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Established in Hong Kong in 1963, the Stelux Group started business initially as a watch component manufacturer exporting stainless steel watch components overseas. Nearly a decade later in 1972, Stelux was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 84).

The name "STELUX" has its origins in the words "steel" and "luxury", as in the early 1960's, the stainless steel components manufactured by the Group were considered luxury products.

Since then, Stelux has transformed itself, and is now widely recognised as a leading player in the watch and optical retail and wholesale sectors. The brands operated by the Group are recognised and well entrenched in the countries and territories where we operate.

In 1985, Stelux established City Chain in Hong Kong creating a totally innovative watch retailing culture. City Chain introduced a multi-branded and contemporary lifestyle concept, offering watches with fixed selling prices under a single watch retail store, fundamentally moving watch retailing away from the traditional department store counter. Since then, City Chain has grown from strength to strength, and now commands a regional presence in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Mainland China. City Chain operates online stores at, and Our stores carry a myriad of trend setting brands from agency brands to our very own house brands, like well-known Solvil et Titus. In 2002, City Chain was named a "Hong Kong Superbrand".

In 1988, Stelux acquired an up and coming optical business, Optical 88 in Hong Kong, subsequently extending this business to Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Mainland China. Often raising the bar to be at the forefront of the industry, Optical 88 offers professional quality healthcare services, namely, eye-wear, eye-care and hearing care services. Customers may enjoy unparelled services and select products from a spectrum of international brands, including house brands and agency brands. Optical 88 was named a "Hong Kong Superbrand" in 2009.

The Thong Sia Group with a long established business presence in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, and the sole distributor for Seiko watches and clocks was acquired by Stelux in 2005 to complement our watch retail business.

In 2011, the Group introduced a unique optical retail concept named eGG Optical Boutique in Hong Kong. "eGG Optical Boutique" is a fast fashion retailer offering a single brand lens and frame shopping concept targeting trend setting fashion conscious customers. There are now stores in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. eGG Optical Boutique also operates an online store at

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