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SmarTone Switches On 1800MHz 4G LTE Network in Hong Kong
Top Industry Experts Gather at Event for Panel Discussion

(Hong Kong, 28 August 2012) - SmarTone today announced the activation of its 4G network in Hong Kong. Operating fully on the 1800MHz band, SmarTone's 4G will be able to leverage on the superior in-building penetration of that frequency over the 2600MHz band largely relied on by other networks in Hong Kong. Customers will now be able to enjoy even faster downloads and uploads for all mobile Internet applications.

SmarTone was among the first in the world to commit to 1800MHz as it understood that lower frequency bands are better for customers in Hong Kong's densely built-up environment. Operators globally are now implementing 4G in lower frequencies, making 1800MHz a key frequency band. All current 4G smartphones available in Hong Kong support 1800MHz and this will continue into the future.

With 4G, higher data rates are combined with very low latency to provide higher speeds and faster response times, thereby improving the customer experience. Another major benefit is the vastly increased capacity that will meet the need of customers' ever increasing usage.

In order to offer its customers a superior mobile broadband experience, SmarTone boosts mobile Internet speeds and capacity with its unique X-celerator engine. The X-celerator speeds up the Internet experience by maximising availability, shortening delays, optimising resource allocation and utilisation using a combination of proprietary technologies, as well as increasing capacity through more efficient utilisation. The X-celerator engine enables SmarTone's 3G HSPA+ network to significantly outperform others in Hong Kong and it is also applied to the SmarTone 4G network.

"For us, 4G has always been something more than just bragging rights. At SmarTone, we value innovation and creativity and put our hearts and huge efforts into delivering a superior customer experience. And we do this to delight our customers," said SmarTone CEO Douglas Li. "We are confident our customers will love the difference."

Mats H Olsson, President of Ericsson China & North East Asia, says: "We are proud to support SmarTone's launch of its territory-wide LTE network today. With our leading technology and services capabilities, Ericsson will once again support our innovative partner to deliver advanced mobile broadband and multimedia services for an optimal customer experience."

All SmarTone 3G HSPA+ price plans will now be 4G enabled. A new range of volume-based price plans has also been introduced. 4G SIM cards are required for 4G services. 4G is available as of today to selected customers by invitation. It will be generally available to customers on September 11th.

SmarTone's network supports various 4G devices including smartphones, tablets, USB modems and pocket wifi.

Preceding the press conference, SmarTone hosted a panel discussion on "How will 4G services change the media and entertainment experiences for Hong Kong consumers?" moderated by Editor-in-Chief of Engadget Chinese Richard Lai. Panelists included SmarTone CEO Douglas Li, TVB General Manager Cheong Shin Keong, Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Publisher and Founder Mak Wah Cheung, TheTMSway Co-Founder Frederick Saurat and Tapjoy China Managing Director David Chun.

Hong Kong Economic Times' Mak said, "4G will be a boon to the Hong Kong economy, it will be interesting to see how the mobile broadband market continues to evolve."

"This discussion was great and the event provided a wonderful platform for us to gather and share about 4G," said TheTMSway's Saurat. "It's exciting to hear the opinions of media and industry leaders about the future of 4G and mobile in Hong Kong."

"The evolution of broadband is upon us," said Tapjoy's Chun. "This will change the way consumers will use their mobile devices for gaming as well as for everyday use."


Source: SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited
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