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Peking University Resources (Holdings) Company Limited
(Formerly known as EC-Founder (Holdings) Company Limited)
(Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability)

Press Releases       

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  • 2002-September-24
  • EC-Founder Announces 2002 Interim Results; Turnover Increases 37% to HK$ 183 Million
  • 2002-July-9
  • EC-Founder Wins Two Contracts - Xinjiang HAFNIUM Oilfield and Chinese Petroleum ToHa Oilfield (in PDF)
  • 2002-June-9
  • EC-Founder Signs Contract with Tianjin People's Roadcasting Station to Develop PRC's First GIS-Based Traffic Broadcasting System (in PDF)
  • 2002-May-12
  • EC-Founder Provides Government Information Solutions to Zhongguancun Administration Committee (in PDF)
  • 2002-April-23
  • EC-Founder Announces 2001 Results; Turnover Increases 28% to HK$332 Million (in PDF)
  • 2002-April-11
  • EC-Founder Wins Sole Distribution Rights for Interwise ECP in China (in PDF)
  • 2002-April-7
  • EC-Founder Enters into a Conditional Agreement to Dispose Semi-Conductor Sale and Manufacturing Business (in PDF)
  • 2002-January-28
  • EC-Founder Co-Operates with Numerous Government Organizations in China to Provide Government Information Solutions (in PDF)
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