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9 October 2002

Hong Kong's First Air-conditioned Passenger Waiting Lounge Welcomes You

To enhance the waiting environment for its passengers, KMB has built Hong Kong's first air-conditioned passenger waiting lounge at the Lam Tin Bus Terminus, which was opened today (Wednesday, 9 October 2002). The unveiling ceremony was officiated at by Mr Robert Footman, Commissioner for Transport, and Mr Lui Po Chiu, KMB Operations Director.

Hong Kong's first air-conditioned passenger waiting lounge is situated at the Route 42C bus terminus at Lam Tin Bus Terminus. The lounge is a transparent enclosure made of strengthened glass. An independent cooling system supplies fresh air to the lounge, offering passengers a refreshing, quiet and comfortable environment while waiting for buses. An automatic door is installed at the exit, and a ramp is constructed to link the entrance and the pavement for the convenience of passengers, especially the elderly, children and wheelchair users.

16 metres in length and 2.5 metres in width, the air-conditioned passenger waiting lounge can accommodate up to 40 passengers. The lounge is well lit with designated areas for seating and queuing, as well as advanced information services. Besides bus route information and a route map, the lounge is equipped with an electronic display panel providing passengers with detailed route information, departure times and fares. A broadcasting system is also installed in the lounge to inform waiting passengers of the departure time of the next bus and other KMB route information in Cantonese, English and Putonghua.

KMB Operations Director, Mr Lui Po Chiu, said at the unveiling ceremony, "KMB has been putting a lot of effort into improving its bus services. This creative idea for Hong Kong's first air-conditioned passenger waiting lounge represents a new era in service excellence. The lounge is designed to offer passengers a comfortable and pleasant bus journey right from the moment when they step into the bus terminus."

In order to provide waiting passengers with the most updated KMB route information, various kinds of KMB route maps are available, and a streamlined multi-media kiosk is installed in the lounge for passengers to access bus route information via the KMB Website point-to-point route search function. The kiosk also provides facilities for passengers to check the balance on their Octopus cards. In addition, passengers can use the dedicated telephone line to obtain bus route information and traffic news via the KMB Customer Service Hotline or to talk to our customer service representatives directly.

Commissioner for Transport, Mr Robert Footman, said at the ceremony, "As a transport regulator, it is pleasing to note KMB's responsiveness to the needs of waiting passengers. The innovative air-conditioned passenger waiting lounge is the latest example of this growing trend."

In addition, KMB is undertaking a refurbishing of Lam Tin Bus Terminus, including a Customer Service Centre, which has already been opened, and the installation of electronic display panels giving information on all terminus bus routes, including route number, destination, and fare. The refurbishing work will be completed by the end of this year.

Mr Lui added, "KMB's first air-conditioned passenger waiting lounge, together with the overall refurbishing work at Lam Tin Bus Terminus, will not only improve the environment but also brings passengers a new waiting experience."

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For further information, please contact:

Ms Susanna Sin
Senior Manager (Media Relations)
KMB Corporate Communications Department
Tel: 2786-6002/ 7909-8050
Fax: 2371-2910

Source: The Kowloon Motor Bus Holdings Limited
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