Veeko International Holdings Limited
(incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)

Corporate Profile       

Veeko Group was founded in 1984 by the Chairman, Mr. Cheng Chung Man, Johnny operating the ladies' fashion manufacturing and retail business under the brand names Veeko and Wanko.

On 19th April, 1999, Veeko International Holdings Limited was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 1173), which established the market status of Veeko Group.

The Group's Chairman Mr. Cheng Chung Man, Johnny was awarded the Young Industrialist Award of Hong Kong in November 2001 and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award of the Year 2012 China in November 2012. These awards not only recognized Veeko Group's leading position within the industry, but also acknowledged Mr. Cheng's remarkable contribution to Veeko.

In October 2004, the Group launched its cosmetics retail business and established the Colourmix cosmetics stores. In August 2015, the Group established another cosmetics store namely MORIMOR. As of today, Colourmix and MORIMOR has a total of 58 stores in Hong Kong and Macau. Colourmix and MORIMOR cosmetics retail stores offer a diverse range of prestige cosmetics and skin-care brands sourced worldwide, including skincare products, perfumery, make-up, personal care and trendy items, etc. In addition, the professional beauty consultants offer customised personal services and consultations on skin care for customers to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant beauty experience. Regarding online sales, other than its official online store (, Colourmix has opened its online stores at Tmall Global, and Douyin Shop.

For its fashion business, Veeko and Wanko as at today have 60 stores in Hong Kong amd Macau. Veeko targets its smart casual and ready-to-wear fashion to trendy young ladies from 16 to 28. Wanko offers a range of stylish and elegant executive wear for working ladies from 20 to 35.

Nowadays, the Group's four brands, Colourmix, MORIMOR, Veeko and Wanko have almost 120 stores, offering products of inner and outer beauty and prestige customer service to the customers.

updated 31st December, 2023

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