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  • 2020-December-17
  • 3 Hong Kong Hosts "SoSIM Rewards You" Lucky Draws with Prizes Worth Up to HK$3.3 Million (Including Samsung 5G Smartphones and PARKnSHOP Cash Coupons) (in PDF)
  • 2020-November-5
  • 3 Hong Kong and PARKnSHOP Fully Launch Best Value SoSIM Exclusively at 250-Plus PARKnSHOP Stores, Users Can Enjoy 4G Infinity Data for 30 Days for HK$33 (in PDF)
  • 2020-October-29
  • A New Era for iPhone, 3Macau to Offer iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 on 30 Oct (in PDF)
  • 2020-October-19
  • 3Macau will Offer iPhone 12 lineup, Pre-order Now for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro (in PDF)
  • 2020-October-14
  • 3 Hong Kong's Strongest 5G Network Boasts 5G Coverage of 99% and Provides High-Speed 5G Service Covering Nearly 600 Indoor and Outdoor Premises and Facilities with High Patronage Territory-Wide (in PDF)
  • 2020-September-24
  • 3 Hong Kong and Bowtie Life Insurance Launch Exclusive 3Care BowtieGo VDoctor Telemedicine Service (in PDF)
  • 2020-September-3
  • IPification, Zero-Tap Mobile Authentication Solution, Now Available to 3Macau Subscribers (in PDF)
  • 2020-June-8
  • 3 Hong Kong Enables Enterprises to Apply for 5G Subsidy Scheme While Promoting Early Deployment of 5G Applications in Hong Kong (in PDF)
  • 2020-June-3
  • Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and 3 Hong Kong Form Strategic Alliance and Jointly Present Hong Kong's First 5G Outdoor 4K Live Streaming Charity Concert Ushering in a New Orchestral Season (in PDF)
  • 2020-May-28
  • 3 Hong Kong Facilitates HK Electric's Advanced Metering Infrastructure Scheme While Helping Users Understand Electricity Consumption Habits and Conserve Energy with Ease (in PDF)
  • 2020-May-8
  • 3Macau to Offer iPhone SE on 9 May (in PDF)
  • 2020-May-4
  • 3Macau Will Offer iPhone SE, Pre-order Will Start on 4 May (in PDF)
  • 2020-April-16
  • 3 Hong Kong Launches 3Care Protection Platform to Open Up a New Era of Digital Lifestyle (in PDF)
  • 2020-April-1
  • 3 Hong Kong Launches 5G Service at Midnight 1 April to Usher in New Smart City Era (in PDF)
  • 2020-March-23
  • 3 Hong Kong Teams Up with Microsoft Hong Kong to Provide Corporate Customers with Free Subscriptions to Cloud-Based Solutions to Help Them Stay In Touch with Local and Overseas Business Partners During Coronavirus Outbreak (in PDF)
  • 2020-March-18
  • 3 Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Donate Free Accounts of Zoom Classrooms App and Free Mobile Data to Help Needy Students from 1,000 Primary and Secondary Schools Switch to Online Learning (in PDF)
  • 2020-March-4
  • 3 Hong Kong Launches 5G Services on 1 April with Standard Monthly Tariff Plans Starting $388 for a Minimum Data Entitlement of 100GB (in PDF)
  • 2020-February-25
  • Invitation to Live Webcast of Analyst / Investor session on 2019 Annual Results Announcement (in PDF)
  • 2020-January-20
  • HTHKH Scoops 35 Industry Awards in 2019 for Strong Commitment to Maintaining Sustainable Development and Creating Value, Innovative Roaming Packages and Corporate Solutions Receive International Accolades (in PDF)
  • 2020-January-13
  • IPification Secure Mobile Authentication Available to 3 Hong Kong Subscribers (in PDF)
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