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Subscription Services

For Listed Companies

COMMUNICATE with your investors worldwide... 24 hours a day / 7 days a week


On irasia.com, your company is given its own Corporate Page, which serves as your virtual domain complete with your company's logo and name prominently displayed. The layout is in a unified format designed by irasia.com for ease of use by viewers. All information which you supply us with is indexed, organized, archived, and posted VERBATIM in English and/or local language. Information may include:

Corporate Profile Audio/Video Webcast
Management Team Company Presentations
Press Releases Analyst Contacts
Announcements Company's VIP Alert
Annual / Interim Reports Stock Quotes & Charts
Circulars Corporate Information

On irasia.com, all companies are further categorized by country of listing, industry, and name such that viewers can make site-wide searches based on any combination of these criteria.

To achieve maximum penetration of investors worldwide, irasia.com utilises a pull and push content strategy. We pull viewers in via our FREE irasia Alert service, and via links from numerous financial portals and websites which tap irasia.com for financial content. On the push side, we disseminate to finance channels on both the institutional and retail levels. Subscribing clients' information is accessible on Bloomberg, REUTERS, Factiva, Wisers to name a few.

For Companies intending to go public


If your company is planning for an initial public offering (IPO), you also need to start establishing good Investor Relations.

irasia.com's "In the Pipeline" Section can help you get a head start in Investor Relations, by providing a platform for your company to augment visibility among the global investment community. You will enjoy similar benefits that irasia.com provides listed companies, such as timeliness, control, and cost effectiveness.

For Financial Service Providers


On irasia.com, you will also find the following:


Brokerage Firm Directory
Venture Capital Directory
Fund Management Company Directory


If you are a financial service provider, a presence on irasia.com will help your Company:


Reach a focused audience of people with money to invest
Augment visibility among the Asian Pacific financial community


Please contact info@irasia.com for details of our value-added services.

Sponsorship / Advertising


irasia.com's viewers are investors and business professionals who have an interest in the Asia Pacific region and have money to invest and spend. We provide the ideal online location for advertisers and sponsors wishing to reach this audience group.

To find out more about advertising banners, buttons, email advertisements, section and email sponsorships on irasia.com, please contact info@irasia.com.

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Over eleven thousand users have registered for our FREE email alert service, and benefit from timely receipt of vital IR Announcements. Registrants include institutional and independent investors, shareholders, and business professionals worldwide. All of them share a common interest in accessing timely information on companies in the Asia Pacific region.

Sign up for our FREE irasia Alert, and we will deliver the latest IR news to your desktop as soon as they are released!

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