China U-Ton Future Space Industrial Group Holdings Ltd.
(Formerly known as China U-Ton Holdings Limited)

Corporate Profile       

The Group is principally engaged in the provision of design, deployment and maintenance of optical fibers services, other communication networks services, environmentally intelligent technical products and services and money lending services.

Design, deployment and maintenance services of optical fibers

The Group's competitive strengths on design, deployment and maintenance services of optical fibers include (1) provision of flexible solutions to clients with traditional deployment methods and micro-ducts and mini-cable system integration methods; and (2) registration of a number of patents and obtained the rights to use the drainage system in various cities/districts to enhance business development in telecommunication industry in the PRC. Laying optical fiber cables through combining the use of drainage system and micro-ducts and mini-cable technology is a technology that can construct networks with the most extensive coverage in a shorter time and at a lower cost. The Group has extensive experience and remarkable advantage in the application of mini-cable and micro-ducts integration technology for laying optical fiber networks in storm water conduits in China.

Other communication network services

Except for optical fibers related services, the Group also provides other integrated services relating to design, construction and maintenance of communication networks.

Environmentally intelligent technical products and services

Provision of environmentally intelligent technical products and services is a new segment as a result of the acquisition of Yourui in 2018. Yourui positions itself as a high-tech company which provides clients with environmental protection related services and solutions based on big data analysis. The products and services provided by Yourui is mainly in relation to the design, development and integration of hardware and software systems which are based on the Internet and Internet of Things. Yourui also provides tailor-made services to customers in relation to the setting up of customized systems, provision of operation and maintenance services.

Money lending services

Money lending business is a new operating segment since July 2017. The Group has obtained a money lender license in Hong Kong under the Money Lenders Ordinance (Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong). The money lending segment principally earns interest income from loans to third parties.

updated as per Annual Report 2019

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