China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited

Corporate Profile       

Major Operations

Tourist Attraction and Related Operations

1. Theme parks

Shenzhen The World Miniature Co., Ltd.51%
Shenzhen Splendid China Development Co., Ltd.51%

2. Natural and Cultural Scenic Spot Destinations

CTS (Ningxia) Shapotou Tourist Spot Co., Ltd.46%
CTS (Ningxia) Shapotou Cable Car Co., Ltd.51%
Jiangxi Xing Zi Lu Shan Xiu Feng Passage Cable Car Co., Ltd.80%
CTS (Guangxi Ningming) Rock Painting Tourism Culture Co., Ltd.51%
Guangxi CTS Detian Waterfall Tourism Development Co., Ltd.70%
CTS Luzhou Laojiao Culture Tourism Development Co., Ltd.60%
CTS Lugu Lake (Lijiang) Tourisum Development Co., Ltd.51%
CTS Xinjiang Tourism Operation Management Co., Ltd.51%
CTS Bairui Xinjiang Tourism Department Co., Ltd.61.33%
Non-controlling Scenic Spot Investments:
Huangshan Yuping Cable Car Company Ltd.20%
Huangshan Taiping Cable Car Co., Ltd.30%
Changsha Colorful World Company Limited26%
Changchun Jingyuetan Youle Co. Ltd.30.2%
Hangzhou New Century Senbo Tourisum Investment Co., Ltd.34%

3. Leisure Resort Destinations

China Travel Hong Kong (Zhuhai) Ocean Spring Co., Ltd.100%
CTS (Xianyang) Ocean Spring Resort Co., Ltd.89.14%
Zhuhai Evergrande Ocean Spring Land Co., Ltd49%
CTS (Anji) Tourism Development Company Limited97.09%

4. Supplementary tourist attraction operations

China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd.78%
China Travel Zhiye Culture Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.51%
CTS Scenery (Beijing) Tourism Management Limited100%
CTS (Shenzhen) City Development Co., Ltd.100%

Travel Document and Related Operations
China Travel Service Entry Permit Service Hong Kong Limited100%

Hotel Operations
Metropark Hotel Mongkok100%
Kew Green Hotel Wanchai100%
Metropark Hotel Kowloon100%
Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay100%
Metropark Hotel Macau100%
Beijing Guang'anmen Grand Metropark Hotel100%
CTS H.K. Metropark Hotels Management Company Limited100%

Passenger Transportation Operations
Shun Tak-China Travel Shipping Investments Limited50%

updated 23rd February, 2023

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