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Established in 2003, China Resources Cement Holdings Limited ("CRC") is a leading cement and concrete producer in Southern China and is one of the large-scale cement producers supported by the Chinese Government. We are the largest NSP clinker and cement producer in Southern China by production capacity and the second largest concrete producer in China by sales volume.

Our operations range from the excavation of limestone to the production, sale and distribution of cement, clinker and concrete. Our products are widely used in infrastructure construction such as hydroelectric power stations, dams, ports, bridges, airports and roads, suburban development and residential construction. As at 31 December 2009, CRC had in operations 36 cement grinding lines and 15 clinker production lines, with an annual production of capacity of 28.5 million tons of cement and 20.5 million tons of clinker respectively. We also operate 25 concrete batching plants with an annual production capacity of 15.3 million m3 of concrete.

CRC places strong emphasis in corporate social responsibility. We have equipped all of our clinker production lines with advanced NSP technology and residual heat recovery generators that recycle the heat generated during the clinker production process, enabling us to reduce energy use, achieve high production efficiency, minimize pollution and improve product quality.

Looking ahead, CRC will continue to maintain a healthy, stable and sustainable development of its business. We will also strive to improve the technology, management and environmental-friendly standards of the industry in China, providing quality cement and concrete products to our customers and achieving excellence.

updated 2nd February, 2010

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