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Cathay Pacific Releases June 2003 Traffic Figures

Cathay Pacific Airways today released traffic figures for the month of June 2003 that show passenger numbers started to increase after the World Health Organisation (WHO) lifted its travel advisory against Hong Kong and ultimately removed the city from its list of SARS-affected areas. Even so, the airline still carried less than half the number of people it did the same month a year ago.

In June 2003, Cathay Pacific carried 459,627 passengers, up from 243,976 in May, but still down 54.5 percent on the number carried in June last year. Passenger numbers and the number of flights operated by the airline picked up towards the end of the month after the WHO lifted its warnings.

A total of 63,599 tonnes of cargo were carried in June, 13.0 percent less than in the same month last year, although the cargo load factor for the month was up marginally by 0.2 percentage points.

Cumulative figures for the first six months of the year show that the airline carried one-third less passengers than it did in the same period last year. During the same period it carried 2.3 percent less cargo.

Cathay Pacific General Manager Revenue Management, Sales and Distribution Ian Shiu said: "For any airline to carry less than half the number of passengers it did a year ago would, under almost any other circumstances, be utterly devastating. But June's figures are a definite improvement on those for May and they continue to build. Services are being restored and we aim to operate a full schedule by late September. However, competition remains keen on ticket pricing and we currently still have some way to go to actually break even."

Cathay Pacific General Manager Cargo Kenny Tang said: "Cargo held up, despite some reduction in available cargo space in passenger aircraft belly holds, because we mounted additional freighter operations, and passenger services that did operate also carried more cargo. Reduced capacity slowed overall growth during the first six months, but the restoration of all passenger services will help business in the second half of the year."

The full June 2003 figures are on the following page.

TRAFFIC June 2003 % change
vs June 2002
June 2003
June 2002
% change
RPK (000)
- Europe 507,789 -45.2%3,813,431 5,401,720 -29.4%
- Pacific and South Africa 974,373 -35.9% 7,735,176 9,150,186 -15.5%
- North Asia 176,374 -71.0% 2,266,478 3,676,394 -38.4%
- South East Asia and Middle East 501,204 -39.9% 3,461,4774,843,605 -28.5%
RPK Total (000) 2,159,740 -44.5% 17,276,562 23,071,905 -25.1%
Pax carried 459,627 -54.5% 4,018,624 5,932,699 -32.3%
Cargo and mail tonne km (000) 396,980 -8.3%2,444,6322,388,187 2.4%
Freight carried (000 kg) 63,599 -13.0%405,992415,675 -2.3%
Number of flights 1,337 -38.5%11,37912,935 -12.0%

CAPACITY June 2003 % change
vs June 2002
June 2003
June 2002
% change
ASK (000)
- Europe 685,502 -35.3%5,481,196 6,386,072 -14.2%
- Pacific and South Africa 1,268,144 -33.2%11,422,37211,120,506 2.7%
- North Asia 356,622 -61.2% 4,076,8435,346,204 -23.7%
- South East Asia and Middle East 745,668 -33.0% 5,851,0466,684,519 -12.5%
ASK Total (000) 3,055,936 -38.7% 26,831,457 29,537,302 -9.2%
Passenger load factor 70.7% -7.3pt 64.4% 78.1% -13.7pt
Available cargo/mail tonne km (000) 535,135 -8.6%3,534,6853,370,048 4.9%
Cargo and mail load factor 74.2% 0.2pt 69.2% 70.9% -1.7pt
ATK(000) 825,832 -22.1% 6,086,9906,180,184 -1.5%

* Air Hong Kong European routes are included in June 2002 figures and traffic statistics figures are restated for comparison purposes.

Source: Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
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