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For Immediate Release 11 May 2017

Swire Properties Launches "The Loop"
Sustainable Development Exhibition Centre at Taikoo Place

11 May 2017, Hong Kong - Swire Properties today unveiled "The Loop", its all-new sustainable development exhibition centre in the heart of Taikoo Place. The interactive space aims to increase environmental awareness and encourage Taikoo Place tenants and the wider community to incorporate sustainable practices into their business operations and their everyday lives.

Located inside Devon House and spanning 4,000 sq ft, The Loop is part of the company's sustainable development (SD) strategy - the SD 2030 Strategy. The Loop features a retrospective exhibition of the company's sustainability work in Quarry Bay, recycling centre, food waste composter, green wall and dedicated space for urban farming, as well as an "Eco-art installation", to name but a few highlights.

The well-known recycling phrase "close the loop", which refers to the principle that all resources can be recycled and reused, inspired the name "The Loop".

"The business community today is showing more and more interest in sustainability, and The Loop offers a great platform for Swire Properties to engage our tenants, colleagues and the wider community in our sustainability initiatives," said Don Taylor, Director, Office at Swire Properties.

"As a community leader and landlord, we see our tenants as important partners. Besides setting recycling targets for ourselves, we have a unique opportunity to work closely with our tenants to promote sustainable development in their workplaces by influencing their behaviour, to help improve recycling rates and create a more sustainable community here at Taikoo Place."

SD 2030 Strategy At A Glance
Over the past 45 years, Swire Properties has been committed to integrating SD into its business. The company's new vision is to be the leading SD performer in its industry globally by 2030. In support of this vision, the company has developed its SD 2030 Strategy, which is built on five strategic pillars.

At the heart of the strategy is the creative transformation of Places into vibrant, high-quality sustainable communities. This is achieved through proactive investment in the company's People and long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with its Partners. Swire Properties is also committed to making positive contributions to its communities through sound Environmental Performance, while ensuring that it delivers sustainable Economic Performance combined with good corporate governance and high ethical standards.

The Loop - Highlights
Upon entering The Loop, visitors can first learn about Taikoo Place's history and read up on Swire's contributions to creating a sustainable community in the Quarry Bay neighbourhood over the past century.

One of the key highlights is the "Eco-art installation" designed by the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation. A bird's-eye view of Hong Kong, this art piece was created using over 100 different types of office reinstatement debris collected from Taikoo Place, including: keyboards, computer memory chips and electrical wiring. This artwork showcases how mundane, everyday items can be recycled and reused to create something unique and original.

Next to the green wall is a dedicated space for urban farming, which currently features herbs such as Italian basil, rosemary and mint, all planted by Swire Properties' staff.

Built to be a recycling centre as well, The Loop offers recycling bins for seven types of waste regularly found in office buildings, including: glass, electronic waste and fluorescent tube lighting.

Near the back of the space is a GOMIC machine that hygienically compacts waste from office tenants, reducing the total volume of waste and carbon emissions during the transfer process; as well as a food waste composter that converts food waste collected from tenants into soil conditioner, which can be used at the company's developments in Hong Kong.

The Loop is open to the general public during regular office hours; and tours and activities to learn about sustainable development are available. Please contact for enquiries or to make arrangements for a group tour.

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"The Loop", Taikoo Place's new sustainable development exhibition centre, features a retrospective exhibition of Swire Properties' sustainability work in Quarry Bay, a dedicated space for urban farming, as well as an "Eco-art installation".

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