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  • 2022-December-7
  • Lukfook Group Pledged HK$1 Million to Support Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (in PDF)
  • 2022-December-1
  • Lukfook Group Pulled Off Win Again at the "Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Customer Service" The Most Awarded Jewellery Brand of All Time (in PDF)
  • 2022-November-28
  • Lukfook Group (00590.HK) Announces Interim Results for the Six Months Ended 30 September 2022, Revenue and Profit Attributable to Equity Holders Amounted to HK$5.6 Billion and HK$658 Million Respectively, Declared Interim Dividend of HK$0.55 per share (in PDF)
  • 2022-November-18
  • Lukfook Group Received the Diamond Award at the Hong Kong Genuine Brand Company Awards 2022 (in PDF)
  • 2022-October-31
  • Lukfook Group Received 3 Awards under "Good MPF Employer" by MPFA Again (in PDF)
  • 2022-October-25
  • Lukfook Group Awarded Again for Creating Social Value under the "Industry Cares Recognition Scheme" (in PDF)
  • 2022-September-21
  • Lukfook Group Awarded 7 Accolades at the "CBLJ In-house Counsel Awards 2021-22" (in PDF)
  • 2022-August-26
  • Lukfook Group Received Recognition Again in "BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards" under "Services" and "Manufacturing" Sectors (in PDF)
  • 2022-August-22
  • Lukfook Group Recognised as a "Consumer Caring Company" for 10 Consecutive Years (in PDF)
  • 2022-August-10
  • Lukfook Group Awarded "Happy Company" for 9 Consecutive Years (in PDF)
  • 2022-July-28
  • Lukfook Group Recognised as a Caring Company for 13 Consecutive years (in PDF)
  • 2022-June-28
  • Lukfook Group (00590.HK) Announces Annual Results for the Year Ended 31 March 2022, Revenue and Profit Attributable to Equity Holders Reached HK$11.7 billion and HK$1.4 billion Respectively, Proposed Final Dividends of HK$0.55 per share each, with Annual Dividend of HK$1.1 per share (in PDF)
  • 2022-May-16
  • Lukfook Group Honoured with "Hong Kong Service Awards" Again, Forging a Remarkable 15-year Winning Streak (in PDF)
  • 2022-May-3
  • Lukfook Jewellery Honoured with "Outstanding Jewellery Retail Service Award" in "01 Corporate Gold Medal Award 2021 (in PDF)
  • 2022-April-28
  • Lukfook Group Awarded as "Hong Kong-Guangdong Cleaner Production Partners (Manufacturing)" Again in Recognition of its Efforts in Energy Saving and Waste Reduction (in PDF)
  • 2022-April-26
  • Lukfook Group Donated Over HK1 Million Worth of Anti-epidemic Materials to the Disadvantaged Groups (in PDF)
  • 2022-April-4
  • Lukfook Group Announced, Construction of Lukfook Jewellery Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Yichang City, Continues to Expand its Business in the Enormous China Market (in PDF)
  • 2022-January-18
  • Lukfook Group Gained its Fourth Consecutive Win at "Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence" (in PDF)
  • 2022-January-5
  • Lukfook Group Ms. Wong Hau Yeung, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Named as a "GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur" (in PDF)
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