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  • 2018-December-5
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales Grow by Over 80% Year on Year, Approval Obtained for Issue of RMB2.9 Billion Worth of Corporate Bonds in China, Colour Life Expands Business into Vietnam (in PDF)
  • 2018-November-5
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales Continued to Grow Rapidly, Colour Life Won Title of "The Hong Kong Stock Company with the Greatest Potential for Growth" (in PDF)
  • 2018-October-5
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales Grew by Over 100% Year On Year for the First Three Quarters of 2018, The Group Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in the Event "Fantasy Dictionary" (in PDF)
  • 2018-September-5
  • Fantasia Achieved Contracted Sales of RMB15.696 Billion in the First Eight Months of 2018, Up by 116.84% Year on Year, Property Project "Kunming Lakeside Eden" Launched in Kunming to Mark First Foray into the City (in PDF)
  • 2018-August-22
  • Fantasia Announces 2018 Interim Results, Revenue Increased by over 40% Year on Year, Contracted Sales Increased by 123.8% Year on Year, Business of Asset-Light Model Contributed to Over 50% Of Total Revenue for the First Time, Developing Itself into an Industrial and Financial Group That Runs Comprehensive Community-Based Businesses with Equal Emphasis on Asset-Light and Asset-Heavy Models (in PDF)
  • 2018-August-3
  • Fantasia's July Contracted Sales Grew in both Volume and Value, Colour Life's Community-Based Service Platform "Cai Hui Rensheng" Announces Progress Made (in PDF)
  • 2018-July-5
  • Fantasia's June Contracted Sales Increased by More than 300% Year on Year, the Company Led the Industry in Contracted Sales Growth Rate for the First Half of 2018 (in PDF)
  • 2018-June-5
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales for the First 5 Months of 2018 Rose by Over 93% Year On Year, Colour Life Forges Ahead with Development of Both Online and Offline Businesses (in PDF)
  • 2018-May-4
  • Fantasia's April Contracted Sales Increased Significantly by 120% Year on Year, Number of Daily Orders for Goods and Services on Colour Life's "Cai Hui Rensheng" Platform Passed 10,000 Milestone (in PDF)
  • 2018-April-6
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales for the First Quarter of 2018 Rose by Over 60% Year on Year to RMB4.545 Billion, Colour Life Launches Community-Based Service Platform "Cai Hui Rensheng" (in PDF)
  • 2018-March-20
  • Fantasia Announced 2017 Annual Results, Profit Attributable to Owners of the Company Increased by 43.3% to RMB1,154 Million, Contracted Sales Far Exceeded Sales Target, Increased Significantly by 65.2% YoY to RMB 20.164 Billion, Achieved Breakthroughs in Asset-light Business , Leverage on the "Asset-light and Heavy" Strategy to Build Up an Integrated Community-oriented Industrial and Financial Group (in PDF)
  • 2018-March-5
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales for the First Two Months of 2018 Increased by 98.6% Year on Year to RMB3.02 Billion, Colour Life's Proposal for Consolidation of Wanxiangmei Passed by 100% of Votes in Extraordinary General Meeting (in PDF)
  • 2018-February-28
  • Colour Life's Resolution on Consolidation of Wanxiangmei Passed with Over 99% of Votes (in PDF)
  • 2018-February-5
  • Fantasia's January Contracted Sales Increased by 101.2% Year on Year to RMB1.62 Billion, Colour Life Forges Ahead with Strategy for Development Through "Minority Stakes" in Property Projects Both Fantasia and Colour Life Win Awards from Capital Market (in PDF)
  • 2018-January-5
  • Fantasia's 2017 Full Year Contracted Sales Increased by Over 60%, Exceeding RMB20 Billion for the First Time, Colour Life Accomplished Its First Share Placement and Fantasia Increased Stake in Colour Life at a Premium (in PDF)
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