Silkwave Inc
(Formerly known as CMMB Vision Holdings Limited)
(Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)

Corporate Profile       

Company Summary:

Development Milestones:

  1. Entered MOU with NYBB II to acquire currently the geostationary L-band satellite AsiaStar platform capacity, 40 MHz L-band frequency use, and certain assets to provide mobile multimedia services in Asia. The satellite covers China, Asia, and India and approx. 4 billion in population.
  2. Engaged Boeing via NYBB II to develop the next generation high-power satellite called "Silkwave-1" to replenish current AsiaStar platform with nearly 100-fold increase in transmission power.
  3. Entered strategic framework agreement with China Radio International of State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) to jointly develop and provide L-Band satellite-based mobile multimedia services to China.
  4. Developed OFDM-based CMMB (Converged Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) protocol that integrates satellite reception with 3G/LTE function to be embedded in future mobile devices and supported by the low-cost ecosystem in China.
  5. Acquired Dish-HD Asia, a leading satellite TV provider in Asia, to complete our service platform with turnkey capabilities.
  6. Assembled a management team comprising principal developers for OFDMA-LTE, WiMax, and TD-SCDMA (China's 3G) and seasoned industry professionals.
  7. Preparing trial network in China to launch digital mobile radio-video services to vehicles with ecosystem partners.

One-Belt-One-Road Global Deployment:
Following China, the company expects to extend services to other global markets by leveraging China's "Silk Road Initiatives", under which China will provide significant financial and economic resources to neighboring countries for development along the ancient trade route "Silk Road" that stretches from Asia to Africa and Europe. With our airwaves already operating over a significant part of the Silk Road, we are uniquely positioned to bring modern media and Internet service to Silk Road countries and hone a global franchise.

Market Opportunities:
Explosive consumer demand for mobile Internet and Cloud-based content throughout Asia and Africa has created widespread data bottlenecks and excessive charges over terrestrial 3G/LTE mobile networks. The one-to-one unicast architecture of mobile networks is not designed for the highly asymmetric nature of consumer demand for video today where 5% of Internet content accounts for 80% of download. Exacerbating the congestion is the limited linear growth of cellular network capacity, which, when faced with 1000 times increase in data traffic in next 10 years, will need a new structural delivery solution.

An Internet-Plus Platform:
CMMB's patented technology utilizes one-to-many mobile broadcasting methods to deliver Internet data just like free-to-air TV delivering programming, with no data limit or streaming cost. We amplify that over a powerful geostationary L-Band satellite to achieve vast coverage to service an unlimited number of mobile users. The system integrates with existing cellular networks to form a ubiquitous Internet-plus delivery platform, which can exponentially expand Internet delivery. Users can now enjoy a vast array of content including live-TV/audio channels, thousands of movies, videos, songs, and games everyday automatically streamed to them from the Cloud via the CMMB satellite-broadcasting network, without bottlenecks, download delays, and exorbitant charges typical of terrestrial mobile networks. Countless new services requiring big-data, real-time interactive access, and ubiquitous-universal coverage will now be possible, enabling billions of people whether in bandwidth-stricken urban cities or remote underdeveloped areas to be connected to modern Internet.

updated 8th September, 2015

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