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China Telecom Releases Eight Industry Digital Platforms in Industrial Digitalisation

In the China Telecom Digital Technology Ecosystem Conference held on 29 December 2022, Mr. Shao Guanglu, Executive Director, President and COO of China Telecom released four sci-tech innovations including the e-Surfing Cloud White Paper, e-Surfing Cloud Zijin DPU(天 翼 云 紫 金DPU), Xinghe (星 河) AI platform and eight industry digital platforms in Industrial Digitalisation. These innovations serve as a new practice of integrating cloud, security, AI and digital platform into Industrial Digitalisation businesses to become the "second growth curve" to accelerate growth.

The eight industry digital platforms cover three major areas, namely social governance, real industry and national livelihood. The first area includes digital government, social governance, urban transportation management and services, enabling digital empowerment of new governance. The second includes digital brain for transportation and industrial Internet public services in industrial/commercial parks, enabling digital support in new industries. The third includes teaching video cloud and all-for-one tourism, enabling improvement of new livelihood by digital means.

For example, with the help of China Telecom, the Zhejiang province achieved integrated and digitalised monitoring of 172,900km of drainage pipelines and 34,100km of urban roads in the entire province, enhanced urban risk prevention and control capabilities as well as level of refinement, and intelligent management levels.

Shao Guanglu pointed out that, China Telecom will continue to deepen and expand the industry digital platform, enhance digital management level of authorities in various industries, uplift production efficiency of industries, and empower digital transformation of thousands of industries.

Source: China Telecom Corporation Limited
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