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  • 2014-December-22
  • HGC Achieves Metro Ethernet Forum Membership (in PDF)
  • 2014-December-17
  • 3 Hong Kong's Data Roaming Day Plans Now Cover Greatest Number of Destinations Among All Local Operators - 23 New Destinations Include Travel Hotspots in Europe, Asia and Africa (in PDF)
  • 2014-December-10
  • Evolving HGC Globalcentre Data Centres into Greener Facilities (in PDF)
  • 2014-December-8
  • HTCL Wins Bid for 9.8MHz of Paired Spectrum in the 1.9 - 2.2GHz Band in accordance with Bidding Target and Strategy (in PDF)
  • 2014-December-4
  • Large-scale "Better at 3" Campaign Re-energises 3 Hong Kong's Determination to Provide an Ever-improving Mobile Experience (in PDF)
  • 2014-November-17
  • HTHKH Employees Take on the Oxfam Trailwalker 2014 Challenge to Raise Funds for Charity (in PDF)
  • 2014-November-14
  • 3 Hong Kong Introduces BES12 Cross-Platform EMM Solution by BlackBerry (in PDF)
  • 2014-November-12
  • HGC Becomes Hong Kong's Largest-scale Wi-Fi Service Provider Following Expansion of "hgc on air" Hotspot Network to 16,000+ (in PDF)
  • 2014-November-6
  • 3Macau Begins Selling iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus in Macau on October 31 (in PDF)
  • 2014-November-4
  • HTHKH Celebrates 30 Years of Service by Launching the Donation Matching Programme (in PDF)
  • 2014-October-24
  • 3 Hong Kong to Offer iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 on 24 Oct 2014 (with tariff plans) (in PDF)
  • 2014-October-22
  • Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Partners with Bitcasa to Offer 3 Super Cloud Cloud Storage Service Powered by Bitcasa's Turn-key Drive (in PDF)
  • 2014-October-15
  • 3Macau Will Offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on 31 October Online Pre-Registration Starts Today (in PDF)
  • 2014-September-29
  • 3Macau Launches oleGoK Mobile Entertainment App Exclusively (in PDF)
  • 2014-September-18
  • 3 Hong Kong to Offer iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus on 19 September (with tariff plans) (in PDF)
  • 2014-September-16
  • HD Cloud Video Conferencing Service from HGC Minimises CAPEX Outlay on Hardware (in PDF)
  • 2014-September-10
  • 3 Hong Kong will Offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on 19 September Online Pre-registration Starts Today (in PDF)
  • 2014-September-4
  • HGC Superhub Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Service Enables SMEs to Avoid Huge Expense While Boosting Productivity - and All for a Monthly Subscription (in PDF)
  • 2014-August-28
  • HGC and 3 Hong Kong are the Only Local Telecoms Players to Win Honours in the International Business Awards Section of the Stevie Awards 2014 (in PDF)
  • 2014-August-19
  • 3 Hong Kong is the First Operator in Hong Kong to Offer Skype's Unlimited World at an Exclusive Monthly Price (in PDF)
  • 2014-August-13
  • 3Home Broadband and Letv Launch Hong
    Kong's First Bundling of 4K Home Broadband
    and Entertainment Content (in PDF)
  • 2014-August-12
  • 3 Hong Kong First in Asia to Launch
    New Finnish Smartphone Jolla in Hong Kong Exclusively -
    Delivering an Unrivalled User Experience (in PDF)
  • 2014-July-24
  • Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong Holdings - Invitation to Analyst / Investor Q&A Session on 2014 Interim Results Announcement (in PDF)
  • 2014-July-8
  • Partnership with NTT DOCOMO Makes
    the Japanese Translator App Available to
    3 Hong Kong Customers (in PDF)
  • 2014-June-17
  • HGC GlobalCentre Opens a New Data Centre at
    Kwai Chung - Boosting Provision of World-class Data Centre Solutions
    to Serve Enterprises (in PDF)
  • 2014-June-9
  • Supporting Kids4Kids "Sharing for a Cause" Campaign
    to Promote a Caring Society (in PDF)
  • 2014-May-22
  • HGC, bigboXX and Canon Hongkong Join Forces to
    Launch Cloud Document Management Service (in PDF)
  • 2014-May-21
  • HGC Projects Scoop Accolades in the
    2014 Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards (in PDF)
  • 2014-May-19
  • HGC Launches School Wi-Fi Managed Service to Enhance
    School Wi-Fi Infrastructure in Line with the Education Sector's
    "Support Scheme for eLearning in Schools" (in PDF)
  • 2014-May-15
  • 3 Hong Kong Activates New VoLTE Capability -
    Enabling Customers to Enjoy a Seamless HD Voice Experience via
    High-Speed 4G LTE Network (in PDF)
  • 2014-May-13
  • HGC to Work on IPX Peering Arrangements with
    Telecoms Giants in Japan, Taiwan and the UAE (in PDF)
  • 2014-May-7
  • 3 Hong Kong and Magisto Form Strategic Partnership
    to Launch Exclusive Discount Offers on
    Leading Global Video Editing Mobile Application in Hong Kong (in PDF)
  • 2014-April-10
  • 3 Hong Kong Exclusively Launches DayDayCook App Monthly Premium Plan -
    Coupled with Availability of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2,
    Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit Models (in PDF)
  • 2014-March-27
  • 3 Hong Kong's 4G LTE Mobile Virtual Private Network Launch
    Facilitates Secure and Reliable Data Network Service
    New Move Makes Comprehensive Solutions Available to Enterprises (in PDF)
  • 2014-March-18
  • 3 Hong Kong Becomes First Local Operator to Retail the Xiaomi Mi3
    Smartphone, while Launching the oleGoK Mobile Entertainment App (in PDF)
  • 2014-February-27
  • 3Macau Caters to Market Needs and Launches New Communication Services (in PDF)
  • 2014-February-26
  • 3 Hong Kong Partners with Samsung
    Proposing to Become the First Carrier in the World to Leverage the
    Split Billing Solution of Samsung KNOX™ (in PDF)
  • 2014-February-20
  • Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong Holdings - Invitation to Analyst / Investor Q&A Session on 2013 Annual Results Announcement (in PDF)
  • 2014-January-9
  • 3Home Broadband Launches 3Home BROADBAND Wi-Fi Entertainment Solution
    after being Appointed PlayStation@Vita TV's
    Preferred Broadband Provider in Hong Kong (in PDF)
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