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With "multi-industry and digital technology", Evergrande Group is a Fortune Global 500 enterprise and owns eight major industries, such as Evergrande Real Estate, Evergrande New Energy Auto, Evergrande Property Services, HengTen Networks, FCB, Evergrande Fairyland, Evergrande Health, Evergrande Spring, providing a full range of services to hundreds of millions of customers. Currently, the total assets of Evergrande Group have reached RMB 2.3 trillion, and annual sales volume exceeded RMB 700 billion, with accumulated taxation of more than RMB 300 billion. It has donated more than RMB 18.5 billion to charity and creates more than 3.8 million jobs each year. It has 200,000 employees and ranks 152nd on the Fortune Global 500 list. It has won honorary titles such as "National Advanced Collective for Poverty Alleviation" by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and "National Advanced Private Enterprises in Fighting Against COVID-19". Hui Ka Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Group, has been awarded "National Labor Model" and other titles and won the "China Charity Award", the highest government award in the field of charity, for eight consecutive years.

Evergrande Real Estate owns more than 1,300 projects in more than 280 cities in China and is a forerunner in delivering all houses with fine decoration, guaranteeing no-reason house return and online marketing, to provide a new life of smart housing for more than 12 million proprietors.

Evergrande New Energy Auto has integrated the global resources of car making and achieved synchronous R&D and design of 14 vehicle models, aiming to create an intelligent networking mobile space of "car-house integration". At present, nine models of HENGCHI have had their world debut. Evergrande will strive to achieve an annual production and sales of 1 million vehicles by 2025 and 5 million vehicles by 2035, becoming the world's largest and strongest new energy automotive group and contributing to China's transformation from an automaker to an auto power.

With a total area under the management of over 400 million square meters, Evergrande Property Services builds a fixed space technology service platform through intelligent management, providing professional and high-quality services for nearly 2,800 projects in more than 310 cities in China.

HengTen Networks has the largest long-video platform in China, Pumpkin Film APP, which provides members with a perfect non-advertising experience. There have been 55 million registered members and 20 million paid subscription users. It also has Ruyi Films, China's leading film and television production company, whose content production capacity and IP development capacity are among the top in the industry.

FCB Group establishes a whole channel trade and service platform of real estate and vehicles both online and offline. It has had 21 million brokers and 43,000 offline stores with strong links, accurately attracting 20 million clients to visit the real estate. It is expected to reach an annual trade amount of RMB 2 trillion in 2021.

Evergrande Fairyland develops and constructs a unique large theme park that provides full-indoor, all-weather, and all-season services, and also develops "Ocean Flower Island" in Hainan, China, a cultural destination appealing to tourists around the world.

Evergrande Health produces its striking product "Evergrande Healthy Land", filling the gap of China in health services and old-age care. It integrates first-class resources such as healthcare and aged and health management services, providing health services of a full life cycle and from multiple dimensions.

Evergrande Spring covers 14 series of more than 50 green and healthy products in four major sectors, namely mineral water, grain and oil, dairy and fresh food to build a new consumption service platform empowered by science and technology.

By 2022, Evergrande will have total assets of RMB 3 trillion, with annual sales reaching RMB 1 trillion, annual profit and tax reaching RMB 150 billion, becoming one of the world's top 100 enterprises.

updated 7th June, 2021

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