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  • 2011-December-28
  • Lukfook (00590.HK) Announces Satisfying Sales Performance during Christmas (in PDF)
  • 2011-December-13
  • Lukfook (00590.HK) Donated for "Tung Wah Charity Gala 2011" (in PDF)
  • 2011-December-8
  • Lukfook (00590.HK) Announces Attaining "Proud of Hong Kong Brand Enterprise 2011 - Potential Corporate Brand" (in PDF)
  • 2011-December-6
  • Lukfook (00590.HK) Announces Grand Opening of New Shop at Lee Garden Road, Causeway Bay, Over 800 Retail Outlets Spreading Across the World (in PDF)
  • 2011-November-29
  • Lukfook (00590.HK) Announces, Interim Results for the Six Months Ended 30th September 2011, Revenue Amounted to HK$5,511,437,000 Profit Attributable to Shareholders Grew by 125% to HK$719,630,000 Proposed Interim Dividend of 53.0 HK Cents per Share (in PDF)
  • 2011-July-25
  • Lukfook Attained First Place in "Ordering Oxfam Rice (Organization Category)" in "Oxfam Rice Sale 2011" (in PDF)
  • 2011-July-6
  • Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited Announces Attaining ”2011 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Customer Service Award” Achieved Continued Recognition for Outstanding Customer Services (in PDF)
  • 2011-June-29
  • Luk Fook Announces Annual Results For the Year Ended 31 March 2011, Revenue Amounted to HK$8,091,121,000, Profit Attributable to Shareholders Grew by 63% to HK$866,216,000, Proposed Final Dividend of HK 42 cents per Share (in PDF)
  • 2011-June-27
  • Luk Fook Announces Attaining "2011 Outstanding Quality Tourism Service Merchant Award - Merit" and "10-year QTS Merchant Recognition" from Hong Kong Quality Tourism Services Association Being Recognized for its Quality Service (in PDF)
  • 2011-May-30
  • Luk Fook Group Sponsored "2010/2011 Walks for Millions" Held by The Community Chest of Hong Kong (in PDF)
  • 2011-May-17
  • Luk Fook Announces Grand Opening of its 6th Branch at Galaxy Macau, to Further Tap the PRC Market (in PDF)
  • 2011-April-29
  • Luk Fook Announces Attaining the Honour of "Manpower Developer" in "ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme", Being Recognized for its Achievements in Manpower Training (in PDF)
  • 2011-April-21
  • Luk Fook Announces Attaining "Caring Company Logo" from Hong Kong Council of Social Services, Sparing No Effort in Promoting Corporate Social Responbility (in PDF)
  • 2011-March-25
  • Press Release (Chinese Version) (in PDF)
  • 2011-March-22
  • Luk Fook Announces Attaining "Hong Kong Service Award 2011", Quality Services to Achieve Prominence (in PDF)
  • 2011-March-14
  • Luk Fook Announces Commencement of Construction of Panyu Jewellery Processing Plant Phase II to Further Enhance Cost and Production Efficiency (in PDF)
  • 2011-January-24
  • Luk Fook Announces Decreasing in Board Lot Size from 2,000 Shares to 1,000 Shares Attracting More Investors (in PDF)
  • 2011-January-20
  • Luk Fook Announces Attaining "Bronze Award of Counter Service" in "Customer Service Excellence Award", Outstanding Service Recognized by HKACE (in PDF)
  • 2011-January-7
  • Press Release (Chinese Version) (in PDF)
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