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  • 2022-December-13
  • HTHKH Ranks as "Top 20 Companies" in the First Corporate Innovation Index Constituent Companies (in PDF)
  • 2022-November-15
  • 3 Macau Extends Sales of SoSIM to 24 Watsons and PARKnSHOP Stores Throughout Macau MOP33 Per Card to Enjoy 10GB Local Data (in PDF)
  • 2022-November-3
  • 3 Hong Kong Awarded ISO Certification on Environmental Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems , Demonstrating Untiring Efforts in Environmental Protection and Staff Safety (in PDF)
  • 2022-September-23
  • 3 Macau to Offer All-New iPhone 14 Lineup (in PDF)
  • 2022-September-16
  • The iPhone 14 Series Now Available at 3 Hong Kong, Customers Can Enjoy Discounts Up To $8,000, Launch of New Handset Guardian Service at $39 Monthly Fee Providing Screen Replacement Plan, Cyber Security and Handset Content Transfer (in PDF)
  • 2022-July-26
  • 3 Hong Kong Becomes First Digital Operator to Open 3Shop in the Metaverse with Anticipated Launch of Virtual Flagship Store in Voxels (in PDF)
  • 2022-July-18
  • 3 Hong Kong and Microsoft Hong Kong Announce Strategic Collaboration, First Telecoms Operator to Adopt Microsoft End-to-End Customer Insight Platform to Provide a Hyper-Personalised Customer Experience, Planning to Launch Microsoft Windows 365 for Business Customers (in PDF)
  • 2022-June-30
  • 3 Hong Kong Becomes the First Operator to Activate 700MHz Band 5G Spectrum at 30 June Midnight in Celebration of Hong Kong's 25th Handover Anniversary, Aiming for a Double-Digit 5G Home Broadband Penetration Rate Within 12 Months (in PDF)
  • 2022-June-9
  • 3 Hong Kong Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of PARKnSHOP and the 15th Anniversary of MoneyBack with a Series of Special Offers, Launch of 3, DigiLive Shop-in-Shops at PARKnSHOP Supermarkets to Offer 5G Broadband Services and Smart Living Products (in PDF)
  • 2022-May-25
  • 3 Hong Kong Supports Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 as 5G Mobile Broadband Service Provider to Facilitate the Show to Connect to the World Through the Strongest 5G Network in Hong Kong (in PDF)
  • 2022-May-24
  • 3 Hong Kong Nurtures New Blood for Management, Getting the Engineering and Enterprise Market Ready for the New 5G Metaverse Era (in PDF)
  • 2022-May-13
  • 3 Hong Kong Extends 5G Coverage to Cover East Rail Line Cross-Harbour MTR Link, Connecting Hung Hom, Admiralty and Exhibition Centre MTR Stations with Hong Kong's Strongest 5G Network (in PDF)
  • 2022-April-7
  • 3 Hong Kong Collaborates with MoneyBack to Launch MoneyBack@3 Customer Reward Programme with "Happy Share of 20 Million MoneyBack Points Game" as Kick-off Promotion Campaign (in PDF)
  • 2022-February-22
  • Invitation to Live Webcast of Analyst and Investor Session on 2021 Annual Results Announcement (in PDF)
  • 2022-January-18
  • HTHKH's Office Waste Paper Collection and Recycling Competition, Collects Over 11 Tonnes Reusable and Recycle Waste Paper, Protect the Environment and the Earth Together (in PDF)
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