China Energine International (Holdings) Limited
(Incorporated in Cayman Islands with limited liability)

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China Energine International (Holdings) Limited is one of a few high-end and high-growth new energy enterprises that has top technology research and development capability and resources whilst succeeding in their commercialisation.

China Energine focuses on the development of businesses which are strongly supported by the state, comprising manufacture of wind turbines, development of wind farm, distributed energy, wind-solar energy storage integration and graphene energy storage. The Group has capabilities for the research and development and production of wind turbines as well as the design, construction and operation of wind farm across the wind power industry chain. The Group has hitherto accumulated a history of over 15 years of experiences in self-research, development and production in several new energy-saving and environmental conservation businesses, such as self-research and development of excitation magnetic directdrive gearless wind turbine, graphene energy storage battery and power management system, all of which have entered industrial operations successfully.

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the Group's major shareholder and a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, is the place of origin of China's launch vehicles and the largest entity for research, design and manufacture of launch vehicles. The academy has finished tasks on science research, design and manufacture of launch vehicles with outstanding performance. In addition, it conducted active capital operation by capitalising on the capital market mechanism in Hong Kong to restructure the new energies and materials application technologies developed by its utilising aerospace hi-tech with the assets of China Energine. As such, we complemented each other's advantages and grew stronger, paving a solid foundation for the Group's fast and healthy development.

Over the years, the brand of Aerospace has great influence over various regions across the nation. Meanwhile, since Aerospace has been developing the wind energy industry for a long period of time, a very good development relationship has been established with various provinces and good partnership relationship is also maintained with the top five power companies. Moreover, as China Energine has been engaging in the production of automotive components, such as automotive engine management system and automotive sealing system for a long period of time, the Group has maintained close business relationships with large automobile manufacturing groups such as the First Automotive Works Group (FAW), Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. (DFAC) and SAIC Motor Corp. Ltd. (SAIC Motor).

updated 11th June, 2018

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