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Latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report Highlights
Cathay Pacific Group's Efforts on Climate Change

In its latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, Cathay Pacific Airways outlines the various measures it has taken in response to the climate change issue and sets out its agenda for the current year in a number of key areas. The report also covers CSR activities at sister airline Dragonair.

Cathay Pacific has made significant progress in taking action on its Climate Change Position since its last CSR Report was published. In particular, the fleet modernisation programme has been stepped up with the introduction of fuel-efficient Boeing 777-300ERs on key long-haul routes. The airline also took delivery of the first of six Boeing 747-400ERF "Extended Range Freighters", with another set to arrive in August. At the same it has begun a phased retirement of older, more inefficient Boeing 747-200F "Classic" freighters.

Also beneficial in terms of burning less fuel were improvements in North Pacific routes, the optimisation of polar routes and the introduction of new entry points into the Mainland Chinese airspace. The airline is continuing to support industry efforts for further route improvements across the North Pacific as well as lobbying for airspace improvements to improve traffic flow in the congested Pearl River Delta region.

Cathay Pacific and Dragonair introduced the "FLY greener" carbon offset scheme at the end of 2007 to enable passengers to use Asia Miles or cash payments to offset their travel by funding a wind-farm project in Shanghai. In addition, the airlines have been offsetting the business travel of their own staff since January 2007. The aim this year is to boost awareness of "FLY greener" and to seek out new regional carbon-reducing projects to support.

Cathay Pacific is now in the process of expanding its environmental team, headed by new General Manager Environmental Affairs Dominic Purvis.

"As Hong Kong's home airline Cathay Pacific is very aware of its environmental and social responsibilities," said Mr Purvis. "The aviation industry is under very close scrutiny, particularly relating to its contribution to climate change. The latest CSR Report highlights the fact that we have taken concerted action in a number of areas to minimise our environmental impact, and we will continue to work closely with industry partners and other stakeholders to secure sustainable growth."

In addition to in-depth reports on the airlines' carbon-reduction efforts, the CSR Report covers areas such as environmental activities on the ground, waste management, noise abatement, safety and health, community and fundraising activities, and ongoing work with procurement and supply chains. Cathay Pacific has also made a concerted effort to engage stakeholders in exploring environmental and social performance of the airline.

Cathay Pacific's 2007 Corporate Social Responsibility Report can be downloaded in PDF format from the airline's website, or Dragonair's website,

Source: Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
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