Jiu Rong Holdings Limited
(Formerly known as Mitsumaru East Kit (Holdings) Limited)
(Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)

Corporate Profile       

The Group has two principal subsidiaries. Business and operations of the two subsidiaries:

(1)Soyea Jiu Rong Technology Co., Ltd.("Soyea Jiu Rong"), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Soyea Jiu Rong is principally engaged in the research and development (R&D), manufacturing and sales of digital TV, high definition (HD) liquid crystal display (LCD) TV and set-top box (STB) as well as the provision of application solutions regarding integration of tele-communication, TV and internet in the digital AV industry (altogether, the "TV Business").

Types of products

The products of the Soyea Jiu Rong (the "Products") can be classified into the following three main categories :

(i)TV set products such as digital TV, HD LCDTV and smart TV integrated with internet functions;
(ii)AV end-user products such as digital TV STB, over the top (OTT) TV and internet protocol television (IPTV); and
(iii)Multi-media front-end solutions for various industry applications.

The key products for TV set segment are digital TV, HD LCD TV and smart TV integrated with internet functions.

The Products are mainly cable digital TV STB, OTT and IPTV. Digital TV STB provided the reception and decoding of digital TV signal, and directly outputs the digital TV signal to the TV set. Interactive STB can also provide functions such as video on demand, games and TV shopping through the internet. The Products range from standard definition (SD) to HD, from programming only to basic interactive models and enhanced interactive models. Soyea Jiu Rong has a comprehensive range of products to satisfy the needs of different customers in the market. OTT and IPTV can be developed on tailor-made basis according to the requirements of the operators. At the same time, new products have been successively introduced into the retail market with both air share of first generation and HD AV gadget of second generation available for sale.

There are three types of products for multi-media front end solutions, being (a) emergency command system (which is mainly used at rural areas, factories and mines where the place is large and dispersed, for the purpose of releasing information and publishing notification under emergency situations); (b) multi-media message publication system (which is mainly used in publishing information at communities and rural areas); and (c) smart communities (which have the primary functions of disclosing matters about the party, the village and finance and publishing information. Residents at the communities can also interact with community and health service stations as well as restaurants, where residents can enjoy services such as ordering takeaway food and medical care at home conveniently). These solutions can be combined according to the various functional requirements of the users.

(2)Jiu Rong New Energy Science and Technology Limited ("Jiu Rong New Energy"), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Jiu Rong New Energy is principally engaged in the construction, application and management of new energy vehicles and related products, charging facilities and intelligent management systems has obtained authorisation from the local government of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou to establish an intelligent parking of approximately 10,000m2 with new energy vehicles charging facilities and intelligent management system in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou.

updated 22nd November, 2016

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