Annual Report 2021

01 Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Company Limited • ANNUAL REPORT 2021 CORPORATE PROFILE 公司簡介 Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Company Limited (the “ Company ” or “ Sunny Optical Technology ”, together with its subsidiaries, the “ Group ”) (Stock Code: 2382.HK ) is a global leading integrated optical components and products manufacturer. The Group is principally engaged in the design, research and development (the “ R&D ”), manufacture and sales of optical and optical-related products. Such products include optical components (such as glass spherical and aspherical lenses, handset lens sets, vehicle lens sets, security surveillance lens sets and other various lens sets) (the “ Optical Components ”), optoelectronic products (such as handset camera modules, three dimensional (the “ 3D ”) optoelectronic products, vehicle modules and other optoelectronic modules) (the “ Optoelectronic Products ”) and optical instruments (such as microscopes and intelligent inspection equipment) (the “ Optical Instruments ”). The Group focuses on the application fields of optoelectronic-related products, such as handsets, digital cameras, vehicle imaging and sensing systems, security surveillance systems, virtual reality (“ VR ”)/ augmented reality (“ AR ”) and robots, which are combined with optical, electronic, algorithm and mechanical technologies. 舜宇光學科技(集團)有限公司(「 本公司 」或 「 舜宇光學科技 」,連同其附屬公司「 本集團 」) (股份代號: 2382.HK )為一間全球領先的綜 合光學零件及產品生產商。本集團主要從事設 計、研究與開發(「 研發 」)、生產及銷售光學 及光學相關產品。該等產品包括光學零件(例 如玻璃球面及非球面鏡片、手機鏡頭、車載 鏡頭、安防監控鏡頭及其他各種鏡頭)(「 光學 零件 」)、光電產品(例如手機攝像模組、三維 (「 3D 」)光電產品、車載模組及其他光電模組) (「 光電產品 」)及光學儀器(例如顯微鏡及智能 檢測設備)(「 光學儀器 」)。本集團專注於結合 光學、電子、算法及機械技術的光電相關產品 的應用領域:如手機、數碼相機、車載成像及 傳感系統、安防監控系統、虛擬現實(「 VR 」)╱ 增強現實(「 AR 」)及機器人。