Corporate Governance

1) Board of Directors

LOTTE Shopping which has simultaneously been public listed in London and Seoul in February 2006 strives to establish a transparent and world-class governance structure.

The Board of Directors of LOTTE Shopping is currently comprised of 11 directors including six non-executive directors and 2 committees such as Audit Committe which is in charge of audit works within the Board of Directors and Non-executive director Nomination Committee are being operated.

Board of Directors

Shin Gyeokho, General Chairman of Lotte Group

Shin Dongbin, Chairman of Lotte Group

Lee Inwon, Vice Chairman of Lotte Group

Shin Youngja, Chairman of Lotte Foundation

Lim Samjin, Vice Chairman of Korea Railway Association

Baek Myeonghyeon, Former General Manager of Korea Financial Investment Association

Kim Taehyeon, Lawyer of Yulchon LLC

Park Dongyeol, Former Director, National Tax Officials Training Institute

Kwak Soogeun, Professor of Business School of Seoul National University

Koh Byeonggi, Former Director, Lotte Aluminium, Co., Ltd.

2) Committees

Audit CommitteeAt least 3 members
(2/3 of the Committee shall be Outside Directors)
Lee Hong-ro
Min Sangkee
Kim Wonhei
Audit the company's accounting and other works
Outside Director
Nomination Committee
At least 2 members
(1/2 of the Committee shall be Outside Directors)
Shin Heon
Kim Wonhei
Nominate Outside Directors to be appointed at the General Meeting of Shareholders

updated 19th May, 2014

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