Alltronics Holdings Limited
(Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)

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Today each and every household is filled with all sorts of electronic devices, for need, entertainment, and merely, fun. The never-ending innovation and utilization of hi-tech in consumer products brings forth an ever-increasing expectation: we don't just want our home gadgets to be useful, but also pretty and smart, foolproof and convenient, safe and dependable. In a nutshell, we want more.

Alltronics Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 833) was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005. Alltronics has, since 1993, been setting its mind upon designing and manufacturing home improvement electronic products with quality and style. What is more, we have always been catering for our clients' needs and wits. The Group is principally engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of home improvement electronic products including irrigation controllers, carbon monoxide detectors, audio equipment, smart cards and readers, and electronic product components such as solenoids, chargers and transformers. The Group also possesses the expertise and experience to produce high precision moulds and plastic components.

The Group currently has four production plants located in Shenzhen and Yangxi, the People's Republic of China, for the production of electronic products; components for electronic products and plastic moulds and plastic components. All these contribute to our edge over our competitors for serving a good number of world leading manufacturers on OEM and ODM basis.

From November 2008, the Group has diversified it business into manufacturing and trading in biodiesel products in Hong Kong. Biodiesel is a green alternative energy substitute for petroleum-based diesel. The Group's biodiesel production facilities are located in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. The Group is currently the market leader for the supply of biodiesel products in Hong Kong and was granted a government contract for the supply of B5 biodiesel in November 2011.

The Group has further diversified its operations into energy saving business segment since 2011 and has established a cooperation platform with a PRC state-owned enterprise for the development of energy saving business in the PRC through the use of LED lighting equipment. In February 2012, the Group has entered into an energy management contract with a leading electrical appliances retailer in the PRC. Energy management contracts will provide a constant source of revenue to the Group and the Group will continue its negotiations with potential customers on other energy saving projects using LED lighting equipment, and will enter into more energy management contracts in the future.

updated 20th April, 2012

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