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What our clients say :

"The IR Asia team and in particular Gordon has delivered the highest level of rapid and attentive service to Pharmaxis over the last 13 1/2 years."  Pharmaxis Ltd
(Client since May 2005)
David McGarvey
CFO and Company Secretary

"I appreciate much for your teammates to serve our needs on the company's website with the high professional, efficiency and friendly assistance in the past years. "  United Gene High-Tech Group Limited
Angel Cheng
Assistant Accountant

"irasia provides us an effective channel to disseminate our corporate information to the shareholders and potential investors timely."  Dawnrays Pharmaceutical (Holdings) Limited
Katherine Pang
Company Secretary

"Thanks for your efficient, timely, responsible and reliable service. IRASIA provides and updates the corporate information for the existing and potential shareholders. We highly appreciate your service."  Baoye Group Company Limited
Rose Chan
Investor Relations Officer

"irasia is a team with professionalism, high efficiency, strong sense of responsibility and fast respondence. We are very satisfied with the IR platform and services provided by irasia over the years. irasia's IR platform runs steadily with strong and high-level viewership. It helps our company to attract professional investors' attentions and to improve the effectiveness in releasing information."  First Tractor Company Limited
Luo Ji Yu
Secretary of the Board

"irasia.com is an excellent working partner to a listed company like us. You offer us timely, reliable and comprehensive online investor relationship services. We are also greatly impressed by your professionalism and flexibility in meeting our requirements. Your dedicated services greatly enhance our transparency and effective communications with our investors and exposures to our potential investors."  Tai Sang Land Development Limited
June Tang
Group Accountant

"With irasia, Phoenix's corporate website - ifeng.com can provide timely and updated corporate information to our existing shareholders and potential investors all over the world. We highly appreciate irasia's services!!"  Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Limited
Yeung Ka Keung
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

"HeartWare International has partnered with IR Asia over the past four years. With the company's market capitalisation growing 5-fold over this period, and with the company attracting support from an increasingly diverse international investor base, we strive constantly to ensure that our corporate communications are clear and transparent. To this end, IR Asia has helped significantly to ensure that our press releases and presentations reach the widest possible audience. IR Asia has always been responsive to our requirements and proactive in helping to ensure that we take advantage of IR Asia's significant distribution capability. I congratulate IR Asia, and in particular Mr Gordon Chan of the Sydney office, for the exceptional level of service which they provide."  HeartWare International, Inc.
Howard Leibman
Director, Corporate Development

"I am quite satisfied with services that irasia.com provided so far, as its strong redistribution network could increase my company's exposure to investment world. As a small-mid cap company, a partner like irasia.com is extremely important in developing your lR foundation and investor basis at initial stage. We will continue to use irasia.com for sure."  China State Construction International Holdings Limited
Jacky Zhou
Assistant lnvestor Relations Manager

"irasia.com is such a great financial information platform which provides us comprehensive, efficient and effective information services. It also saves us a lot of time and costs in handling the company's financial information. It is our pleasure to have irasia.com as our working partner."  Ju Teng International Holdings Limited
Raymond Tsui
Director, CFO & Company Secretary

"BluGlass has been extremely satisfied with the service provided by I R Asia in being able to reach our investor community in the Australasia region and beyond. The service has enabled us to communicate our message in a timely and well presented manner. We are particularly grateful to the efforts of Gordon Chan in Sydney in working closely with BluGlass in developing and disseminating the BluGlass message and guiding us through the process on getting the most out of the I R Asia platform."  BluGlass Limited
Giles Bourne

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the staff of irasia for your professional and excellent work in the past years. Moreover, thanks to the irasia's IR service platform, it is a good bridge with our shareholders and potential investors in your investor community. And it well enhanced our transparency and effective communication with our investors. Now, more and more investors know and contact us through this platform you provided. Thanks. Thus, I like to say, irasia is our good partner always."  Coolpad Group Limited
Charles Zhang
Securities & IR Manager

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your high quality services in the past year. I should say that your IR services are very professional, efficient, comprehensive and full of passion. I appreciated the services provided by IRAsia and many thanks for your help."  Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited
Shu Yong
Company Secretary

"I can say your services are very professional, especially excellent follow up services and support. We would like to develop life-long relationship with irasia. You are our excellent working partner."  Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Company Limited
Jasmine Wong
Financial Controller

"IRASIA offers us timely, reliable and comprehensive online IR service. We are also greatly impressed by its team members with extremely efficient, experienced and helpful working style. We highly recommend IRASIA!"  Kasen International Holdings Limited
Kate Yiu
Company Secretary & Finance Manager

"Many thanks for your help in the past years. The prompt services provided by irasia in updating and posting of corporate information is highly appreciated."  Prosperity Investment Holdings Limited
Cheuk Yuk Lung
Managing Director

"We have no doubt to the efficient services of irasia, and is completely at ease to irasia's timely and prompt services in uploading information to the Company's web. To our surprise, irasia also attends to the contents of the announcement, they response immediately and provides excellent services to the Company. You can't imagine how you feel that you're tenderly cared."  New Capital International Investment Limited
Mimi Lau
Head of Operations & Compliance

"I appreciate the service provided by irasia, particularly, their professional attitudes, timely update and posting of information and willingness to help."  Pacific Plywood Holdings Limited
Ivan Lau
Company Secretary

"Since joining up with IR Asia I have been extremely satisfied with the service provided and our exposure."  Marengo Mining Limited
Les Emery
Managing Director

"We are glad to have the professional and innovative services from IR Asia for supporting our online investor relations activities. Their dedicated services greatly enhance our transparency and effective communications with our investors."  China Telecom Corporation Limited
William Li
Senior Manager - Investor Relations Department

"It is of no doubt that IRASIA is the most effective and efficient online media distributing corporate information over the world. The investor community receive our information instantly and this makes our company more transparent. Moreover, some of our investors know us through IRASIA, that means it helps to widen our shareholders base."  Beijing Capital Land Ltd.
Eva Chan
Head of Investor Relations & Company Secretary

"...As a reputable Investor Relation website, irasia.com has an extensive reach to international investors allowing us to distribute corporate information to all investors home and abroad, increasing our transparency and investors' familiarity with our company..."   Chia Hsin Cement Greater China Holding Corporation
Elizabeth Wang
Executive Director

"irasia.com draws subscribers and investors closer than ever. With irasia.com, we disseminate our corporate / financial information in a more timely and broadly fashion. The dedicated customer service team also makes irasia.com a trustworthy partner in the investor communication arena."   Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Limited
Stella Tse
Assistant Director - Corporate Communications

"We appreciate very much the timely update of our company page at irasia.com. Through its network and subscriber database, we are able to distribute the IR information to a broader investor base, enabling us to communicate more effectively to the global investment community. Irene Lau, our account manager, is very helpful and responds very quickly to our requests. IRASIA has also arranged some useful investor relations seminars / conferences to help promote investor relations."   Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd
Yammie Tang
Associate Director of Investor Relations and Communications

"Irasia provides us with an excellent platform to connect with our existing and potential investors apart from the Company's own website of www.chaoda.com. It has the characteristics of clarity, precision, easy to access benefits which differentiates itself from others in the ocean of information portals."   Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) Limited
Susanna Ching
Company Secretary & Director of Corporate Communication Department

"Always timely and enthusiastic response from the irasia team, you can be rest assured that information is disseminated the earliest possible time and to the right pool of audience. It has been a trustworthy solution provider to us."   China Resources Enterprise, Limited
Cindy Tam
Corporate Communications Manager

"...IRASIA is definitely the top on our list when it comes to investor relations. With the help of the professional service from your esteemed company, we have surely come a long way in adding value to our newly created website and enhancing our corporate transparency. The timely execution of our press release by IRASIA to the investment community has always impressed me as a most reliable source of media in corporate communication."   Cafe de Coral Holdings Limited
Lucia Cheung
Senior Manager (Group Corporate Communications) / Personal Secretary to Chairman

"Commonwealth Bank has been a client of irasia for a number of years and throughout this period of our working relationship; I have always been impressed by the professionalism and pro-activeness of the staff at irasia. Gordon Chan is a very client focused and helpful person. You can always rely on Gordon to come up with a solution. Joyce Pong and staff in irasia Hong Kong are always speedy with uploading the Bank's information on their site. I find their File Management System very user friendly and make my job of submitting media releases and company information simple and easy."   Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Louise Amos
Manager Investor Relations

"...your professionalism and flexibility for willing to listen to our requirements have impressed us...and expand the service scope to include additional services that we feel are valuable....we treasure the professionalism of I R Asia in the investor relations circle and of course your particular service attitude i.e. a can do attitude that has won our heart. We look forward to working with you in the coming year."   DVN (Holdings) Ltd
Susanna Chiu

"Irasia.com is certainly an outstanding platform for communication between the company and the investment community. The prompt and responsible services always ensure the company's transparency is kept at its best position. We are always feeling very comfortable to have irasia to distribute our materials to the right audience at the earliest possible time, which for all time assisting our IR team's mission. We genuinely appreciate the professional, responsible attitude, and great effort of the entire iraisa team."  Global Bio-chem Technology Group Company Limited
Vicky Yu
Corporate Development Senior Manager

"It has been a pleasant experience to work with you and your team members over the past years, your team members' willingness to help out in times of need and we appreciate particularly your team members' professional, cooperative, effective attitudes."   Hutchison Whampoa Limited
Jeremy Lau
Manager - Corporate Communications, Group Corporate Affairs Department

"irasia provides us good and professional services in both the online IR services as well as revamping our corporate website and producing our online annual report. We appreciate your efforts and the team is very helpful and efficient all the time."  Pacific Basin Shipping Limited
Emily Lau
Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Manager

What our viewers say :

"Thank you for your response to my request for information regarding Denway Motors... It is certainly nice to receive a response from an individual; I commend you and your company for being so, "Customer Oriented".  Viewer from the United States

"...I also just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job your company is doing. The IR Asia website is very well built (easy to use) and well maintained. It's a great tool for those us needing historical and current corporate financial statements..."   Standard & Poor's
Bethany Eisel
"Your site has been very helpful in my work as an Equity Analyst."  Fat Prophets Australia
Andre Mikhail Obierez
Equity Research Analyst