Inc.iHong KongServices / Hotels / Restaurant
Nissan-Industrial Oxygen Incorporated BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Nithipat Finance & SeciThailandFinance & Securities
NM Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
NNK GROUP LIMITEDiHong KongInformation Technology / Software / E-Commerce / Internet / Services
Nobel Design Holdings LtdiSingaporeServices
Noble Century Investment Holdings LimitediHong KongConstruction
Noble Engineering Group Holdings LimitediHong KongProperties / Construction
Noble Group LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Noel Gifts International LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Nomura Holdings InciSingaporeFinance
Norelco Centreline Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Normandy Mining LimitediAustraliaMining
North 22 Technology Services Group LimitediSingaporeServices
North Asia Strategic Holdings LimitediHong Konge-commerce
North Borneo Corporation Berhad, TheiMalaysiaProperties
North China Pharmaceutical Company. LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
North LimitediAustraliaMetals & Mining
North Mining Shares Company LimitediHong KongProperties / Investment
Northeast Electric Development Co. LimitediHong KongIndustrial
Northeast Electrical Transmission & Transformation Machinery Manufacturing Company LimitediShenzhenIndustrial
Northern New Energy Holdings LimitediHong KongHotels / Restaurant / Services
Northport Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaInfrastructure
Novena Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing / Retailing / Consumer Retail / Household Goods / Trading
Novogen Limited AustraliaBio-technology / Medical / Life Science / Pharmaceutical
Novus Petroleum LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
Ntegrator International LimitediSingaporeServices
NTI International LimitediSingaporeServices
NTS Steel GroupiThailandCeramic, Tile, Glass etc.
Nucleus Electronics LtdiSingaporeCommercial
Nufarm LimitediAustraliaChemicals
NV Multi Corporation BerhadiMalaysiaRecreation
NVC Lighting Holding LimitediHong KongElectronics / Household Goods
NWP Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
NWS Holdings LimitediHong KongConsolidated Enterprises / Construction / Finance / Infrastructure / Logistics / Transportation
Nylect Technology LimitediSingaporeConstruction
Nylex Malaysia BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
O Luxe Holdings LimitediHong KongJewellery & Ornaments / Textile / Timepiece
O-Net Technologies (Group) LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Telecommunications
O.S.K. Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
O2Micro International LimitediHong KongTechnology
Oakton LimitediAustraliaComputer
Oakwell Engineering LimitediSingaporeCommercial
OCB BerhadiMalaysiaTrading / Services
Occupational & Medical Innovations LimitediAustraliaHealth Care
Ocean Capital BerhadiMalaysiaRetail
Ocean International Holdings LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Ocean Sky International LtdiSingaporeManufacturing
OCI BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
OCI International Holdings LimitediHong KongFood / Beverages
Octagon Consolidated BerhadiMalaysiaIndustrial
Oculus LimitediSingaporeManufacturing
Offshore Oil Engeneering Co., LtdiShanghaiIndustrial
Oi Wah Pawnshop Credit Holdings LtdiHong KongFinance
Oil Search LimitediAustraliaOil & Gas
OKP Holdings LimitediSingaporeConstruction
Okura Holdings Limited iHong KongServices / Hotels / Restaurant
Olam International LimitediSingaporeCommercial
Olympia Industries BhdiMalaysiaIndustrial & Commercial
Omega Holdings BerhadiMalaysiaFinance
Omega Navigation Enterprises, InciSingaporeTransportation
Ometraco FinanceiIndonesiaFinance & Investment
Omnibridge Holdings LimitediHong KongConsumer Services - Support Services
Omnitech Holdings LimitediAustraliaTechnology
On Real International Holdings LimitediHong KongInformation Technology / Telecommunications
On Time Logistics Holdings Ltd.iHong KongIndustrial/ Transportation
One Media GroupiHong KongPublishing / Media
One.Tel LimitediAustraliaTelecommunications
OneSteel Limited AustraliaManufacturing & Distribution / Steel
Oniontech LimitediSingaporeServices
Onpa International Public Company LtdiThailandEntertainment & Recreation
OOH Holdings LimitediHong Kong
Sector: Services / Media / Entertainment / Advertising
OP Financial Investments LimitediHong KongFinance
Opal Biosciences Limited AustraliaBio-technology
Open Telecommunications LimitediAustraliaSoftware
Opes Asia Development Limited Hong KongInvestment
OPSM Group LimitediAustraliaRetail / Health Care / Health & Related Products
Optiscan Imaging LimitediAustraliaHealthcare
Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment (Holdings) Limited Hong KongEntertainment / Media
Orbital Corporation LimitediAustralia