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Safety Godown Company Limited was founded in 1960 and became listed in Hong Kong since 1972 - one of very few warehouse providers to be listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Company is now managing businesses mainly in logistics/warehousing services and property investment. A total warehouse storage space of approximately 850,000 sq.ft. is being provided in Hong Kong at Chivas Godown and Safety Godown Warehosue No.4.

Chivas Godown, located at No. 60 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan, within the Chai Wan Cargo Handling Basin, is boasted with its own 126m long waterfront allowing the direct loading and unloading of 3,000 tones of cargoes across ship decks. With its ceiling height from 15ft to 28ft and a storage space of 430,000 sq.ft., as many as 80,000 CBM of cargoes can be putaway into storage.

Godown Warehouse No.4, located at 132-140, Kwok Shui Road, Kwai Chung, is strategically situated in the main transport backbone and traffic intersection where the Hong Kong International Airport meets the Kwai Chung Container Terminal. Constructed with a ceiling height from 13ft to 24ft, a total of 420,000 sq.ft. of storage space is currently available to cater for a storage capacity of 60,000 CBM.

Both warehouses are designed with designated docks enabling the simultaneous loading and unloading of cargoes from 40ft container trucks. A full range of facilities including mechanical ventilation, fire services, security and information system have been installed. Serviced by experienced, well-trained, and customer-oriented staff, the Company is one of the most efficient warehouse service providers in Hong Kong.

updated 17th July, 2009

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