China Everbright Limited
(Incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability)

Corporate Profile       

China Everbright Limited ("Everbright", stock code: 165.HK) has woven huge cross-border social and business networks in Hong Kong and the Mainland. China Everbright Limited, being a member of China Everbright Group, is a diversified financial services enterprise operating in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It is the second largest shareholder of Everbright Securities (stock code: 601788.SH) and third largest shareholder of China Everbright Bank (stock code: 601818.SH, 6818.HK) in the Mainland. China Everbright Group is the holding company of Everbright. After the launch of "Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect" on 10 April 2014, Everbright becomes one of the first batch of specific stocks listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong which can be directly traded by Mainland investors.

Established in 1997 at Hong Kong, Everbright persistently pursues its "Macro Asset Management" strategy, with specific focuses being placed on fund management and investment businesses, namely Primary Market Investment, Secondary Market Investment and Structured Financing and Investment.

Moreover, being a substantial shareholder of China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 1848.HK), Everbright is actively developing aircraft leasing business in China and emerging markets. In addition, by leveraging the advantages in cross-border fee-based business of an associate, Everbright Securities, Everbright also participates in the development of investment banking (corporate financing) and brokerage services (wealth management) businesses in Hong Kong.

Over the past years, Everbright has developed solid bases in various sector markets. It manages series of private equity funds, venture capital funds, sector focus funds and hedge funds as operated via an international management platform, and provides overseas investors with opportunities to explore and invest in companies with fast growing potential in the Mainland China. On the other hand, Everbright also seeks investment opportunities from overseas and provides diversified financial services for its clients in Mainland China.

Through upholding the philosophy of "Making Wealth Simple", Everbright leverages on its own substantial financial strength, as well as the position and influence of China Everbright Group and its affiliated companies in the financial industry in China, and has successfully built huge cross-border social and business networks in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and established a reputable image in the market.

updated 5th June, 2015

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