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We are a baijiu company in China devoted to offering premium baijiu products featuring sauce aroma profile. According to Frost & Sullivan, we ranked 14th among all baijiu companies in China with a market share of 0.8%, in terms of revenue in 2021. We have grown significantly faster than the industry average during the Track Record Period. Our growth capitalized on the increasing popularity of sauce aroma baijiu across China and consumer preferences towards premiumization, and we are expected to continue to benefit from these market trends. We operate four major baijiu brands in China, including our flagship brand Zhen Jiu (珍 酒 ), a thriving brand Li Du (李 渡 ), as well as two regional leading brands Xiang Jiao (湘 窖 ) and Kai Kou Xiao (開 口 笑 ). Leveraging these renowned brands, we promote traditional Chinese baijiu culture by developing a broad selection of fragrant, mellow baijiu products to appeal to different consumer preferences and capture broader market opportunities.

We aspire to carry forward rich culture heritage and turn every drop of aromatic baijiu into a joyful and memorable moment. Since our inception, we have been striving to make the best-quality products and bring cheerfulness to baijiu consumer community. We are committed to the traditional time-honored baijiu-making techniques and reinvigorating them by taking advantage of modern technologies to develop iconic recipes and tastes. We selectively locate all of our production facilities for sauce aroma baijiu in Guizhou's Zunyi region, a place that is widely considered ideal for making fine sauce aroma baijiu in China, to secure the unique texture and taste of our Zhen Jiu products.

updated 27th April, 2023

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