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Corporate Profile       

AVIC International Holding (HK) Limited (the "Company") (formerly know as CATIC INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED), a company listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "Stock Exchange") (Stock Code: 232), is a diversified enterprise with businesses in aviation and related technology applications, and energy resources. Each project invested by the Company has a leading position in the related industry. As the Company is realigning its focus on high technology industries in the recent years, remarkable results have been observed, especially in the areas of aviation manufacturing and the application of aero-technology for civilian purposes. In line with the development of its major projects, the Company's performance also improves year after year, with promising returns to the shareholders.

Major shareholders

Direct controlling shareholder

AVIC International Holding Corporation ("AVIC Int'l Corp") (formerly know as China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation), a major state-owned company, is a key player in China's aviation industry. AVIC Corp generates billions of US dollars in international trade each year and its substantial investments in China's aviation industry contribute over ten billion dollars to the Nation through profits tax.

Indirect interested shareholder

AVIC Int'l Corp is wholly-owned by Aviation Industry Corporation of China ("AVIC") which dominates China's aviation industry. AVIC manufactures tens of thousands of military and civilian aircrafts, and makes significant contributions to the other areas of Nation's economic development with the use of aero-technologies.

Business profile

Aviation manufacture

The Company shares the manufacturing and distribution right of EC120 helicopter ("EC120"). EC120 has obtained official flight certifications from many countries, including China, USA, UK, France and other European countries. Because of its advanced technology and wide-ranging applicability, EC120 is employed in the fields of security and patrol, health care and emergency transportation, aerial photographing and agricultural operation in more than 38 countries.

The Company's management team has a detailed plan of business development in commercial aviation, and has been having discussions with national and international partners to explore the opportunities in production of aircrafts, aircraft engines, avionics and other aviation parts, in order to develop the Company into an aero-technology based enterprise.

Aviation related business

CATIC Siwei Company Limited ("CATIC Siwei") is a subsidiary company of the Company. CATIC Siwei provides remote sensing and aero-photographic services in Mainland China. Its advanced technical equipment and experienced personnel constitute warranty of quality service, CATIC Siwei has been appointed the service provider for many years for remote sensing and aero-photographic services by the Central and regional governments.

Other businesses

Sino Gas Group Limited ("Sino Gas") is an associate company of the Company. Sino Gas is a company listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 260). Its businesses include technical services for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) stations, automobile conversion and conversion equipment, as well as gas station operations in Mainland China. Sino Gas has managed to construct a vast number of LPG and CNG stations in various front-line and second-line cities, forming one of the most extensive gas station networks in Mainland China. Taking advantages of the gas station network and the highly efficient operation, Sino Gas has significant development potential.

Hangzhou Sealand Electric Power Company Limited ("Hangzhou Sealand") is a subsidiary of the Company. Hangzhou Sealand, located at Economic Development Zone of Yuhang, Hangzhou, provides electricity and stream power to the whole region. Hangzhou Sealand continues to ensure its reliable supply and plans to increase its production capacity to meet the increasing demand arising from the industrial growth in the region.


In response to the escalating demand for air transportation and general aviation in China and Asia Pacific region, the Company will make further advances in the development of aviation manufacturing, seeking out cooperation in aviation manufacturing, both nationally and internationally; given the resources and international management expertise provided by its major shareholders, using its competitive edge in aviation manufacturing, logistics and international clearing services, the Company will continue to make contributions to China's aviation industry and generate further returns to the shareholders.

updated 14th July, 2009

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