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Transparent Management and rapid growth come together at LG U+

At "LG U+", we have a reputation for excellence in governance. The Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS) named us the winner for the Award of Excellence at its Corporate Governance Awards for four years running between 2003 and 2006. In 2007, the KCGS inducted us into the Corporate Governance Hall of Fame and named us the winner for the Award of Better Board, further cementing our reputation as a model for corporate governance. We were also honored at the analyst-selected Korea Economic Daily IR Awards. And we continue to make every effort to enhance our fundamental corporate and market value.

Working together for excellence

Our six-member Board of Directors and its committees are responsible for making key strategic decisions in all areas of business planning and risk management. Our emphasis on open communications helps ensure smooth collaboration between executives and directors as we work together to build shareholder value.

Pursuing transparency and integrity

The Audit Committee is assisted by the officer-in-charge for Internal Affairs in carrying out its regular and ongoing business and accounting audits. We strive for the highest level of transparency and integrity in management by complying with a comprehensive code of conduct based on our core management principles of creating value for customers and respecting human dignity.

Managing risk more effectively

We vigilantly manage the full spectrum of business risks, including inaccurate financial information, workplace errors, and disputes. By increasing the efficiency of our internal accounting controls and effectively managing legal risk, we are preempting the full range of risk factors as we improve the accuracy and reliability of our internal and external communications.

Enhancing corporate value through IR

We provide timely, accurate information to both domestic and international investment communities. We actively communicate with investors as we seek out and secure friendly, long-term shareholders and systematically enhance our corporate governance structure and market value.

Audit Committee

Mr. Sangsoo Park
Mr. Se Hyoung Kim
Mr. Kwang Bok Lee

updated 17th July, 2013

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