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(a joint stock company incorporated in the People's Republic of China with limited liability)

Investor Calendar       


24 Nov 2023Guotai Junan International 2023 Fall/Winter Investor ConferenceHong Kong
22 Nov 2023CITICS Capital Market Conference 2024Guangzhou
16 Nov 2023Morgan Stanley Twenty-Second Annual Asia Pacific SummitSingapore
9 Nov 2023Citi China Investor Conference 2023Macau
11 Sep 2023Release of Interim Report-
7-8 Sep 2023Jefferies 4th Asia ForumHong Kong
6 Sep 2023Nomura China Investor Forum 2023Shanghai
30 Aug 2023Citi's China TMT Corporate Day 2023Hong Kong
25 Aug 2023Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
24 Aug 20232023 Interim Results AnnouncementHong Kong
18 Aug 2023Dividend Payment-
3 Jul 2023Ex-Dividend Date-
16 Jun 2023Annual General MeetingBeijing
12 Jun 2023UBS Future-Now APAC Conference 2023Hong Kong
25 May 2023Zheshang Securities 2023 Interim Capital Market Summit-
11 May 2023CICC Closed-door Meetings with Select Listed Companies 2023 - Frontier TechnologyShenzhen
24 Apr 2023Release of Annual Report-
30 Mar 2023Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
29 Mar 20232022 Annual Results AnnouncementHong Kong
10 Feb 2023Extraordinary General MeetingBeijing
10 Jan 2023UBS Greater China Conference 2023Hong Kong
6 Jan 2023Morgan Stanley Virtual China Opportunity Conference-
5 Jan 2023Credit Suisse 9th Greater China Technology and Internet Conference-


9 Dec 2022CITICS 2023 Capital Market Annual Conference-
16 Nov 2022Kaiyuan Securities 2023 Capital Market Conference-
16 Nov 2022Morgan Stanley Twenty-First Annual Asia Pacific SummitSingapore
9 Nov 2022BofA Securities 2022 China Conference-
3 Nov 2022Citi China Investor Conference 2022-
20 Sep 2022Release of Interim Report-
2 Sep 2022Morgan Stanley Virtual Asia TMT Conference 2022-
31 Aug 2022Citi Asia TMT Corporate Day 2022-
25 Aug 20222022 Interim Results AnnouncementHong Kong
12 Aug 2022Dividend Payment-
4 Jul 2022Ex-Dividend Date-
28 Jun 2022CITICS Capital Market Conference 2022-
17 Jun 2022Annual General MeetingBeijing
10 Jun 2022Citi Pan-Asia Regional Investor Conference 2022-
30 May 2022BofA Securities 2022 Innovative China Conference-
24 May 2022Morgan Stanley Virtual China Summit 2022-
18 May 2022Citi Regional Tech Conference 2022 (Virtual)-
28 Apr 2022Release of Annual Report-
31 Mar 2022Non-deal Roadshow-
30 Mar 20222021 Annual Results AnnouncementHong Kong
25 Feb 2022Extraordinary General MeetingBeijing
5 Jan 2022Morgan Stanley Virtual China New Economy Summit-


22 Dec 2021Extraordinary General MeetingBeijing
12 Nov 2021CITICS 2022 Capital Market Annual Conference-
11 Nov 2021BofA Securities 2021 China Conference-
3 Nov 2021Citi China Investor Conference 2021-
14 Sep 2021Release of Interim Report-
8 Sep 2021Jefferies Asia Forum-
31 Aug 2021Non-deal Roadshow-
30 Aug 20212021 Interim Results AnnouncementHong Kong
13 Aug 2021Dividend Payment-
5 Jul 2021Ex-Dividend Date-
18 Jun 2021Annual General MeetingBeijing
2 Jun 2021Citi Pan-Asia Regional Investor Conference 2021 (Virtual)-
1 Jun 2021CITICS Capital Market Conference 2021-
31 May 2021BofA Securities 2021 Innovative China Conference-
26 May 2021Morgan Stanley Virtual China Summit-
24 May 2021Goldman Sachs Virtual TechNet Conference Asia Pacific 2021-
28 Apr 2021Release of Annual Report-
31 Mar 2021Non-deal Roadshow-
30 Mar 20212020 Annual Results AnnouncementHong Kong
27 Jan 2021CGS-CIMB and CGI 3rd Annual HK/China Small-Mid Cap Virtual Corporate Day-
18 Jan 2021UBS Greater China Conference 2021-
6 Jan 2021Morgan Stanley Virtual China New Economy Summit-


27 Nov 2020Nomura Investment Forum 2020-
19 Nov 2020Morgan Stanley Virtual Asia Pacific Summit-
17 Nov 2020J.P. Morgan 2020 Global TMT Conference-
6 Nov 2020Citi 15th China Investor Conference-
5 Nov 2020BofA Securities 2020 China Conference-
21 Oct 2020Extraordinary General MeetingBeijing
14 Sep 2020Jefferies Asia Forum-
10 Sep 2020Release of Interim Report-
4 Sep 2020UBS China TMI Virtual Conference 2020-
27 Aug 2020Non-deal Roadshow-
26 Aug 20202020 Interim Results AnnouncementtHong Kong
14 Aug 2020Dividend Payment-
30 Jun 2020Ex-Dividend Date-
23 Jun 2020J.P. Morgan China Investor Conference-
17 Jun 2020CITICS Capital Market Conference 2020-
15 Jun 2020Annual General MeetingBeijing
9 Jun 2020BofA 2020 Innovative China Virtual Conference-
20 May 2020Goldman Sachs TechNet Conference Asia Pacific 2020 - Online-
6 May 2020Nomura Virtual Greater China TMT Corporate Day 2020-
28 Apr 2020Release of Annual Report-
1 Apr 2020Non-deal Roadshow
31 Mar 20202019 Annual Results AnnouncementHong Kong
14-15 Jan 2020UBS Greater China Conference 2020Shanghai


11 Dec 2019Everbright Securities 2020 Annual ConferenceShanghai
4 Dec 2019Nomura Corporate DayHong Kong
21-22 Nov 2019Morgan Stanley Eighteenth Annual Asia Pacific SummitSingapore
8 Nov 2019Citi 14th China Investor ConferenceMacau
6 Nov 2019Goldman Sachs China Conference 2019Shenzhen
13 Sep 2019Release of Interim Report-
28 Aug 2019Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
27 Aug 20192019 Interim Results AnnouncementHong Kong
16 Aug 2019Dividend Payment-
3 Jul 2019Haitong TMT Corporate DayHong Kong
3 Jul 2019Ex-Dividend Date-
21 Jun 2019Annual General MeetingBeijing
19 Jun 2019UBS Asia TMI Conference 2019Hong Kong
30-31 May 2019Morgan Stanley Fifth Annual China SummitBeijing
22 May 2019Goldman Sachs TechNet Conference - Asia Pacific 2019Hong Kong
17 May 2019Macquarie Greater China Conference 2019Hong Kong
15 May 2019HSBC 6th Annual China ConferenceShenzhen
8 May 2019J.P. Morgan Global China Summit 2019Beijing
7 May 2019The 15th BOCI Investors ConferenceBeijing
24 Apr 2019Release of Annual Report-
18 Apr 2019Extraordinary General MeetingsBeijing
10 Apr 2019Nomura Greater China TMT Corporate Day 2019Hong Kong
29 Mar 2019Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
28 Mar 20192018 Annual Results AnnouncementHong Kong
23 Jan 2019Crosby Peacock Series Corporate DayHong Kong
7-8 Jan 2019UBS Greater China Conference 2019Shanghai


13 Dec 2018Extraordinary General MeetingsBeijing
20 Nov 2018CGS-CIMB HK/China Smartphone & 5G Corporate DayHong Kong
16 Nov 2018Citi 13th China Investor ConferenceMacau
14 Nov 2018J.P. Morgan 6th Global TMT ConferenceHong Kong
7 Nov 2018Jefferies 8th Annual Greater China ConferenceHong Kong
6 Nov 2018Goldman Sachs China Conference 2018Shenzhen
14 Sep 2018Release of Interim Report-
5 Sep 2018Nomura China Investor Forum 2018Shanghai
31 Aug 2018Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
30 Aug 20182018 Interim Results AnnouncementHong Kong
17 Aug 2018Dividend Payment-
4 Jul 2018Ex-Dividend Date-
29 Jun 2018Annual General MeetingBeijing
12 Jun 2018Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2018Hong Kong
5 Jun 2018Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2018Singapore
31 May - 1 Jun 2018Morgan Stanley Fourth Annual China SummitBeijing
23 May 2018Goldman Sachs TechNet Conference - Asia Pacific 2018Hong Kong
15 May 2018HSBC 5th Annual China ConferenceShenzhen
11 May 2018Macquarie Greater China Conference 2018Hong Kong
8 May 2018J.P. Morgan Global China Summit 2018Beijing
24 Apr 2018Release of Annual Report-
28 Mar 2018Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
27 Mar 20182017 Annual Results AnnouncementHong Kong
16 Mar 2018Extraordinary General MeetingsBeijing
8 Jan 2018DB Access China Conference 2018Beijing


28 Dec 2017Extraordinary General MeetingsBeijing
30 Nov - 1 Dec 2017Non-deal RoadshowSingapore
27-28 Nov 2017Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
9 Nov 2017Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2017 China ConferenceBeijing
2 Nov 2017Jefferies 7th Annual Greater China SummitHong Kong
31 Oct 2017Citi 12th China Investor ConferenceMacau
13 Sep 2017Release of Interim Report-
31 Aug 2017Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
30 Aug 20172017 Interim Results AnnouncementHong Kong
18 Aug 2017Dividend Payment-
4 Jul 2017Ex-Dividend Date-
23 Jun 20172016 Annual General MeetingBeijing
16 Jun 2017UBS Asia Telco and Internet Conference 2017Hong Kong
6-7 Jun 2017Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2017Singapore
1-2 Jun 2017Morgan Stanley Third Annual China SummitBeijing
26 May 2017DBS Vickers Pulse of Asia ConferenceHong Kong
24 May 2017Goldman Sachs TechNet Conference - Asia Pacific 2017Hong Kong
26 Apr 2017Release of Annual Report-
24 Apr 2017Macquarie Greater China Conference 2017Hong Kong
31 Mar 2017Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
30 Mar 20172016 Annual Results AnnouncementHong Kong
17 Jan 2017BAML Greater China Telco and Media Corporate DayHong Kong
9 Jan 2017DB Access China Conference 2017Beijing


7-8 Dec 2016Reverse RoadshowNanjing, Hangzhou
4 Nov 2016Citi 11th China Investor ConferenceMacau
26 Oct 2016Jefferies 6th Annual Greater China SummitHong Kong
14 Oct 2016Citic Securities China-Hong Kong Stock Connect SeminarShenzhen
9 Sep 2016Release of Interim Report-
26 Aug 2016Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
25 Aug 20162016 Interim Results AnnouncementHong Kong
18 Aug 2016Dividend Payment-
5 Jul 2016Ex-Dividend Date-
24 Jun 20162015 Annual General MeetingBeijing
9-10 Jun 2016Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2016Singapore
6 Jun 2016UBS Pan-Asian Telco Conference 2016Hong Kong
17 May 2016Nomura China TMT Corporate Day 2016Hong Kong
16 May 2016BNP Paribas 7th Asia Pacific TMT ConferenceHong Kong
5 May 2016Macquarie Greater China Conference 2016Hong Kong
22 Apr 2016Release of Annual Report-
21 Apr 2016DBS Vickers Pulse of Asia ConferenceHong Kong
14-15 Apr 2016HKIRA Mainland Roadshow for Stock Connect StocksShanghai
1 Apr 2016Non-deal RoadshowHong Kong
31 Mar 20162015 Annual Results Announcement Hong Kong
12 Jan 2016DB Access China Conference 2016Beijing

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