Herald Holdings Limited
(Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability)

Corporate Profile       

The Herald Group embraces toys, computer products and timepieces divisions with operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China and UK.

Toys Division
Herald Metal & Plastic Works Limited, now the operating company of the toys division, was first established in 1969 by the late Messrs. Chang Dong-Song, Boris Freiman, and George Bloch, and is a leading toy producer with factories in Dongguan. In the mid 1980's, Herald diversified into other fields of manufacturing through the acquisition of two other businesses - houseware and computer heads.

Computer Products Division
Herald Datanetics Limited manufactures magnetic tape heads for computer storage drives and is a major supplier of thin-film magnetic recording heads. The division also produces motor actuator assemblies as well as smart connected devices for The Internet of Things, including thermostats and various connected sensor devices. Manufacturing is located in Zhuhai, P.R.C.

Timepieces Division - Product Development, Marketing and Distribution
In early 1994, the Group acquired Zeon Ltd., the largest timepiece importer and distributor in the UK. Zeon is a leader in sports, fashion and children's licensed timepieces. Zeon owns the "Ingersoll" trademark. Ingersoll's origins date back to 1892 and is distributed in over 40 countries throughout the world. It also licenses "Vivienne Westwood", "Braun" and "Barbour" in the timepiece category. Zeon is a leader in licensed character timepiece products under such brands as "Disney", "Marvel", "Doctor Who" and "Spiderman".

updated 20th September, 2021

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