Deep Yellow Limited

Corporate Information

Company Name Deep Yellow Limited
Registered Office Level 1
329 Hay Street
Subiaco WA 6008
Postal Address PO Box 1770
Subiaco WA 6904
Principal Place of Business Level 1
329 Hay Street
Subiaco WA 6008
Office in Namibia Office in Swakopmund:
48 Hidipo Hamutenya Street
Swakopmund Namibia

Tel: (+264) 64 415 200
Fax: (+264) 64 405 384

Postal Address:
PO Box 2538
Swakopmund, Namibia
Sector Energy / Materials / Metals / Mining / Resources
GICS Industry Group Energy
Internet Homepage Address (URL)
Phone Number (61 8) 9286 6999
Fax Number (61 8) 9286 6969
Email Address
Financial Year End December 31
Board of Directors Mr Mervyn Greene (Chairman & Non-Executive Director)
Mr Greg Cochran (Managing Director)
[Commencing on 24 January 2011 ]
Mr Martin Kavanagh (Executive Director)
Ms Gillian Swaby (Non-Executive Director)
Mr Rudolf Brunovs (Non-Executive Director - Independent)

Mr Tony McDonald (Non-Executive Director)
[Resigned on 31 December 2010]
Mr Patrick Mutz (Managing Director)
[Resigned on 12 January 2011]
Management Team Mr Greg Cochran (Managing Director)
[Commencing on 24 January 2011]
Mr Martin Kavanagh (Executive Director)
Ms Aneta Monk (Office Manager)


Mr Werner Messidat (General Manager: Projects)
[Appointed on 7 July 2011]
Mr Dennis Bishop (General Manager: Mount Isa Operations)
Ms Ursula Pretorius (Financial Controller)

Reptile Uranium Namibia (Pty) Ltd

Dr Leon Pretorius (Managing Director)
Mr Klaus Frielingsdorf (General Manager: Technical)
Mr Curt Sagell (Financial Controller)
Company Secretary Mr Mark Pitts (CFO)
Investor Relations Contacts Ms Aneta Monk (Office Manager)
Principal Banker Westpac Banking Corporation
Auditors Ernst & Young
Chartered Accountants
11 Mounts Bay Road
Perth WA 6000
Global Lead Broker RBC Capital Markets (Effective 26 August 2010)
Share Registry Computershare Investor Services Pty Ltd
Level 2, Reserve Bank Building
45 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Telephone: 1300 557 010
Facsimile: (61) 8 9323 2033
Shares on Issue 1,127.53m (As of 19 July 2011)
Unlisted Options/Perf. Rights 25.08m (As of 19 July 2011)
Top Ten Shareholders
Paladin Energy Ltd19.96%
HSBC Custody Nominees (Aus) Ltd12.62%
Robert Anthony Healy  6.46%
Dr Leon Eugene Pretorius  5.89%
Gillian Swaby  3.61%
Zac & Thelma Rossi  3.18%
Robert & Helen Healy  2.26%
Mervyn Patrick Greene  2.02%
J P Morgan Nominees (Aus) Ltd  1.68%
IJG Securities Pty Ltd  1.54%
(As of 31 January 2011)
Top 40 shareholders Hold ~72%
Market Capitalisation A$197m (at 17.5 cents as of 2 August 2011)
[~A$197m (at 17.5 cents as of 19 July 2011)]
[~A$264m (at 23.5 cents as of 8 April 2011)]
[A$360m (at 32 cents as of 31 January 2011)]
[A$292m (at 26 cents and as of 5 November 2010)]
[A$202m (at 18.0 cent and as of 16 July 2010)]
Net Cash ~A12.00m (as of 19 July 2011)
[~A$16m (as of 8 April 2011)]
[~A$20m (as at 31 January 2011)]
ASX Stock Code DYL
Listing on ASX 19 December 1985
NSX Stock Code DYL
Listing on NSX 23 January 2008
ABN 97 006 391 948
ACN 006 391 948

updated 11th August, 2011

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