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  • 2021-December-21
  • 3 Hong Kong Provides Smartphones with 12-Month Free Basic Mobile Service to Jockey Club Digital Support Project for the Elderly, Helping Underprivileged Seniors to 'Leave Home Safe' in the Pandemic (in PDF)
  • 2021-September-24
  • Launches iPhone 13 Series with $178 5G SIM Plan Offering Monthly Fee Rebate for Six Months, "iPhone for Life" Offers Super Low Installment Starting at $152 Per Month, Exclusive "IN3 for Life" Programme Offers, HSBC Customers a 33% Discount Upon Handset Subscription with Trade-In Value Guarantee (in PDF)
  • 2021-July-30
  • Global Mobile Operator 3 Hong Kong has Invested Over HK$3 Billion to Build the Most Reliable Network, Unveiling Hong Kong's First 3. Orbstellar by XCEPT, NFT BIG BANG Immersive Experience Hall (in PDF)
  • 2021-July-28
  • 3 Hong Kong to Terminate 2G Services on 30 September 2021 to Deploy Spectrum Resources More Efficiently and Offer More Advanced Mobile Services (in PDF)
  • 2021-July-14
  • 3 Hong Kong and Housing Society Jointly Support "Arts in the aiR" Campaign: Promoting Art-Tech in Public Housing Estates by Integrating Mobile Network and Augmented Reality (in PDF)
  • 2021-June-10
  • 3 Hong Kong's "Buy 10 Get 3 Free" Super SoSIM Deal, Limited Offer to 3,300 Cards Before Real-name Registration System for SIM Cards Takes Effect, Creating a New Wave of Crazy SoSIM Buying (in PDF)
  • 2021-June-7
  • 2021 Management Trainee Programme Kick-Starts: Nurturing Telecoms Talents Amidst Adverse Market Conditions to Promote Sustainable Business Development (in PDF)
  • 2021-April-14
  • 3 Hong Kong Extends Sales of SoSIM to Over 400 Watsons and PARKnSHOP Online and Offline Stores Throughout Hong Kong, $33 Per Card to Enjoy 4G Infinity* Data with Extra $40 Watsons Cash Coupons (in PDF)
  • 2021-April-1
  • First Anniversary of 3 Hong Kong's 5G Service Launch: First Local Operator with Over 1,000 Golden Spectrum Band Base Stations Built, Boosting Network Capacity Significantly in High Traffic Locations (in PDF)
  • 2021-February-19
  • Invitation to Live Webcast of Analyst and Investor Session on 2020 Annual Results Announcement (in PDF)
  • 2021-February-4
  • 3 Hong Kong Leads Industry in Developing 5G Business Solutions, Equipping Leaders in Four Key Industries to Facilitate Effective Digital Transformation and Embrace the New Normal (in PDF)
  • 2021-January-27
  • "3HK@FORTRESS" Shop-in-Shop at 26 FORTRESS Stores - 3 Hong Kong-FORTRESS Strategic Partnership, Brings All-round New 5G Smart Living (in PDF)
  • 2021-January-13
  • HTHKH Scoops 29 Industry Awards in 2020 for Excellence in 3Supreme Campaign, 5G Supreme Network and Applications (in PDF)
  • 2021-January-11
  • 3 Macau and PARKnSHOP Launch Best Value SoSIM Exclusively at All PARKnSHOP Stores, Users Can Enjoy 4G Infinite Data for 30 Days for MOP33 (in PDF)
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